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Private RV Rentals in Mid Maine

If you've got an RV rental in Mid Maine, you're ready for the trip of a lifetime. There's a reason this state is nicknamed "Vacationland". 

From stunning rugged coasts and historic lighthouses to snow-covered wildnerness and forests of pine trees, this state is a dream for anyone with a camper rental. Of course, you can't forget the deliciouis lobster rolls! It's also a year-round vacation destination, beautiful both in its winter wonderland months and breezy summer months.

Photo credit: By Jubileejourney (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

RV Rental Locations in Mid Maine

Maine is the ideal destination for anyone with a motorhome rental, so there are many options if you're looking to rent an RV in Mid Maine. While major city centers offer RV rental agencies, looking for private RV rentals is easier and cheaper. Private RV rentals are located all over Mid Maine, from small towns to big cities. 

Bangor is a great place to start your trip, as it's centrally located to both the coast and interior of Mid Maine. You'll find plenty of private RV rentals there. If you prefer to start your trip farther inland, surrounded by nature, Island Falls and Medway are both conveniently located on I-95 and just a short drive from Baxter State Park.

Finding the Perfect RV Rental in Mid Maine

Wherever you start your trip, finding the perfect RV rental in Mid Maine is easy with RVshare. Just Search for RV rentals in the location of your choice, and comb through the results. If you'd prefer to start your trip from where you are now and end up in Mid Maine, you can even look for a one way RV rental to Mid Maine.

As you're going through the listings, you can filter them according to things like type, size, and price range. Traveling with 5 kids in tow? Perhaps you want to search for a luxury motorhome rental in Mid Maine. Just you and your sweetheart? You can search instead for a basic travel trailer rental in Mid Maine. 

Once you've found the perfect RV rental in Mid Maine, go ahead and make your reservation. You'll be able to communicate directly with the owner to coordinate the pick up time and location. There, you'll get the keys to the vehicle as well as a demo and walk through. Then, you're ready to hit the road!

The Benefits of Private RV Rentals

There are many benefits of choosing to rent an RV in Mid Maine through a private owner rather than a dealership. The benefits of peer-to-peer RV rentals are:

  • Availability. Because peer-to-peer networks bring together private renters from all over the country, it's easier to find exactly what you need. You'll find private RV rentals in every corner of the U.S., and you'll find a wider variety of RVs for rent as well, from small pop up camper rentals to massive Class A motorhomes.
  • Affordability. By connecting you directly with a private owner who sets their own price, we're able to offer very competitive pricing. While it's hard to find an RV rental from a dealership for less than several hundred dollars, you can find rentals on RVshare for as low as $50/day, sometimes even less. 
  • Flexibility. By allowing you to communicate directly with the RV rental owner to set up the details of your rental, RVshare offers greater flexibility. You can change pick up times and dates more easily if needed, and you can even arrange a one way RV rental with the owner.

Our $10,000 Guarantee for Your RV Rental in Mid Maine

Many people who have never rented or have only used rental agencies are understandably nervous about private RV rentals. By renting through RVshare, you can feel secure and protected in your purchase. If you book your RV rental through RVshare, you automatically receive:

  • Our $10,000 peace of mind guarantee backing your purchase.
  • 24/7 roadside assistance services during your trip.
  • Entry into our rewards program, which provides discounts for return customers.

As you can see, if you are looking for flexibility, affordability, and security, booking private RV rentals through RVshare is the way to go.

Top Sights to See with an RV Rental in Mid Maine

Now that you're ready to enjoy your trip through "Vacationland", here are some of the best sights to see and things to do with an RV rental in Mid Maine.

River Valleys & Fall Foliage with a Camper Rental in Mid Maine

In the counties of Kennebec and Somerset, bordering Quebec, you'll find beautiful river valleys, timber companies, and even some communities of French-speakers.

The fall foliage is particularly stunning in the months of September and October here. Route 15 is one of the best places to view the autumn leaves, as well as a number of astounding vistas as you pass by Moosehead Lake and Mount Kineo. You'll find opportunities for hiking, fishing, hunting, snow mobiling, and canoeing in this lovely area.

Bangor & the Maine Highlands with Your Travel Trailer Rental

In the center of the state you'll encounter its highlands, a region known for its hiking, hunting, camping, and fishing opportunities. Baxter State Park is a very wild park and a great place to stay if you want to get away from it all with your travel trailer rental in Mid Maine. Just know that they offer little to no amenities. 

Nearby Mount Katahdin is a very impressive mountain range, and is home to fantastic hiking trails for all levels. You'll also find some very advanced climbs as well as the end of the Appalachian Trail here. If you want to get above the tree line and look out at a sea of pines, this is the place to do it.

Bangor is a small city in Mid Maine that's definitely worth a visit if you want to tour some cultural sights without the overbearing feel of a big metropolitan area. The city is home to a number of cultural amenities, including multiple theaters, museums, an orchestra, and a number of annual events and festivals. From here, you're also not far from some of Maine's most stunning beaches, such as Popham Beach, Rockport, and Pemaquid Point, which offers tasty lobster and a classic lighthouse.

Wherever you go with your RV rental in Mid Maine, you're bound to enjoy!


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