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RV Rental in Southern Ohio

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If you're visiting Ohio, the southern part of the state is well worth checking out during your vacation. Whether you're stopping in Cincinnati to explore the local zoo and botanical garden or traveling to Hocking Hills State Park in Logan, an RV trailer rental in Southern Ohio is a great way to explore the region. After you rent a camper in Southern Ohio, you can even stop off at Kings Island in Mason to enjoy some thrills with your family.

RV Rental in Southern Ohio

The RV rental costs in Southern Ohio are going to vary quite a bit. However, the main factor that determines the price of a rental is the size of the RV and the amenities that are included. 

That being said, some of the rental options that you can consider will be:

• Small RVs: These include campervans and pop-up camper rentals in Southern Ohio. Typically, a smaller model is going to cost about $75 to $150 a night.

• Mid-size RVs: Class C RVs, travel trailers, and most Airstream trailers fall into this category. These models are designed with a lot of the comforts of home, and they are typically only about $150 to $225 a night. Considering that these models can sleep up to 10 individuals, this is not a bad rental price to pay.

• Large RVs: When you consider a large RV, you are typically looking at Class A RVs, fifth wheels, or toy haulers that are very spacious and have high-end amenities. Most of these RVs will cost about $200 to $300 a night.

Rent an RV in Southern Ohio

If you choose a luxury RV rental in Southern Ohio, you can expect to find some of the same amenities that you would find in a five-star hotel. Many models come with plush carpet, intricate cabinetry, and high-end appliances throughout. The sleeping area will be quite spacious, there may be more than one bathroom, and the RV might even come with a full-size washer and dryer.

Small RV Rental in Southern Ohio

If you are looking for a smaller option, you may want to rent a pop-up camper in Southern Ohio. These campers are designed to sleep two to four individuals with ease, and they usually have a kitchen, a bathroom, and plenty of space for your family to enjoy. As the name implies, these campers have an area that pops up and offers more space.

Another great option is a camper trailer rental in Southern Ohio. However, for these models, you will need a vehicle suitable for towing the trailer.

Motorhome Rental in Southern Ohio

When it comes to RV models, there are three different motorhome classes. A Class A — the largest, most luxurious option — is designed to sleep four to eight people comfortably. You can also consider a Class C model, which is designed to sleep up to 10 individuals with ease.

The smallest option is Class B. These models are best for couples or families of four or less. 

Rent a Campervan in Southern Ohio

If you are not looking to spend a lot, there are cheap RVs for rent in Southern Ohio available for your consideration as well. In fact, a campervan rental is a great option for a small family because these RVs sleep two to four people with ease. In addition, this type of RV rental is smaller than most motorhomes, which means that it is easier to drive.

Because a campervan has a smaller frame, you will also have an easier time parking in spaces that are designed for cars. This makes stopping off at attractions along the way to your final destination much simpler. 

Camper Rental in Southern Ohio

The term "camper rental" can refer to anything from a motorhome to a travel trailer. A travel trailer rental in Southern Ohio is a great option for anyone who prefers to tow their camper using a ball hitch. 

Whether you are traveling with a small family or a large group of friends, you will be able to find a trailer option that fits your needs. When you get to the campground, you can also unhook your vehicle and use it to travel during the day if you’d like. 

RV Rental Locations in Southern Ohio

RV rental prices in Southern Ohio are going to fluctuate from location to location. Therefore, you are going to want to compare prices at several RV dealerships and rental agencies in the area. 

A great way to save money on your rental is to ask about a one-way RV rental from/to Southern Ohio. When providers need to move their RVs from one location to another, they often offer renters a discount. However, the renter will have to drop off the RV at that location.

Private RV Rentals in Southern Ohio

If you prefer a private rental experience instead of one that deals with a rental company, then an RV rental by owner in Southern Ohio may be optimal. A private rental allows you to avoid a lot of the red tape that you might experience at a dealership. Of course, you are still going to need to put down a deposit, but the paperwork and the additional fees will be minimal.

Owners often rent out their RVs as a way to save on storage and maintenance fees. This can help save them quite a bit of money over the seasons. In return, private renters will pass along the savings by offering lower prices. 

With a private rental, you also have the chance to enjoy an RV that is already furnished and designed to make you feel at home. Furthermore, there are plenty of options to choose from here on RVshare. You'll find everything from motorhomes to pop-up camper rentals in Southern Ohio.

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