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RV Rental Katmai National Park and Preserve

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RV Rental in Katmai National Park & Preserve

Located in southern Alaska, Katmai National Park and Preserve is a region covering 4,093,077 acres. It’s also a remote park, meaning you can only access it via light aircraft. It’s named after Mount Katmai, the famous stratovolcano found within the park, and is also well-known for the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes, along with its abundance of Alaskan brown bears and salmon.

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Although it wasn’t until the 1950s that people really began to take notice of this region, it is now a national park that hordes of tourists flock to each year to witness its natural beauty for themselves.

Things to Do in Katmai National Park & Preserve

Bear Watching

Did you know that more bears than people are estimated to live on Alaska Peninsula? Katmai contains the world's largest protected brown/grizzly bear population, making this a vital activity for all visitors.

Brooks Camp offers the most popular and accessible bear watching area, thanks to three (very safe) wildlife viewing platforms along the river. Bears flock to this area because of the delicious sockeye salmon in the Brooks River.


Katmai National Park contains less than five miles of maintained trails, however, experienced hikers will be pleased to know that there’s plenty of backcountry hiking opportunities available.

Some of the popular destinations within the park hikers enjoy traveling to include American Creek, Hallo Bay (another famous bear watching area), Naknek Lake, and Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes.


What’s a better way to witness the magnificent beauty of Katmai National Park and Preserve than from above? It also lets you spot bears and moose from a safe distance, while you fly over steaming volcanoes, rugged mountain ranges, and picturesque freshwater lakes.

According to the national park’s website, the majority of air taxis which are authorized to operate in Katmai, also offer flightseeing tours.

Canoeing, Kayaking & Rafting

Katmai National Park and Preserve also has many popular routes for water-based activities such as canoeing, kayaking, and rafting.

The Savonoski Loop provides a great experience for those in a canoe or kayak, while Funnel Creek, Moraine Creek, and American Creek are popular destinations for those rafting.


The Brooks Camp Campground is the only designated camping space within the national park, however, backcountry camping is also available to visitors with above-average camping skills (as careful planning is necessary to stay safe).

Brooks Camp does not contain designated camping sites, but instead allows a 60-person maximum capacity. It offers cooking shelters, fire rings, vault toilets, and an electric fence around the ground’s perimeter to deter bears from entering.

RV Parks Near Katmai National Park & Preserve

Because the national park is only accessible via air taxi or light aircraft, RVers will have to park their Katmai National Park and Preserve RV rental within one of the popular RV parks located in a neighboring town such as Anchorage, Angoon, Homer, Kenai, or Seward.

This allows you to explore the scenic national park by day, before enjoying the homely comforts of your RV at night!

The Anchorage Ship Creek RV Park is one such local park and it offers full hook-ups, along with clean showers, restrooms, and laundry facilities. Rates depend on the season, but start at $39 per night.

Quartz Creek Campground & Boat Launch is another RV-friendly park within the region and it’s located next to the sparkling Kenai Lake. It features 45 sites, flush toilets, a dump station, and access to plenty of nearby attractions. Prices start at $15 per night.

The Rivers Edge RV Park is also a great place to accommodate your RV and it contains 170 sites, along with a choice of basic, full, or super hookups. Other features include free wi-fi, a dump station, an RV wash facility, and clean bathrooms. Rates start at $54.95 per night.

Katmai National Park & Preserve RV Rental

If you’re thinking of taking a trip to southern Alaska, there are plenty of Katmai National Park and Preserve motorhome rentals using RVshare that will get you there. These include Classes A, B, or C, as well as motorhome rentals of the travel trailer, sport utility, folding trailer, fifth wheel, or truck camper variety.

Rent an RV Near Katmai National Park & Preserve

Want to rent an RV near Katmai National Park and Preserve? You’ll find RV rentals available across all of southern Alaska through RVshare, including motorhomes for rent within as little as 50 miles from Katmai National Park and Preserve.

RV Rental Prices in Katmai National Park & Preserve

RVshare offers a range of rental price options to suit every budget. Whether you’re looking for luxury RV rentals or cheap RV rentals near Katmai National Park and Preserve, you’re to find the RV that’s perfect for you.

Katmai National Park & Preserve RV Rental Rates

With RVshare, you can find RV rentals for your trip to Katmai National Park and Preserve starting at as little as $50 per night. The total cost of a Katmai National Park and Preserve RV rental holiday will depend on factors such as how many nights you rent it for, as well as distance traveled (when adding on the price of gas).

Don’t forget to also factor in the price you must pay to stay at campgrounds or RV parks. Despite this, Katmai National Park and Preserve RV vacations can still prove to be an affordable and cost-effective holiday for the whole family!

One Way RV Rental to Katmai National Park & Preserve

Did you know that some dealers on RVshare might be able to offer a one way RV rental to Katmai National Park and Preserve? This means you won’t have to worry about making a roundtrip back to drop it off again. Depending on your situation, this option can save you both time and money.

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