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RV Rental Reviews USA

The RV industry is booming. There are roughly 1.9 million American families that own an RV, and this year, more people will buy RVs than ever before. But what do RV owners do when they’re not using their RVs? Thanks to peer-to-peer rental networks like RVshare, owners can list their RVs and work with people like you who want to rent them.

The New Way to Rent RVs

RVshare is the everyman’s answer to RV rentals. Before peer-to-peer networks, you’d have to rent an RV through a chain dealership or local small business. This left owners scratching their heads while paying for their RVs to sit in storage when they weren’t using them. Now, owners can rent out their RVs themselves, while you still get all the perks you would from renting through a commercial service. In fact, P2P rentals offer quite a few advantages over the alternatives:

  • You can find RV rentals just about anywhere in the United States. Our network spans the country, so you’ll find rentals whether you’re in a city on the coast or a town in the middle of the desert.
  • Our inventory is enormous. Unlike commercial rental services, which tend to have only a handful of RV types, our network has every type of RV under the sun. You’ll find unique rigs like vintage trailers, toterhomes, bus conversions, and more.
  • Since the owners list the RV themselves, the prices are a lot more affordable. In some places, you can even find rentals as low as $9 per day! The “fine print,” like security deposits and mileage limitations, is all right in the listing. No more surprise fees!
  • Each listing has a variety of useful features, like direct messaging with the owner, user reviews, and quote requests. It streamlines the process and makes it easy to book a rental with confidence.
  • Both owners and renters are protected by our liability coverage, just like you would get with a big rental company. Some rentals include auto insurance for a small fee. Plus, we offer free, 24/7 roadside assistance. Best of all, we have a 5% cash back rewards program that you can use toward your next rental.

RVshare Rental Reviews USA

One of the most useful features on the RVshare platform is the integrated review system. Renters can rate their experience with the owner and leave feedback. It’s perfect if you’re on the fence about renting from someone. Our RV rental reviews come from all over the USA:

“This was a wonderful experience! Tony & Tara are a wonderful couple and super easy to work with. It was very easy to get a hold of them and they provided prompt feedback to questions that arose during our ten-day trip!”

  • Melinda, Florida, April 2016

“Had a wonderful trip with a family of 4. The coach was very clean and very well appointed…everything you needed was already on board. Dave and Ellen were very thorough in the tutorial and everything was easy to operate. [They] were very prompt in answering a phone call or returning a text message.”

  • Andrew, Oregon, October 2016

“This was my first experience renting an RV and it was outstanding!!!!!! David and Kim were extremely helpful and accommodating during this process. The RV met and exceeded all expectations and every question I had for them was quickly answered and responded to.”

  • Andrew, Utah, November 2016

Ready to Rent?

RVshare is one of the best ways to rent an RV for your vacation - just ask any of our reviewers! When you rent through us, you’ll get to work with some wonderful people, all while having peace of mind and saving money. Start searching through our USA RV rental reviews today to find the perfect match in your area!