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RV Rental Southeast Iowa

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How to Rent an RV in Southeast Iowa

It may be known for corn and for the haunting movie phrase, "If you build it, they will come," but Iowa has enough hidden gems to make exploring the state in an RV rental an exciting prospect. Southeast Iowa has ancient burial mounds, geocaching, and a thriving art scene so you have a variety of activities to choose from.

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RV Rental in Southeast Iowa

The lush green fields of southeast Iowa are soothing landscape for a road trip, making it a beautiful place for a road trip in an RV rental. Drive backroads and meander through farm country on your leisurely way through the state.

Harvestville Farm

If you're on a road trip with kids, be sure to make a stop at Harvestville Farm in southeast Iowa. During spring and summer, the farm has plants, seeds, fresh vegetables, and fruit available. In the fall, pumpkins, squash, and gourds abound and the farm has a corn maze, wagon rides, and special weekend retreats. During the holiday season you'll find fresh cut trees, wreaths, and gift items. Kids can play at the Harvestville Play Area during the summer and fall months for a small fee. The farm also hosts farm-to-table dinners, workshops, and "potting parties" for adults.

Where to Camp

Camp at the River Valley Lodge and Campground in nearby Farmington.

Rent an RV in Southeast Iowa

Geochache the "Forgotten Villages"

Geocaching is another great activity to do if you're traveling with children. The "Forgotten Villages" project marks 38 extinct villages around Van Buren County. Geocachers who find the cache are rewarded with signs telling them about the history of each village. Most caches are on public land, the few that are private are there with the consent of the owner. Learn about the settlers and pioneers who forged their way through Van Buren County, and see the towns that thrive today and those that have passed into history.

Where to Camp

Camp at the River Valley Lodge and Campground in nearby Farmington.

Small RV Rental in Southeast Iowa

Swinging Bridge

If you're vacationing in a small RV rental in southeast Iowa, be sure to seek out Swinging Bridge, also known as Lover's Leap Bridge. Originally built in 1886 of barrel staves and wire, the bridge has been rebuilt twice since then. The bridge was originally called Lover's Leap Bridge because of a legend that a heartbroken Indian maiden jumped to her death from the bridge.

Toolesboro Mounds National Historic Landmark

The Toolseboro Mounds National Historic Landmark holds burial mounds dating from 200 B.C. to 300 A. D. They're some of the best-preserved remnants of the Hopewell culture that lived in the area. Be sure to stop at the visitor center to learn more about the Hopewell culture and see the prairie demonstration plot as well.

Where to Camp

Camp at Papa's Paradise Campground in Wapello.

Camper Rental in Southeast Iowa

Shimek State Forest

The Shimek State Forest is a great place for hiking and fishing. Sit on the banks of Lick Creek and watch the water flow by. The area is also wonderful for horseback riding and picnicking. There are several nature trails through the area, so you can hike and search for local wildlife including white tailed deer, fox, woodchucks, muskrats, and skunks. The four lakes are stocked with bass, channel catfish, and panfish.

Where to Camp

There are several campgrounds throughout the Shimek State Forest. 

Rent a Campervan in Southeast Iowa

Figge Art Museum

The Figge Art Museum in Davenport is the premier art exhibition and education facility between Chicago and Des Moines. It's home to one of the Midwest's finest art collections. In 1967 the museum established one of the first collections of Haitian art in the United States, and also has collections of American, European, Mexican Colonial, and Asian art. The museum has special family galleries just for kids, along with kids' materials and guides you can download ahead of time to help kids learn about what they're seeing.

Where to Camp

Camping is available at Interstate RV Park in Davenport.

Motorhome Rental in Southeast Iowa

Wildlife Lakes Elk Farm

The Wildlife Lakes Elk Farm is home to...well, elk. However, it's home to a lot more birds and animals as well. The farm has been raising elk for more than ten years. It also has several ponds and lakes on the property, and now has swans, Canadian geese, and other waterfowl. The farm is working with the Iowa Dept. of Natural Resources on the Iowa Trumpeter Swan project, with the goal of putting trumpeter swans back into the wild after they're raised. The best time to see the trumpeter swans on-site is in the spring.

Where to Camp

Camping is available at Spring Lake Campground in Burlington.

Private RV Rentals in Southeast Iowa

If you're traveling southeast Iowa in a private RV rental, make some time for Old Fort Madison.

Old Fort Madison

Visit Fort Madison, the Midwest's oldest American military garrison on the upper Mississippi River. You can see what life was like at a trading post on the frontier of the Missouri Territory. Learn the history of Iowa before it became a state, and see how the region was involved in the War of 1812. You can wander through the reconstructed buildings and experience a day in the life of the people who lived there. Historic interpreters are on-site, performing the duties necessary to live at the isolated fort, and you may see military drills and musket firing while you're there.

RV Rental Locations in Southeast Iowa

If you're exploring southeast Iowa in a motorhome rental or small camper rental, there is much to do! Take the kids geocaching or to a family-owned farm, or relax in the beautiful forests or by a bubbling stream. Learn about the state's history, and by extension, the country's history. RVshare can help you find the perfect rental RV in southeast Iowa. Simply enter the info about what you're looking for and they will match you with private rentals by owner in the area.

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