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RV Rental in Northern Michigan

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In order to get the most out of their visits to the Great Lake State, many modern travelers are opting to rent a camper in Northern Michigan. RV trailer rental in Northern Michigan gives you the freedom to explore at your own pace and cuts down on vacation costs. Whether you're going to be in Michigan for a brief visit or an extended stay, camper trailer rental in Northern Michigan is a savvy way to enjoy your journey on your own terms.

RV Rental in Northern Michigan

The first thing that most people want to know about a new adventure opportunity is the cost. RV rental prices in Northern Michigan vary widely based on the type of RV that you want to rent. A luxurious 40-foot fifth wheel might be a bit too much for the average vacation budget, but a pop-up camper rental in Northern Michigan can be quite affordable. RV rental cost in Northern Michigan also varies based on the size of your party. You'll want a bed or pull-out bed for each person in your group, and you'll certainly need more room if you're bringing the whole gang along on your trip. The bigger the size of an RV, the more it costs to rent, so take accurate stock of your space needs before making any final decisions.

Rent an RV in Northern Michigan

If you're looking for cheap RVs for rent in Northern Michigan, you might want to consider renting a pop-up camper. If you end up deciding to rent a pop-up camper in Northern Michigan, you'll find that these inexpensive RVs are full of surprises. While pop-up campers are small and flat while in motion, they expand when you arrive at your campsite to provide ample room for recreation and guests.

Small RV Rental in Northern Michigan

Pop-up campers aren't the only types of small RVs out there. Class B motorhomes are another common pick for travelers who don't need a lot of space and want to save on rental costs. Class B motorhomes are also known as campervans, and these compact RVs are both fuel-efficient and self-sufficient. Class B motorhomes rarely exceed 20 feet in length, which makes it easy to navigate these RVs around corners and down city streets. These types of RVs also weigh quite a bit less than other types of motorhomes, which makes it easy to maneuver Class B motorhomes on bumpy country roads. Unlike travel trailers, fifth wheels, or pop-up campers, Class B RVs contain an engine connected to the living section, which means that you won't need to fiddle with hitches or rent a truck to enjoy everything that this versatile RV class has to offer.

Motorhome Rental in Northern Michigan

If you're interested in luxury RV rental in Northern Michigan, you might want to consider renting a Class A or Class C RV. These types of motorhomes are usually quite a bit longer than Class B RVs, and they may contain amenities that aren't present in smaller types of campers. Class A motorhomes are flat at the front, and Class C motorhomes consist of a long living compartment that terminates in a souped-up van engine. If you want to live the luxurious life but you're more interested in travel trailer rental in Northern Michigan, you might want to consider renting a fifth wheel. These types of trailers can be much longer than normal travel trailers due to their special hitching mechanism. While traditional travel trailers connect to the bumper of a truck or SUV with a ball hitch, fifth wheels connect to a special type of hitch that is bolted into the bed of a truck.

Rent a Campervan in Northern Michigan

It's understandable to be sold on the idea of renting a travel trailer while still desiring the affordability and versatility of a campervan. Traditional travel trailers are usually smaller than fifth wheels, and these types of campers come with certain unique benefits. While fifth wheel trailers can only be towed with a truck, you can tow a travel trailer with any type of vehicle that is powerful enough to pull the load.

Camper Rental in Northern Michigan

In many cases, it makes more sense to pick up your camper in one area and drop it off in another. A one-way RV rental from/to various locations in Northern Michigan is made easy by renting an RV with this option. It may get you a discount too. When renting an RV from a dealership, you usually have to return your camper to the rental location at the end of your trip. However, some owners provide you with the option to drop off your camper rental at another location when your voyage is over.

RV Rental Locations in Northern Michigan

RV rental by owner in Northern Michigan makes it easy to find the right RV for your vacation. While some towns in Northern Michigan aren't home to a single RV dealership that offers rentals, almost every community is home to a number of individuals who want to rent their RVs. To get an idea of how many RV owners are renting their campers in a given area, search by location using the RVshare search bar.

Private RV Rentals in Northern Michigan

There are quite a few unique advantages to renting an RV directly from the owner. In short, renting an RV from the owner is as straightforward as talking to your neighbor from across the street. RV owners have actually been out in the thick of things and know how to operate their campers better than anyone else. By renting from an owner, you'll hear about all the best places to camp and visit during your trip. Quite often, it's the best way to go.

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