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RV Rental Southern California

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Camper Rental in Southern California

From the stunning banks of Malibu to the stark intrigue of Joshua Tree National Park, there are few places in the country better suited to RVing than southern California.

Not only do you have beautiful mountains, beaches, and desert vistas all in your backyard, but a day’s drive can easily get you into a vast array of other natural splendor, from northern California’s redwood forests to Nevada’s famous Red Rock Canyon. Spend another day or two behind the wheel, and you could easily venture as far afield as Colorado’s world-class Rocky Mountain ski slopes or the deep, blue void that is Oregon’s Crater Lake.

Or maybe you’re not going far at all, and just want to hit Coachella in style.

No matter what your itinerary holds or what your plans are, finding an RV rental in southern California doesn’t have to be a chore. Whether you’re looking for a Class A or Class B motorhomes, travel trailers, or campervans, here’s how to find RV rentals in southern California.

How to Find RV Rentals in Southern California

Southern California is home to a wide array of facilities that offer RV rentals, as well as RV sales. To figure out which one’s right for you, you’ll have to consider your exact starting location, travel needs and budget. For example, maybe you’re heading into the woods and don’t need much, so a small, cheap RV or sleeper van rental is right for you. Or maybe your idea of “roughing it” is drinking your sparkling wine out of red solo cups, and you insist on finding a huge, luxury RV rental. (Hey, no judgment here!)

No matter which one’s your idea of a good time, your first step in finding an RV for rent in southern California will be to examine the dealerships in your area and find out which ones offer your preferred type of rig. For instance, some rental facilities specialize in Volkswagen Vanagons or camper vans, while others offer exclusively Class A motorhome coaches. Once you find a few dealerships whose fleets match your needs, it’s time to start comparing RV rental prices.

Various rental facilities in southern California offer their rigs at different nightly prices, and also expect renters to pay a variety of additional fees for things like preparation and cleaning of the vehicle, as well as mileage and insurance. To get the best deal, you’ll need to get an all-inclusive quote from each dealership including your full rental period and any additional mileage costs you might incur if you’re taking a lengthy journey.

You’ll also want to be sure to check user reviews for the rental facilities you’re considering. Honest, un-biased third party reviews are one of the best ways to learn more about a business before patronizing it. And when it comes to renting an RV, both your comfort and your safety are on the line!

Make sure that user reviews indicate that rental vehicles at your chosen southern California dealership are high-quality and in good repair, and also that the facility offered friendly, efficient, convenient customer service options. You don’t want to discover something wrong with your rental RV halfway to your destination only to have your misery compounded when you discover no one’s available to help you out!

Private RV Rentals in Southern California

Another option for your RV rental is to consider renting by owner. It’s not as scary as it seems -- in fact, it’s easy, convenient, and most likely a whole lot cheaper.

You can find private RV rentals by owner in southern California and around the country through the peer-to-peer marketplace RVshare, where owners can list their RVs for rent during periods when they’re not being used.

Approaching the RV rental process in this new way has a number of important benefits:

  • It keeps the renter’s cost low, since private owners can generally afford to list their rentals much more cheaply than costly-to-run businesses
  • It keeps the renter from possibly dealing with shoddy customer service, since the rental agreement is made on a one-on-one, case-by-case basis (and since RVshare rentals come complete with free 24-hour travel concierge and roadside assistance)
  • It puts the money you spend on your rental vehicle into the pockets of a real, live human being and member of the camping community -- instead of a corporation.

Better still, RVshare rental vehicles are available all over the country, and since they’re privately owned, come in every size, shape, and type imaginable. They’re also usually well-loved and lived-in, which makes them more comfortable and homey than any commercial rental fleet.

Ready for an Adventure in Your Southern California Rental RV?

No matter which way you go about securing your rental vehicle, you’re sure to enjoy exploring one of the country’s most beautiful areas in this unique and flexible travel style. And goodness knows you have a lot of options! Here are just a few popular destinations and things to do in the southern California area.

  • Joshua Tree National Park is home to -- and one of the only places in the world to find-- the unique, alien-looking trees that are its namesake. It’s also only a few hours from downtown Los Angeles.
  • Death Valley National Park is the largest one in the lower 48 continental United States, and also features the second-lowest point in the Western Hemisphere (Badwater Basin). Any adventurer driving through this arid, but beautiful, landscape will quickly start appreciating their RV’s creature comforts!
  • Big Sur’s stunning coastline has inspired artists and writers for years. Once you watch the Pacific crashing against its steep cliffs and breaking around its boulders, you’ll see why.

No matter where you end up in your southern California rental RV, your days are sure to be carefree and bright.

Have fun in sunny SoCal!

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