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RV Rental Pinnacles National Park

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RV Rental in Pinnacles National Park

Located east of the Salinas Valley in Central California, Pinnacles National Park is a region well-known for its rock formations, particularly its pinnacles. These famous pinnacles are the eroded leftovers of an extinct volcano, meaning that the park also has an intriguing past.

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The rock formations divide the park into East and West Divisions, making it a popular destination for rock climbing enthusiasts.

Pinnacles National Park is also home to many incredible species, including prairie falcons, California condors, coyote, skunk, bobcat, great horned owl, cougars, golden eagle, and raccoon (just to name a few).

Things to Do in Pinnacles National Park

Explorers will love visiting Pinnacles National Park for the wide range of fun activities on offer. From hiking, rock climbing, and cave tours to bird watching and camping – there’s something for everyone!

Talus Caves

There are two talus caves within the national park, including Bear Gulch Cave and Balconies Cave. These caves are unique because they were created from large-scale earth movement, causing narrow but deep gorges which are then topped with large chunks of rocks that have fallen from above.

Bear Gulch Cave is the more popular of the two, due to the colony of Townsend's big-eared bats that reside here in winter and stay through to spring and summer to raise their young. Because they’re a protected species, parts of the cave can close at any time during the year if the bats show signs of disturbance.

Hiking & Walking Trails

Keen walkers and hikers will love this national park because it contains over 30 miles of trails. Following these designated tracks is a great way to see the region’s natural beauty and unique landscape up-close.

There is also a range of trails well-suited to hikers of all levels and many will take visitors through caves, past intriguing rock formations, or even across vast grasslands.

A list of the most popular routes can be found on the park’s website.

Bird Watching

For visitors who are interested in observing numerous species of birds in their natural habitat, this is the activity for them! With over 180 varieties that all call Pinnacles National Park home, guests can spot everything from birds of prey and kingfishers, to flycatchers, warblers and more.

Don’t forget to also keep an eye out for the endangered California Condor, a species that is difficult to find in any other region.

Popular birdwatching destinations within the national park include Pinnacles Visitor Center (east side), Bear Gulch Nature Center, Moses Spring Trail, Bear Gulch Reservoir, Balconies Trail, and High Peaks.

Rock Climbing

Due to the Pinnacles National Park array of rock formations, rock climbing is also a popular activity to pursue during a visit. With a variety of rock surfaces on offer, it’s also a place that caters toward rock climbers of all levels.

Despite this, it’s best that anyone wishing to rock climb during their visit are up-to-date with the safety precautions and other relevant information. Additionally, Friends of Pinnacles provides a website dedicated to offering this vital news and information.


Thankfully, visitors also have the opportunity to stay overnight in the park in the Pinnacles Campground. This campground is only accessible from the east side of the region, as there are no connecting roads between the two park entrances.

The good news though is that the campground can be accessed with an RV and it provides both tent and RV sites. Most of the RV-dedicated sites have electrical hookups and other amenities include picnic tables, fire rings, barbecue pits, swimming pool, showers, and a dump station. A campground general store is also available.

RV Parks Near Pinnacles National Park

There are also plenty of privately-run RV-friendly parks located within proximity to the national park.

Yanks RV Resort is just one of these options and it’s located in on Highway 101 near Salinas, just minutes away from some of the national park’s hiking trails. It contains large RV sites with full hookups, as well as a pool, spa, laundry, fitness center, and an RV Club House with kitchen and meeting spaces. Daily rates start at $44 for a standard back-in RV site.

San Benito RV & Camping Resort is another popular example and it’s located just 18 miles away from the national park entrance. It contains over 590 sites and an impressively long list of amenities. Rates can be obtained by making an online inquiry.

Pinnacles National Park RV Rental

If you’re thinking of taking a trip to central California, there are plenty of Pinnacles National Park motorhome rentals using RVshare that will get you there. These include Classes A, B, or C, as well as motorhome rentals of the travel trailer, sport utility, folding trailer, fifth wheel, or truck camper variety.

Rent an RV Near Pinnacles National Park

Want to rent an RV near Pinnacles National Park? You’ll find RV rentals available across all of California through RVshare, including those within as little as 14.4 miles from the park itself.

RV Rental Prices in Pinnacles National Park

RVshare offers a range of rental price options to suit every budget. Whether you’re looking for luxury RV rentals or cheap RV rentals near Pinnacles National Park, you’re sure to find the RV that’s perfect for you.

Pinnacles National Park RV Rental Rates

With RVshare, you can find RV rentals for your trip to Pinnacles National Park starting at as little as $25 per night. The total cost of a Pinnacles National Park RV rental holiday will depend on factors such as how many nights you rent it for, as well as distance traveled (when adding-on the price of gas).

Don’t forget to also factor-in the price you must pay to stay at campgrounds or RV parks. Despite this, Pinnacles National Park RV vacations can still prove to be an affordable and cost-effective holiday for the whole family!

One Way RV Rental to Pinnacles National Park

Did you know that some dealers on RVshare might be able to offer a one way RV rental to Pinnacles National Park? This means you won’t have to worry about making a roundtrip back to drop it off again. Depending on your situation, this option can save you both time and money.

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