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RV Rental Locations Near Me

If you’re interested in renting an RV for your next trip, you are probably thinking about where it makes the most sense to actually rent the vehicle from. A great many RVers – newcomers and veterans alike – are unfamiliar with the process of finding the best location to pick up an RV rental. Further, as popular online competitors like RVshare offer superior cost, variety, and quality, the services offered by some local RV rental outlets has been expanded in an attempt a more competitive value proposition.

As you enter the planning stages for your next RV vacation, how can you best determine where to rent from?

Ultimately, it’s all about adhering to the spirit of your trip. Try to rent from the place that enables you to enjoy the trip you intended, logistically speaking. For example, if you are only renting your RV to use as a private living space at a music festival and are not interested in a road trip, then you may want to forego renting the RV from your departure location, and instead, rent near or at the target location.

If possible, avoid compromising on the rental itself. There are a lot of RV rental services, and some – like RVshare – have a variety of RV models available at a relatively low price. If you’re going to be spending money and vacation time on an RV trip, it’s worth renting the vehicle you want, rather than the vehicle that just so happened to be available at a local dealership. If friendly, effective customer service is important to you, do your research beforehand by searching on the RVshare platform.

To better understand what services and benefits may be beneficial when choosing an RV rental location, considering the following:

One-Way Rentals Near Me

When you purchase a one-way RV rental, you pick up the RV at one location and drop it off at a different arrival location. One-way rentals have surged in popularity, as they offer a unique value proposition for those looking to make a trip without having to return to the same location. For example, you can go on a cross-country RV road trip starting with a rental in New York and drop off the rental in California. Afterward, you can fly back home.

Unfortunately, there are scant few local dealerships offering one-way rentals (since they do not have many drop-off locations). If you are interested in making use of a one-way RV rental, you should look into renting from an RV rental service that has multiple outlets across the country (i.e., Cruise America and Apollo, among others).

RV Delivery - Rent an RV Near Me

Some local dealerships and individual RV owners (on RVshare) provide delivery and setup services. Essentially, the RV is delivered to a target location (i.e., a music festival, sports event, campground, parking lot) and will be set up for your arrival. This is a great option for those who are complete newcomers to RVing and are not interested in getting their hands dirty.

If your intention is not to go on a road trip, but rather to enjoy a specific location (with the RV serving primarily as a private lodging facility), then an RV delivery service may be an excellent compromise that suits your needs. At the end of your rental, the service provider will usually pick up the RV from the location as well, saving you time and energy from having to return the RV to the dealership.

Camper Rental Near Me

Roadside assistance is a valuable benefit offered by many RV rental services (including RVshare). If you rent from a local dealership, you may get access to roadside assistance services within a circumscribed area, and that too, the service may not be available 24/7. If you rent from an RV rental company with national outlets, or from RVshare, then you will gain access to a roadside assistance line that is available nationally.

A local roadside assistance service will probably not be useful to you if you are planning on taking your RV outside of the “qualifying zone.”

How RVshare Works

RVshare is an online, peer-to-peer RV rental platform that connects individual owners with prospective renters. Owners post their RVs for rent, and prospective renters can browse, search, and filter listings to find the RV rental that fits their needs perfectly.

One of the unique advantages of the RVshare platform is the fact that individual owners – geographically dispersed – post their RVs for rent. This results in a huge variety of models for rent, many of which are niche or otherwise quite rare to find in the dealership setting. Further, this means you can find some great RVs for rent in locations that otherwise lack the customer demand or infrastructure necessary to open up a dealership outlet.

For example, suppose that you’d like to rent a Class B compact motorhome for a week. You’ll be starting your RV trip from a small town in Montana, so you’d like to rent from near your starting location. You find that there are only two RV rental dealerships within a reasonable distance of the location, however, and they both do not offer Class B RVs for rent. Perhaps there is simply not enough local demand for the dealerships to integrate Class B RVs into their existing fleet.

With RVshare, you can tap into the existing community of individual RV owners to rent from. In the same region of Montana, for example, there are likely some Class B RV owners, and a few may have posted a listing on RVshare. Using the RVshare platform, you can select for your ideal RV model and filter by your location (city, zip code, etc.) rather than looking up RV dealerships and rental locations manually.

Good luck!