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RV Rental Northeast Hawaii

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Rent A Campervan in Northeast Hawaii

A Hawaiian vacation is a bucket list item for many people, but it can be a little tough trying to decide exactly where in the state you want to go. But what if there was a way to see everything you wanted in Hawaii? A way you wouldn’t be tied down to staying at one specific resort. Hawaiian beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world, and if you want to make sure you don’t miss any of this state’s incredible beauty, there’s no better way to go than renting an RV and hitting the Hawaiian highways.

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RV Rental in Northeast Hawaii

Whether you’re out to see the incredible mountains or beaches, whether you want to take a walk with history or just relax, there’s no shortage of things to do in Hawaii. You’ll find something here for just about every age or taste, which is probably why Hawaii is one of the most popular vacation destinations on the planet. And there’s no better way to see The Aloha State than in an RV.

Rent An RV in Northeast Hawaii

Most places in Hawaii are very accustomed to travelers, meaning it’s a great place to take an RV. And since the state is known for their friendliness, it’s a great place for a first time RV driver too, as you’ll always find someone willing to help. If you’re ready to set out on the vacation of a lifetime, here’s a look at what makes Hawaii such a great spot to rent an RV.

The Top RV Resorts in Northeast Hawaii

You won’t find a lot of RVs in the state of Hawaii, so there aren’t any dedicated RV parks. But you will find some campgrounds that do allow for RVs. There aren’t many actual RV hookup sites, but the incredible scenery and weather more than makes up for the lack of RV accommodations. Here are a few places you may be able to park an RV in Hawaii though:

RV Rental Locations in Northeast Hawaii

Hedonisia Hawaii Tropical Farm Retreat
10 acres of farmland in Hilo, Hawaii, provides a chance for privacy that you really can’t get anywhere else. One unique thing about this site is that you can bypass the daily fee to stay by volunteering 2.5 hours of your time around the farm. There are plenty of activities nearby, like swimming with dolphins, hiking Volcano National Park, and exploring Waikea Valley.

The Lodge at Kokee
Situated in Waimea, this resort is close by the incredible Waimea Canyon (the Grand Canyon of the Pacific). Most campers here are tent and cabin dwellers, but there are some spaces big enough for RVs. There aren’t hookups, but there is a restaurant on site, along with miles of hiking trails. You’ll also find just about any other recreation you want nearby.

The Top RV Destinations in Northeast Hawaii

Volcanoes National Park
One of the most iconic sites in all of Hawaii, this park lets visitors get up close with one of the most powerful forces of nature. It’s home to some of the world’s most active volcanoes, and with a landscape that’s constantly being created and destroyed, it’s one of the most popular attraction in Hawaii. The parks hosts 150 miles of trails through volcanic craters, rainforests and deserts, ancient petroglyphs, a lava tube, and two active volcanoes.

Small RV Rental in Northeast Hawaii

Pearl Harbor
You don’t have to know much about history to know that this site is incredibly important in America’s story. The site today lets visitors see where the USA’s involvement in WW II began, as well as where it ended. There’s a monument to the lives that were lost, and damaged ships are still visible today. Tours are offered daily, and the surrounding city of Oahu is worth visiting on its own.

Rent An RV In Northeast Hawaii

Kualoa Ranch
This is a working ranch, but it’s also a popular tourist destination in the state. Just 20 miles south of Honolulu, the ranch today hosts all sorts of recreation, like a horseback riding, a jungle expedition, a zipline tour, and a food tour. The ranch has been a filming location for dozens of TV shows and movies, including Lost, 50 First Dates, Jurassic Park, Hawaii Five-0, Pearl Harbor, Godzilla, and more.

Motorhome Rental in Northeast Hawaii

Not sure what type of RV you want? RVshare lets you search by vehicle size, by price, and even by location. That means it’s simple to find the perfect vehicle for what you need. And there are even one way RV rentals in Hawaii available if that’s what you need.

Renting an RV in Northeast Hawaii

A major advantage of renting an RV with RVshare is that all the paperwork is done before you leave. That means that when it’s time to go, you just pick up your keys and drive. When your trip is done, just fill the RV with gas and drop it off.

If you finally decide to take an RV vacation, you’ll quickly find out what millions of people already have – that RV travel is among the cheapest ways to vacation. When you see the thousands of cheap RVs for rent in northeast Hawaii that RVshare has listed, you’ll start to understand just why so many people love the RV life. RVshare has all types of vehicles listed, starting with popup camper rentals and going up to luxury RVs.

Private RV Rentals in Northeast Hawaii

Whether you’re a veteran RVer or a first timer, it can be a little overwhelming at times, and RVshare knows this. That’s why every one of their rentals has their peace of mind guarantee - $10,000 of insurance coverage plus 24/7 roadside assistance free of charge and a free 24/7 travel concierge that you can call at any time! No matter where you go and no matter when it is, you have someone ready to help.

Camper Rental in Northeast Hawaii

Finally decided to take the plunge for a vacation you’ll never forget? Then head on over to our guide with full details about how peer-to-peer RV rentals work.

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