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RV Rental Petrified Forest National Park

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RV Rentals at Petrified Forest National Park

At first, the idea of visiting a lunar type landscape, mostly devoid of vegetation, to gaze upon petrified wood might not seem like a great choice. Visitors to the Petrified Forest National Park will quickly realize the error of this judgment once they view the fascinating grains of ancient trees.

The stark beauty of this landscape is unlike others and by getting off the main road and hiking along the Red Basin Clambeds, for instance, will lead you to discover the spectacular banded badlands with the multi-hued rock layers.

photo credit: roads less traveled

The stunning Painted Desert is a must and as you traverse the 27-mile road that runs through the park you will be amazed that such a place exists. The Petrified Forest National Park runs right off of I-40, making it a simple stop on any route through the area.

Rent an RV Near Petrified Forest National Park

Unlike some of our beautiful national parks, Petrified Forest National Park offers super easy access right off of I-40, a major highway in the southern United States. Holbrook, Arizona is the closest major town and travelers will find plenty of RV rental options here.

If Holbrook and the surrounding area don't offer up what you're looking for some other major cities a bit further away, such as Flagstaff, surely have what you're looking for in terms of price and amenities.

Cheap RV Rentals by Petrified Forest National Park

This is camping country and in a peer-to-peer marketplace of snowbirds, summer is likely to offer you some fantastic deals on RV Rentals. After you pick up your rental it is time to head to the land where dinosaurs used to roam among lush forests filled with 200 foot high conifers.

Ancient volcanic activity wiped out these forests leaving the barren desert that appears today at Petrified Forest National Park. Those enormous trees, once entombed in volcanic ash, became petrified over millions of years leaving them as you see them today.

One-Way RV Rentals Near Petrified Forest National Park

With its close proximity to a major thoroughfare, the Petrified Forest National Park is an excellent place to pull through with a one-way RV rental. It becomes a simple matter to see multiple impressive national parks and other sights when you can pick up your RV rental in one location and drop it in another, not requiring any sort of backtracking.

It is nearly impossible to imagine that this arid region was once a lush forest with over 150 different species of plants. The fossils that have been found here are among some of the most impressive ever discovered.

Campers for Rent at Petrified Forest National Park

Unlike most national parks, the Petrified Forest National Park doesn't have any campgrounds actually within the park. Backcountry camping is allowed by free permit but requires hiking at least one mile away from two separate parking spaces. For RV renters there are, however, several great options.

Just across I-40 at the Painted Desert Campground. This no-frills campground doesn't offer much more than a place to camp for the night but is extremely convenient for touring the parks. Nearby the Holbrook/Petrified Forest KOA is most likely a better choice for most RV travelers. Ideally located for the Petrified Forest along with other sites in the area, this campground has high-end amenities including a fenced dog park, pool, and camp kitchen.

Luxury RV Rentals Near Petrified Forest National Park

Motorhome RV renters this park is for you! The Petrified Forest National Park is one of the easiest to visit in a big rig. Although you will need to find accommodations elsewhere, the park is at a low elevation and has an excellent road winding its way through the fossilized trees and plant life.

A fascinating, and educational, stop in the Petrified Forest National Park is the Cultural Demonstration Program at the Painted Desert Inn National Historic Landmark. These demonstrations allow local artisans to share their history and crafts with visitors and encourage appreciation for the rich history of the region.

RV Rental Prices Near Petrified Forest National Park

You will find a wide range of RV rental prices near the Petrified Forest National Park. It is always a great idea to research RV rentals in several towns in the area before making your final decision.

By determining your wishes in amenities compiled with your budget constraints you can search RV rentals in a few different towns and see what works out best for your particular needs. Then it's time to hit the trail and there is no better way to experience the amazing wonders of the Petrified Forest National Park than on foot. Hikes throughout the park range from less than one mile to around three making it easy for nearly anyone to experience the petrified wood up close for themselves.

Petrified Forest National Park RV Rentals

When planning your time in the Petrified Forest National Park you should check out some of the other sightseeing options in the area. An interesting stop is at the Canyon de Chelly National Monument. These plateaus have been occupied by the native residents for over 5000 years and they are happy to share their intriguing culture with visitors.

A bit further down the road, it is also a good idea to stop and spend some time admiring the 800-year-old Montezuma Castle, one of the best-preserved cliff dwellings in North America. Over 20 stories high, this dwelling represents the toughness and ingenuity of the local people who call this region home.

When you travel the country with an RV rental you are really renting the freedom to discover for yourself the rich history that shaped this nation. By learning and understanding the unique cultures that have occupied the land it is easy to understand why the American Southwest continues to draw visitors to her lands.

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