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RV Rental Guadalupe Mountains National Park

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RV Rentals in Guadalupe Mountains National Park

In West Texas exists a place few people outside of the state have probably ever heard of. Located a mere 40 miles southwest of Carlsbad Caverns, this gem of a park contains the highest portion of the Guadalupe Mountains which, from the highway, appear as a nearly impenetrable wall.

Within the park, the active hiker will appreciate over 80 miles of trails, some of which lead to Guadalupe Peak, the highest spot in Texas at 8749 feet elevation. Theses mountains were once a reef growing beneath the seas of an ancient inland sea, the same now vanished sea that created nearby Carlsbad Caverns.

Archaeologists estimate that people have inhabited these lands for around 12,000 years and the Guadalupe Mountains National Park boasts the world's most extensive Permian fossil and an extremely diverse collection of flora and fauna.

RV Rentals Near Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Guadalupe Mountains National Park is in far south Texas near the mighty Rio Grande River and the border of Mexico. El Paso or Carlsbad are generally considered the two closest cities for easy RV Rental options. With an RV rental, it is a breeze to also make a loop taking in Carlsbad Caverns and Big Bend National Parks as well.

photo credit: national park foundation 

Rent an RV Near Guadalupe Mountains National Park

This fascinating region of the country has seen occupation by ancient peoples, Spanish conquistadors, and American Indian tribes to name just a few. The territory was the home to more than a few settlement disputes creating a colorful history.

Guadalupe Mountains National Park RV Rentals

Cruising towards Guadalupe Mountains National Park you will note the varying terrain which features mountains and deserts, canyons and dunes. The spectacular vistas speak to the decades of lives shaped by this rugged land. A must stop in the park is the Frijole Ranch History Museum.

This lush oasis sits along the edge of the dry slopes of Guadalupe Mountains and embodies the pioneering spirit of the wild west. Located 1 ½ miles from the Pine Springs Visitor Center, Frijole Ranch is a testament to the value of both water and shade in this harsh landscape. The grounds are always open for picnics but it is worth coming during museum hours to appreciate the history of the area.

Cheap RV Rentals in Guadalupe Mountains National Park

For camping in the Guadalupe Mountains National Park, many RV renters prefer to choose less expensive options such as teardrops, tent trailers, and truck campers. By “roughing it” just a bit it is easier to get into nature and fully appreciate the rugged beauty of the park.

One popular campground in the park is Pine Springs Campground resting at 5822 feet elevation. This no-frills desert camping offers flush toilets and potable water but no hookups, showers or other amenities. This can be just right for feeling at one with nature.

One-Way RV Rentals Near Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Guadalupe Mountains National Park is a bit remote. It isn't a park you just come across while out on a drive. Because of the location, many RV renters may choose a one-way rental. It would work great to pick up your RV rental in one city, visit several national parks and other sights in the area such as The Living Gardens Zoo and Gardens State Park, and then drop the rental in a different city.

This flexibility in peer-to-peer RV rental is a growing trend and allows you to experience more of this vast country than if you were required to return your rental to the spot or pick-up. Enjoying more sightseeing while driving less is simply a win-win all around.

Luxury RV Rentals Near Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Many RV renters are seeking the ease of travel while still receiving all of the comforts of home. Enter the Luxury RV Rental. Whether it be a couple or extended family, choosing an RV rental that is a large and comfortable home on wheels can make memories to last a lifetime.

In Guadalupe Mountains National Park the campground facilities are limited for such a rig, however, luckily options exist close by. One good choice is the White's City RV Park. The closest park to the national parks in the area, White's offers full hookups, free WiFi, and excellent facilities.

Slightly further away, but as friendly as ever, the award-winning Carlsbad KOA has all of the excellent amenities and services you would expect from a KOA.

RV Rental Prices Near Guadalupe Mountains National Park

RV rental prices in the area tend to be quite reasonable. Based on what sort of rental you are looking the RV rental of your dreams can be had for as low as $40/day for a comfortable tent trailer. Mid-range prices run around $150/night, still more reasonable than several hotel rooms.

For those travelers looking for a Class A motorhome or more deluxe model, you can plan on spending closer to $350/night while knowing that the entire family can travel and sleep in complete comfort. Luxury RV rentals come complete with multiple sleeping areas, beautiful bathrooms, and kitchens complete with microwaves and even ovens.

Campers for Rent at Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Regardless of what choice of RV rental you decide on you will gain an appreciation for this type of holiday. The freedom of hitting the open road is a bit of a fantasy, a chance to throw off all of the restrictions and rules we experience in our day to day life and only focus on the day ahead and where the road takes you.

The best times of year to visit the Guadalupe Mountains National Park are spring and fall. In spring the foliage is lush and the scene accented by wildflowers. In the fall the changing leaves create a kaleidoscope of reds and yellows against the desert landscape.

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