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RV Rental North Cascades National Park

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RV Rentals at North Cascades National Park

A mere three hours from Seattle is a land of breathtaking glaciers, jagged peaks, and alpine landscape awaits. North Cascades National Park is a stunning tribute to the beauty of the Pacific North West.

The North Cascades are much beloved for what they are not. It's not that convenient to get to, it's not as busy as some, and it's more than simply a national park. As the sixth least-visited national park in the country, it receives a mere 27,000 or so visitors a year and some of the best points in the park are laughably challenging to get to, such as the Golden West Visitor Center which is miles from the nearest road.

President Lyndon Johnson signed assigned the North Cascades national park status in 1968 thereby protecting the 550,000 acres of alpine wilderness, over 300 glaciers, and quaint villages for the future. This acreage was later increased to around 648,000 offering room for even more wildlife and long mountain trails. Come and visit an area more preserved and less visited than most for an unforgettable holiday.

North Cascades National Park RV Rentals

The North Cascades is not far from the big city and yet seems removed from the world. There are RV rentals from Seattle or Bellingham, of course, but there are also options available in smaller communities such as Chelan. The Canadian border is not far away and a nearly endless array of sightseeing exists nearby.

photo credit: USA Today

A truck camper RV rental is a magnificent way to explore the North Cascades. With many more remote campgrounds and side roads than a park such as Yellowstone, a truck camper or smaller trailer allows you to get off the beaten path and explore further.

RV Rental Prices Near North Cascades National Park

RV rental prices will vary quite a lot depending on where you pick up your rental. In a smaller area such as Chelan, you can expect to find the lowest price to come in at around $100/night for a simple tent trailer. In comparison, if you are shopping for an RV rental in the Seattle Metro area finding a great deal for between $50 a night for a similar option is absolutely doable.

Tent trailers are always a popular choice. With the ease of set-up and a lightweight frame, they can be pulled by most vehicles and often have two full-size beds on either end making them perfect for families.

Luxury RV Rentals Near North Cascades National Park

If you are looking for a Class A motorhome rental there are plenty of options available to you. One comfortable campground is the Winthrop/N. Cascades National Park KOA. Well located from the park, this campsite offers pull-throughs up to 70 feet long, excellent facilities, and the joys of the old west mining town of Winthrop easily at your disposal.

Another great choice is the Alpine RV Park & Campground which is ideally located right in the heart of the North Cascades. RV and pet-friendly, the views of the Cascade foothills is a welcome site from your comfortable campsite, along with a laundry and game area.

North Cascades National Park RV Rental Rates

A joy of this gorgeous region is that RV renters have so many options on where to pick up their holiday home on wheels. It is important in your planning, however, to do some RV rental research taking into account several different pick up locations. Travelers who take the time to do a bit of checking around may very well find an excellent deal allowing for more funds spent hiking the numerous trails, shopping for local artwork, or sailing Lake Chelan.

Campers for Rent at North Cascades National Park

After you've picked up your RV rental the decision becomes where to camp in it. North Cascades National Park offers nine campground options, although only five are suitable for vehicle arrival and of these only a couple are able to be reserved ahead of time. The campground at Nehalam Creek does fit large RV's and has a dump station on site along with flushing toilets but no shower facilities.

One-Way RV Rentals Near North Cascades National Park

A one-way rental just may be the perfect choice for RV rental travelers when touring the North Cascades. Washington State has much to offer the traveler and by picking up a rental in one area and dropping it in another you are afforded an ease of not backtracking. This gives you more time to explore the areas surrounding the park such as eclectic Bellingham, Washington, where you can go on a camel safari or take a brewery tour curated just for you.

Cheap RV Rentals at North Cascades National Park

Travelers looking for low-key RV rentals will be extremely pleased with the North Cascades, so named because of the hundreds of cascading waterfalls. This “American Alps” combines with the Lake Chelan and Ross Lake National Recreation Areas creates a wonderland of beauty in nature. For the avid outdoor enthusiasts the rugged challenge of this region, long loved by the masters of the outdoors such as John Muir.

Rent an RV Near North Cascades National Park

Travelers for centuries have been flocking to the grandeur of this part of the world. Native Americans have lived in this area for as long as 8000 years and later early fur traders and settlers moved west seeking fresh landscape. Travelers focused on RV rentals will appreciate some of the wilderness and excitement these earlier groups discovered and when you can end the night surrounded by such beauty, you will truly appreciate the peer-to-peer RV rental market and the freedom it affords you.

No matter whether you are in a Class A luxury motor home or a rugged truck camper or somewhere in between, a trip to this little-visited national park will make memories for a lifetime.

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