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Fall RV camping is a fun and relaxing way to get outdoors and visit some of your favorite places or new places that you have always wanted to go to. The Labor Day holiday concludes the peak season of RV camping, and many campsites tend to have increased availability for the second half of the month. You might also find that there is an increase in the number and type of available RVs for you to take on your vacation, and RVshare makes the process of searching for and choosing an RV that meets your needs and budget easy.

RV Rental September Vacation

RV camping in the fall allows you to enjoy the mild weather, sunshine and outdoor activities that are available at your favorite campsites, trail systems and lakes. In most places, the RV rental September weather is ideal. The daytime high temperatures in most places are warm during the afternoons, and the nighttime temperatures are cool and comfortable in most areas. If you want to visit a place in the Great Lakes, New England or Pacific Northwest, the weather is mild at this time of the year. Those northern places also start to see the leaves change in the late part of September. The RV rental September calendar is often busiest around Labor Day, but you will find a lot more openings in RV availability in the middle and later parts of the month. If you do want to take a trip over Labor Day, it is a good idea to reserve both your RV and your campsite at least one month in advance. Since holiday weekend traffic tends to be busy, you might want to drive to your campsite on the Thursday before Labor Day and leave your campsite on the Tuesday or Wednesday after. This would allow you to avoid congested roads, and you would have plenty of time to set up and take down your campsite.

September Offseason Travel

September camping allows you to enjoy the outdoors, and many people take a fishing, birding or hiking trip during this month. If your travel route passes through rural areas in the northern to mid-Atlantic states, you might consider stopping at some of the apple orchards or farmers' markets to enjoy the fall harvest of produce. The offseason travel also means that there will be shorter lines at popular destinations such as amusement parks, fewer crowds at beaches and shorter wait times at popular restaurants. The offseason also means that you can find a lot of cheap travel destinations in September. One affordable place that you could visit is the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. There are many small to medium-sized towns, such as Houghton and Escanaba, that offer beach access, hiking trails, wildlife observation stations and many restaurants that are family-owned and -operated. You could also take a tour of some of the other Great Lakes states, such as Ohio.

In Yellow Springs, Ohio, you could visit Young's Dairy Farm and its corn maze, apple orchard, go-karts, ice cream shop and batting cages. The dairy is close to Dayton, which offers the National Museum of the United States Air Force, including aircraft from the early 1900s through the Space Age. If you would rather head south, Fort Myers, Florida, is an ideal destination for RV camping. You could check out the Seashell Museum on Sanibel Island and take a tour of the Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge, which is home to many threatened and endangered bird species. Neighboring Captiva Island offers beautiful views of the Gulf of Mexico and a wide range of restaurants and campsites.

Where to Go Camping in September

The best fall RV trips include places all around the continental United States. If you are looking for Labor Day RV travel destinations, consider Lake Tahoe, which offers the South Lake Tahoe Community Fair. This event features carnival races, a Ferris wheel that is 40 feet tall, paddle wheel boats and food made for the event by local restaurants and bakers. Another travel destination to add to your Labor Day RV travel planner is a trip to the Jersey shore. The beaches of New Jersey are less crowded in September, and the water is still quite warm. There are many water parks along the shore, and you could also explore the shops, food stands and bars that line the boardwalks. If you have been looking forward to visiting the western states, consider a visit to Park City, Utah.

There are many spacious RV campgrounds, and you could attend the Park City Miner's Day festivities. This event dates back to 1888, and it features a 5K race, a ball rolling race, a community pancake breakfast and games and activities for children and adults. When going camping later in the month of September, you might want to add Yosemite National Park to your list. If you are a student or a senior citizen, you can pick up a discounted pass to this and all of the other national parks with RV facilities.

September is mild in Yosemite, and the end of the month offers a greater selection of places to park your RV and fewer people on the trails. The Apgar Campground in Glacier National Forest is also an ideal RV camping site for mid to late September. The campground has beautiful views of the mountains and access to Lake MacDonald, which is fed by the glaciers. The facilities include bus tours up the mountain, boat rentals and horseback riding. A visit to Maine might also be in order for your September camping trip. Baxter State Park is located near Moosehead Lake in Kokodjo, Maine. There is plenty of space to park your RV at the campground, and you can relax as you take in the view of Mount Katahdin, swim or boat in the lake or participate in some of the evening programs at the campsite.

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