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RV Rental Southern Michigan

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When traveling across Michigan, you may want to consider an RV rental in Southern Michigan. Renting a motorhome or a campervan lets you skip the hotels and stay in a local campground that offers many of the same amenities that any hotel would. Southern Michigan stretches all across the state and includes cities like Detroit and Kalamazoo, so you can take in a college football game or learn more about Motown.

RV Rental in Southern Michigan

As you search for a motorhome rental in Southern Michigan, you may want to look for one that is smaller and easier to handle. This is especially important for those who want to visit Detroit and other major cities that offer limited parking options and have some crowded streets. With a camper rental in Southern Michigan, you can look for some more luxurious options, too. 

Rent an RV in Southern Michigan

A common reason many rent an RV in Southern Michigan is because of the races that take place at the Michigan International Speedway. Also known as MIS, this track is home to two big NASCAR races every year. You can actually spend the weekend of the race camping in the infield as the cars race around the track that surrounds you. 

Other campgrounds near the track offer weekend rentals, but you can stay longer if you want, too. With cheap RVs for rent in Southern Michigan, you can bring a trip to the track down to a more affordable rate.

Detroit goes by a few different nicknames, but many people know this city as Motown because Detroit is where some of the top Motown acts got their starts. With a small RV rental in Southern Michigan, you'll have no problem navigating your rental through the city to check out the museums and historic sites dedicated to the history of Motown.

You may want to stick around and take in a game, too. Detroit is home to the Lions and the Pistons as well as the Tigers. When you rent a pop-up camper in Southern Michigan, you can leave it behind to do a little tailgating.

Small RV Rental in Southern Michigan

RV rental prices in Southern Michigan vary depending on when you rent and the size of your rental. Picking a smaller camper or motorhome can help you save significantly.

A good choice for those looking to save some cash is a pop-up camper as these have sides that lift or pop up and out to extend the amount of space inside. You'll have a bed on each end that can hold at least two people. In addition to a pop-up camper rental in Southern Michigan, you can save money when you make a reservation outside of a major event.

Motorhome Rental in Southern Michigan

The rivalry between the University of Michigan and Ohio State University is one of the biggest and most intense in college football history, and both schools trade off who hosts the big game each year. When you rent a camper in Southern Michigan for the weekend, you can travel to the game at the UM stadium in Ann Arbor and stay close to the stadium, too. This lets you enjoy all the excitement of the big event as you root for your favorite team.

While the average RV rental cost in Southern Michigan will rise during football season and around other popular events, you can find some great last-minute deals.

Rent a Campervan in Southern Michigan

A large motorhome can be so big that you have a hard time controlling it on tight city streets. Some campers prefer campervan rentals because these vehicles are easier to control. Those who rent a campervan in Southern Michigan will find that they have space for their loved ones and that they can more easily handle the roads that they want to travel.

A travel trailer rental in Southern Michigan is another good option for those who want something easier to handle. These trailers hook up to the back of your truck, so once you park and set up camp, you can leave the trailer behind and drive your truck.

Camper Rental in Southern Michigan

Campgrounds in this region are perfect for anyone who books a camper trailer rental in Southern Michigan. South Haven KOA in Covert offers plenty of activities for both younger and older guests, and Bear Cave Campground is a little quieter and better suited for those who want to get away from the crowds. All the top campgrounds welcome tourists who booked an RV trailer rental in Southern Michigan in advance.

RV Rental Locations in Southern Michigan

Finding a one-way RV rental from/to Southern Michigan is incredibly easy; you just need to know when you want to pick up a rental and where you want to pick it up from. You can select a pickup location anywhere in the southern region of the state, including Ann Arbor or Detroit. You'll find RV rental locations in Southern Michigan that allow you to easily pick up and drop off that vehicle, too.

Private RV Rentals in Southern Michigan

To find a luxury RV rental in Southern Michigan, expand your search to include those owned by individuals rather than dealers. With an RV rental by owner in Southern Michigan, you can get an amazing rental for less than you thought possible. These rentals come with amenities that adults and kids will both like, such as a flat-screen television and new beds with soft linens. 

Whether you choose private RV rentals in Southern Michigan or rent from a dealer, you can get a great RV or camper for a good price before the next big game or event that you want to attend.

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