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RV Rental Great Sand Dunes National Park

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RV Rentals in Great Sand Dunes National Park

Everyone loves a sandbox and kids of all ages flock to Great Sand Dunes National Park to hearken back to the days of their youth in the largest sandbox in the country. The Great Sand Dunes field stretches over 30 square miles and features the highest sand dunes in the United States, reaching for the sky up to 750 feet high.

Sitting at an elevation of 8200 feet, Great Sand Dunes National Park rural location is a plus for national park RV rentals to gain easy access to this unique park located in southern Colorado. The park offers so much more than sand with hiking, tubing Medano Creek, and loads of wildlife.

One-Way RV Rentals Near Great Sand Dunes National Park

The somewhat remote location of Great Sand Dunes makes a one-way RV rental the ideal choice. If you are flying to your RV rental pick-up location perhaps a larger city such as Albuquerque is your best option. Although a bit of a drive to the park, this feature gives you the option of seeing other sites along the way.

photo credit: four wheeler network   

After spending time at Great Sand Dunes National Park it is then easy to head down the open road and drop off your RV rental in an alternate location such as Moab, Utah, allowing for even more sightseeing along the way.

Rent and RV Near Great Sand Dunes National Park

Another option is to get yourself to one of the towns closer to the park, such as Alamosa, Colorado, the closest town to the national park. When you pick up your rental near the destination it is only a short jaunt to discovery

A favorite adventure in the Great Sand Dunes National Park is sand sledding and sand boarding. This year-round activity combines all of the fun of traditional snow sledding or snowboarding put to sand. First thing in the morning or evening or ideal times to try it for yourself to avoid the scorching mid-day sand.

RV Rental Prices Near Great Sand Dunes National Park

When deciding on the perfect RV rental for your holiday first determine what sort of experience you are looking for. A mere $50/day can get you a casual travel trailer perfect for heading into nature with the fresh air of a tent but the comfort of a bed.

If something a bit more luxurious is where your thoughts lead the prices for a Class A motorhome rental can jump to over $300/night, still a fair deal if you are traveling with larger numbers of guests. Somewhere in the middle, you will find a large range of truck campers, Minnie Winnie's and other mid-size RV rental options.

Cheap RV Rentals Near Great Sand Dunes National Park

If you are looking for a bit more of a “back to nature” experience a smaller camper or tent trailer may be your best option. It can be the most fun to actually sleep in the park and Pinon Flats Campground is a fine choice. The campground offers half of the sites as reservable and half as first come choices.

This very popular spot is best reserved long in advance or experienced midweek and features flush toilets, fire pits, and picnic tables but no hook-ups. From this spot, the star gazing is unbelievable and must be experienced for yourself.

Campers for Rent Near Great Sand Dunes National Park

While there is enough to keep you busy for days at Great Sand Dunes National Park, it is also nice to explore the fascinating area around the park as well. San Luis Valley is home to three national wildlife refuges.

The San Luis Lake State Wildlife Area, along with the Baca, Alamosa, and Monte Vista Wildlife Areas', contain acres and acres of restored wetlands creating a home for many of the migratory birds and other water mammals that make this their home.

Luxury RV Rentals at Great Sand Dunes National Park

Not everyone wishes to “rough it” on holiday, even if they are renting an RV. Luxury RV rentals abound in the area and you can enjoy all of the comforts of home from your fully equipped motor home. The campground options within the Great Sand Dunes National Park are not suitable for a large RV, however, a couple of great options exist nearby. The Great Sand Dunes Oasis RV has full hookups, excellent facilities, a fully stocked store, and even ice cream socials in the summer.

Another fantastic choice for the luxury RV rental is the Alamosa KOA. Pull through sites are 100 feet long, with WiFi, a pool, and a great climate at 7550 feet elevation. Set ideally to explore the national park as well as check out the Rio Grande Scenic Railroad which operates on tracks completed in 1878 and encompassing spectacular views and engineering history.

Great Sand Dunes National Park RV Rentals

When you rent an RV for your holiday you are renting freedom. Freedom to explore areas you might not venture to otherwise. One such area is the Los Caminos Antiguos Scenic and Historic Byway. The San Valley offers up a diverse culture and this gorgeous drive takes you past adobe buildings from the past to organic quinoa farmers of the present.

Traveling either direction, this byway has distinctive signs along the route pointing out places of interest, historical facts, and natural resources. A nice stop is at Fort Garland, a preserved military outpost that was active in the mid-1800's.

Regardless of what direction you come from, or what direction you are heading to, a stop in this fascinating, and beautiful, region of Colorado should be on your list. It may just be time to head back and rediscover the joy of a sandbox, finding along the way a thousand other delights.


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