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RV Rental Southern Virginia

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Southern Virginia is a great setting for an RV road trip. In fact, there is so much to see and do in this area of the state that you may want to stay for a while. That being said, an RV trailer rental in Southern Virginia is one of the most economical ways to travel the region. 

Whether you're spending the day at the beach, exploring one of the six major raceways in the area, or enjoying Fairy Stone State Park, Southern Virginia is a great place to have fun. It's easy to catch all the sites when you rent a camper in Southern Virginia.

RV Rental in Southern Virginia

RV rental costs in Southern Virginia are quite reasonable. An average daily rate rivals that of a standard hotel. When you rent an RV, however, you'll also get your mode of transportation and accommodations under one roof.

Furthermore, most camper trailer rentals in Southern Virginia come with kitchens, bathrooms, and sleeping spaces. Since most of your daily needs can be taken care of in the camper, RV life is easy. In fact, some of the more luxurious models even have multiple bathrooms and a washer and dryer to make camping more convenient.

Rent an RV in Southern Virginia

If you prefer to tow your RV, then consider a travel trailer rental in Southern Virginia. This is a great option because a typical travel trailer can be designed to sleep three to four individuals. If you go for a larger model, you may be able to accommodate 10 to 12 without being crowded. 

Typically, a travel trailer is going to cost about $100 a night for a rental, which is quite reasonable. However, it's important to remember that a travel trailer is going to require a tow vehicle with a ball hitch. Be sure that you secure a vehicle that can tow the RV before securing the travel trailer rental. 

Small RV Rental in Southern Virginia

If you are traveling alone, then a small RV is all that you will need for your trip. Teardrop campers are ideal for those going solo or with one other partner. These units are designed to give you a place to sleep, but many also have an outdoor kitchen that is perfect for food preparation.

Motorhome Rental in Southern Virginia

There are three different sized motorhomes that are available. Depending on your budgets and needs, you could go with either option.

Class A: As the largest models available, these are ideal for those who want a luxury RV rental in Southern Virginia. If you get a class A model, RV rental prices in Southern Virginia will be about $200 to $300 a night. These RVs are designed to be spacious, which means you can sleep six to eight with ease.

Class B: As the smallest motorhome option, Class B models typically cost less than $200 a night. They sleep two to four individuals.

Class C: This is a great mid-size RV option that's ideal for a larger family. Depending on the layout of the RV, you could sleep four to six with ease. This type of RV typically has a rental price of about $150 to $200 a night.

Rent a Campervan in Southern Virginia

If you are looking for cheap RVs for rent in Southern Virginia, a campervan is a great option. Since these vehicles are basically converted full-size vans, so you'll have no trouble driving and fitting into normal parking spaces. These smaller RVs are capable of sleeping two to four, and they even have enough space for a small kitchen and a bathroom inside of the vehicle.

Camper Rental in Southern Virginia

A pop-up camper rental in Southern Virginia is another popular option for families planning to explore the great outdoors. These camping options, which are designed to sleep four to six individuals, fold into a more convenient size for travel. 

Once you arrive at your destination, you'll be able to expand the RV into a more spacious living space. If you wish to rent a pop-up camper in Southern Virginia, expect to spend $75 to $125 a night.

RV Rental Locations in Southern Virginia

There are a lot of options to consider when you are searching for the perfect RV to rent for your vacation. If you're not planning a round trip excursion, consider a one-way RV rental from/to Southern Virginia. 

Many rental locations will offer a discount on RVs that they need to move to another location. If you're already traveling in that direction, this can be a great opportunity to save some money.

While you're comparing prices, be sure to inquire about getting unlimited mileage for your trip. With this option, you won't have to worry about staying within a certain distance limit. Since you won't be tethered to the campground, you'll get more freedom to explore without adding unexpected fees to the price of the rental.

Private RV Rentals in Southern Virginia

An RV rental by owner in Southern Virginia is another great way to garner a great deal. Owners looking to recover the costs of maintenance and avoid storage fees often place their RVs up for rent. These owners usually pass the savings on to their customers.

A private rental can also be much more convenient for the renter because there will be less paperwork and the rental experience will be more personable. In fact, you may even get specialized advice and recommendations from the RV owner. You can find many great listings from private owners here on RVshare.

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