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RV Rental October

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Fall camping is an ideal way to escape the routines of home and go out on an outdoor adventure. When searching for an RV rental in October, you will be able to select from a wide range of options. To get started on the planning process, simply search the phrase "RV rental October near me."

RV Rental October Prices

In addition to being fun, RV trips in October are affordable. The rental prices for RVs in October are typically lower than they are during the peak travel season of late May to early September. This could allow you to enjoy a longer trip or upgrade to a bigger RV with more amenities. The RV rental prices for October will vary based on the size of the vehicle. In general, a larger RV commands a higher rental price. While a Class A motorhome may cost slightly more to rent than a pop-up trailer or a conversion van, it will also have more space and features. The prices for an RV rental in October also vary based on amenities. For example, vehicles that have GPS navigational systems and other top-of-the-line features may cost more to rent than basic models. You might also find that certain locations to rent an RV are lower in demand, so the prices are also lower. If you can be flexible with where you pick up the RV, you might find some fantastic deals. Consider adjusting the range of your search for "October RV camping near me." You might find that driving another 10 to 20 miles increases availability and rates. Flexibility could also allow you to find some more accommodating availability dates.

Fall Foliage RV Trips

If you like fall foliage, then traveling in an RV in October is a natural choice. You could search RV trips for fall based on some of your favorite places to scope out the autumn colors. If there are not many deciduous trees in your area, you could drive to the northwest and enjoy all of the comfort and features of your RV rental. One great fall foliage trip to take in an RV is to the Green Mountains of Vermont. The quiet, winding roads and rolling hills filled with colorful trees are a delight to the eyes. If you would like a trip that also allows you to go fishing, consider visiting Michigan's upper peninsula. Communities such as Houghton along Lake Superior or Escanaba along Lake Michigan are ideal for budding anglers. For those who want to head west, there are still many places to enjoy the fall foliage. The mountains of Colorado and their Aspen trees turn golden yellow during October. You could spend your time hiking along trails and taking panoramic images of the colorful trees since the RV rental October weather in these places is generally mild and fair.

RV Camping in October

An October RV travel planner allows you to make a list of activities that you would like to do during your trip. Your planner might include visiting the fall farmers' markets in some of the towns along your travel route. These markets often offer fall produce such as apples, pumpkins and squash, which you could cook up and enjoy at your campsite. In your October RV travel planner, you might also want to include some fun museums to visit. One great museum to explore in fall is the Columbus Museum of Art in Columbus, Ohio. Its downtown location is also close to the Franklin Park Conservatory, where you can learn more about the plants and trees of the Great Lakes. RV camping in October is also ideal if you want to visit places that are usually hot in the summertime. If you have always wanted to see the Nevada desert and take in a show in Las Vegas, you could add that area to your itinerary list. The mountains and deserts of Southern California also offer many fun places to explore and more moderate weather during the month of October.

Best RV Trips in October

Lots of October RV travel destinations allow you to take in some of the best fall festivals around the country. Many large cities host Oktoberfest celebrations, which center around polka music, bratwurst and apple fritters. Many of the Oktoberfest celebrations also offer a beer garden with imported ales and lagers. If you are a fan of pumpkin confections and the actual pumpkins themselves, consider a visit to the small town of Circleville, Ohio, for its annual Pumpkin Festival. This festival takes place during the middle of October, and it features gigantic pumpkins grown by farmers all over Ohio, West Virginia and other nearby states. The festival also has live bands playing music, vendors selling arts and crafts and plenty of festival food that is made with pumpkin or pumpkin spice. Another fun RV trip to consider for an October adventure is the Million Dollar View Scenic Byway in Maine. This byway not only has great views of the fall foliage, but it also passes through many quaint towns where you could pick up some treasures or unique snacks for the remainder of your vacation. The Million Dollar View Scenic Byway also passes close to wildlife areas that are home to moose, eagles and other interesting creatures. Whether you enjoy the autumn colors or milder temperatures of fall, October is the perfect month to embark on an RV road trip. Since RV rental prices are low during the month, you will have no trouble fitting a vacation into your travel budget.

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