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RV Rental in Southern New York

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New York state has much more to offer than just the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple. Boasting mountains, lakes, beaches, and other beautiful features, Southern New York is a nature lover's paradise that is perfect for fishing, hiking, and sightseeing. There's no better way to take in the sights than in a comfortable RV. 

RV Rental in Southern New York

RVs offer you the flexibility and affordability of traveling at your own pace while still maintaining the comfort of being able to return to your own bed at the end of the day. With hundreds of locations and rentals available for all budgets, it's never been easier to pick out the perfect RV in Southern New York. While vacationers use the majority of rentals, RVs are also used for temporary housing or special events. 

Rent an RV in Southern New York

For those at least 25 years of age, all you need to get a motorhome or an RV trailer rental in Southern New York is a driver’s license. With RVs available for as low as $45 a night, you’ll find that RV rental prices in Southern New York are very affordable. In many cases, you’ll be able to rent a camper, travel trailer, or motorhome at a rate that is cheaper than any hotel. 

Small RV Rental in Southern New York

When looking for an intimate travel experience, a pop-up camper rental in Southern New York is a perfect choice. Whether you’re traveling with your family or it's just you and your dog, you’ll love these sleek, compact RVs that focus on functionality and cost-effectiveness. If you rent a pop-up camper in Southern New York, you'll have more money to spend on other travel needs.

A small travel trailer rental in Southern New York connects easily to a truck or van, and it will typically sleep one to four people and feature a cooking area and dining space. Given their compact size, pop-up campers are the easiest to tow and the most fuel-efficient. These cheap RVs for rent in areas like Poughkeepsie, White Plains, and Middletown allow you to explore the beautiful regions of Southern New York without breaking the bank. 

Motorhome Rental in Southern New York

If you're looking for a luxury RV rental in the Southern New York region, you'll find that large Class A RVs can accommodate up to 12 people while offering a fully furnished space with large beds, couches, cutlery, and bedding. Although slightly pricier than the smaller RVs, these luxury vehicles allow you to travel in the utmost comfort and style. 

In your motorhome, you can visit popular RV spots such as the Beaver Pond Campground, which is located in Harriman State Park. The park is the second largest in the NY park system, and it boasts 31 lakes and reservoirs, over 200 miles of hiking trails, three beaches, and plenty of scenic views. Nature centers within the park also provide the perfect place for kids to learn about the local wildlife. 

A short drive north, you will hit the nearby Bear Mountain State Park, which provides plenty of hiking, picnicking, and boating opportunities during the summer months. When the weather gets cold, visitors can take advantage of the great ice skating in the park. 

Rent a Campervan in Southern New York

Campervans, also known as class B RVs, look similar to standard vans, but they come equipped with fully functioning kitchens, living areas, and beds. When you want to save on RV rental costs in Southern New York, these small RVs offer a great option. 

With your campervan, you can head up to Sundown Wild Forest, a 30,100-acre area located in the Southeastern Catskills. This popular camping area is not only free but also provides perfect access to great sightseeing spots like Red Hill Fire Tower, which is one of only five remaining fire towers in the Catskills. The tower is accessible via a 1.2-mile hike that offers spectacular views of the Catskill peaks to the north and west and the Rondout Reservoir to the southeast. 

Camper Rental in Southern New York

Choose a camper trailer rental in Southern New York to get comfortable living and sleeping spaces that you can easily tow behind your truck or SUV. A camper trailer is perfect for visiting the Beaverkill Campground located on the Beaverkill River, one of the best trout streams in the nation. The park's picnic area, which is located next to a 150-year-old covered bridge, provides an excellent place for fishing or relaxing away from the big city. 

Beaverkill Campground is also just 15 miles away from a number of golf courses, horseback riding facilities, and antique shops. In addition, it's close to historical attractions such as the Minisink Battleground Memorial Park, the Stone Arch Bridge Historic Park, and the Sullivan County Historical Museum. After you rent a camper in Southern New York, you'll also be able to visit Monticello Raceway and an amusement park at Holiday Mountain.

RV Rental Locations in Southern New York

There are cheap RVs for rent all over Southern New York, and many are just a few miles outside of New York City. Depending on where the vehicle is rented, you may even be able to get a one-way RV rental from/to Southern New York. While RV rental costs may vary, you can easily get a rental that sleeps a family of four plus pets for less than $100 a day. 

Private RV Rentals in Southern New York

Choosing an RV rental by owner in the Southern New York region gives you the opportunity to rent from a private owner who really cares about their vehicle and knows about the local area. With a private rental, you can typically get a vehicle at a reasonable price. You may also get some helpful driving tips and information about where to go and what to see during your travels.

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