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When you want to put an RV rental on your January calendar, you need to keep in mind the differences between renting an RV at this time of year and renting an RV at all other times. Obviously, it'll be much colder in January than in the spring, summer, or fall. In addition, your destination will play an enormous role in the kinds of preparations you’ll need to make. 

Many people who take RV trips during this time of year like to go through the South, especially Florida, where it doesn't get too cold, relatively speaking, in the winter. This means you may not have to take many precautions or worry about the weather much at all. 

However, if you are vacationing in less temperate climates elsewhere in the country, you will need to prepare for things such as ensuring someplace to pass the night or to let bad weather pass and to rent an RV with a good heating system. To learn more about renting an RV in the winter, read on.

Preparing an RV for Winter Travel

Getting an RV rental in January weather just means taking a few more things into account in your planning. Here are some common winter problems and how to fix them, as well as 5 reasons we love winter RVing. RV travel during winter can be tricky if you're new to traveling in colder areas. There are some RVs that are quite simply better suited for cold temperatures than others. 

When you are looking for an RV to rent for traveling during cold weather or in colder parts of the country, you want to make sure the one you select has an adequate heating system. Be sure to ask the RV owner and even ask for details or specifications. You don't want to be stuck in a cold RV, especially if you are on an extended trip.

Winter RV Camping

It is a good idea to learn some basic but important RV winter travel tips if you are renting a vehicle during this time of year. If you are planning on using an RV for winter camping, it is vital that you have an ice scraper and a snow shovel in the RV if you’re traveling in anything but the warmest parts of the country. 

It’s important to note that items like this aren’t necessarily included in an RV to rent, so you should ask or bring your own. However, if you are renting the RV in a colder area, there is a chance that the owner will rent the RV with these and other cold-weather items already included. Another important tip for winter RV camping is to have a space heater in the vehicle, and make sure it is a space heater that is specifically designed to be used in enclosed areas.

RV winter camping can be quite different than camping during summer, spring, or fall. This is because actually staying overnight for extended periods of time during the winter means the possibility of dealing with very cold temperatures for extended periods. Obviously, temperatures also drop overnight.

You need to be prepared to keep the RV warm at night if you are in a somewhat remote area that does not have any alternative lodgings. The main two ways to do this are with the RVs heating system and with a space heater. You can get a space heater specially designed for RVs.

RV snowbirds are likely familiar with operating and staying in an RV during the winter, and you may not be, but you can certainly learn from RV snowbirds. Snowbirds are highly experienced RV travelers, and you can learn what the best routes are and where the best places to spend the night are if you observe and listen to these seasoned RV operators. You may want to ask the owner of the RV rental if they have any tips, and if not, there are many forums where snowbirds share their RV experiences.

Winter RV living can be fun, but it does require some advance planning to ensure you stock up on food, water, and other supplies. As previously mentioned, it’s also a good idea to have shovels, ice picks, and a heater made specifically for RV use. In addition, consider other potential needs, such as batteries for flashlights and radios or even a jump-starter or spare battery for the vehicle if you’ll be in a remote location.

RV Rental January Deals

One good thing about renting an RV during January is that you can probably get some good deals. This is because many people do not take time off in January and during the rest of the cold-weather months, meaning that demand for RV rentals aren’t as high. As a result, owners who rent out their RV when they aren’t using it may drop their prices a bit to encourage people to choose their vehicle. 

You can benefit from this by saving a little money when you rent your RV. Of course, how much depends on each specific owner and on the specific vehicle. However, savings of 10% or more are not unheard of.

RV Rental January Questions

Do You Need to Get a Special Winter Camper?
Many people who are not experienced with renting an RV for the winter months wonder whether or not you have to get a special camper. The truth is, you do not have to get a specialized camper for winter trips. You can look for a camper that is designed to be used year-round, and all types of RVs can be found with good insulation and proper heating systems.

Can I drive an RV through snow?
An RV can be safely driven through a thin coating of snow, but just like any other vehicle, you should avoid areas of heavy snowfall and thick snowbanks. 

With a little preplanning and some common sense, renting an RV in January can be just as enjoyable as at any other time of year.