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RV Rental Southern Rhode Island

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Choosing to rent a camper in Southern Rhode Island is one of the best ways to explore this state without having to worry about the high cost of staying at hotels. While the RV rental cost in Southern Rhode Island varies, securing a home on wheels frees you up to explore every nook and cranny of Rhode Island at your own pace and is always cheaper than staying at a hotel every night. Whether you're traveling alone or with friends or family, renting an RV is a fun and safe way to enjoy everything that Rhode Island has to offer.

RV Rental in Southern Rhode Island

RV rental prices in Southern Rhode Island fluctuate throughout the year with rates skyrocketing in the summer and decreasing in the winter. The number of people in your party will also factor into the price you pay to rent an RV. The type of RV that you choose to rent is the most influential factor when determining the cost of an RV rental in Southern Rhode Island.

Rent an RV in Southern Rhode Island

If you're looking for cheap RVs for rent in Southern Rhode Island, you'll want to plan your trip through this state in the offseason and limit the number of people in your group. In general, the smaller an RV is, the less expensive it will be to rent, so you'll want to choose a short and simple RV if you're trying to avoid breaking the bank during your Rhode Island trip. 

Small RV Rental in Southern Rhode Island

Renting a smaller RV comes with benefits. Small vehicles are easier to maneuver than larger ones, and they are also much easier to see around in your side mirrors. If you want to get set up with the smallest and most maneuverable RV around, you might want to rent a pop-up camper in Southern Rhode Island.

These types of RVs pack down into a flat and lightweight towable rectangle that you can see over in your rearview mirror. Pop-up camper rentals in Southern Rhode Island are the perfect solution for travelers who want to enjoy all the benefits of staying in a camper without having to worry about clipping tight corners or not being able to see all the way around their vehicles.

Motorhome Rental in Southern Rhode Island

If the concept of luxury RV rental in Southern Rhode Island appeals to you, it might be the right idea to rent a motorhome that's equipped with all of the best amenities. Motorhomes save you the trouble of finding a towing vehicle and getting hitched since these RVs are comprised of an engine and a living section combined in one package. If you want to rent a motorhome in one area and drop it off somewhere else in the state, make sure that your rental agreement allows one-way RV rentals from/to Southern Rhode Island locations.

Rent a Campervan in Southern Rhode Island

If you want the benefits of a motorhome but can do without all of the bells and whistles, renting a campervan for your journey across Rhode Island might be right up your alley. Campervans are also known as Class B motorhomes, and these small RVs look a lot like oversized cargo vans on the outside. Once you set foot inside, however, it's easy to see that campervans are equipped to handle all of your needs for a trip of any duration.

Campervans usually don't exceed 16 feet in length, but they contain a bathroom, kitchen, and living area just like any other RV. While renting a campervan might not be the right idea if you're traveling with a large group, these economical RVs are the perfect option for a romantic couple's getaway. 

Camper Rental in Southern Rhode Island

If you have a truck or an SUV with towing capability, a travel trailer rental in Southern Rhode Island might be the perfect option for you. RV trailer rentals in Southern Rhode Island feature all of the benefits of renting a motorhome, but you'll be able to disconnect your towing vehicle at any time to go off and explore unhindered by the annoyance of a living section trailing behind. Camper trailer rentals in Southern Rhode Island can be just as luxurious as a motorhome; in fact, certain types of fifth wheel trailers are even swankier than the nicest motorhomes.

RV Rental Locations in Southern Rhode Island

There are RV owners out there in almost every town and city in Rhode Island waiting to rent you their campers. This means that you don't have to hunt around for the right dealership. RVshare puts everything you need to find the RV of your dreams right at your fingertips.

You should be aware that some locations are better stocked with RVs than others. Do your research ahead of time to make sure that there's an RV that fits your specifications in the area where you want to begin your journey.

Private RV Rentals in Southern Rhode Island

Securing an RV rental by owner in Southern Rhode Island is one of the best ways to get set up with the camper that you want with minimal hassle. When you work directly with an RV owner, you can rest assured that the whole process will be a breeze with no hidden fees.

Since RV owners have usually spent a significant amount of time in their campers, they know all of the tips and tricks that will help you have a good time on the road. They may even clue you in on secret spots that only the locals know about.

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