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RV Rental Great Basin National Park

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RV Rentals at Great Basin National Park

What could be better than alpine lakes, limestone caverns, a small glacier... and almost no crowds? You will find all this and more at the little visited Great Basin National Park in Nevada.

Nevada's largest national park is filled with natural splendor, high-mountain terrain, and 4000-year-old bristlecone pine trees and yet boasts an unusually low number of visitors. This combination creates nature lovers paradise where you can potentially hike trails for hours and never see another soul.

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The park's namesake, the Great Basin, measures around 200,000 square miles and features over 800 plant species and over 61 varieties of animals. Fishing, hiking, climbing; this treasure has it all.

Great Basin National Park RV Rentals

When you book your RV rental in National Park the region is your oyster. By picking up your RV rental in Salt Lake City, Ogden or Las Vegas you are able to enjoy all of the impressive countrysides to and from Great Basin National Park.

Great Basin sits firmly in the middle of the Humboldt National Forest. Massive Wheeler Peak rises above you to over 13,000 feet and the bristlecone pines surround you. This place makes you realize how small you are in the world.

Rent an RV Near Great Basin National Park

Renting an RV can seem intimidating to the new RV rental enthusiast. In fact, the system is quite easy once you determine what suits you. Adventurous couples, both young and old, may appreciate a smaller RV rental in the form of a tent trailer, Rpod, truck camper or teardrop. The ability to get a bit further off the beaten path and experience nature in solitude is a worthy experience.

Families with children or multiple generations might want to indulge in a few of the comforts of home by renting RV's that offer bathrooms, larger kitchens, and seating for the entire family.

Luxury RV Rentals Near Great Basin National Park

Renting an RV near Great Basin National Park will bring a wonderland of opportunities for sightseeing. Within the park itself, the terrain moves from dry desert to alpine forests. As one of the country's least visited national parks, solitude may be its best feature.

Camping with one of the larger RV's will mean that choosing a campground within the park is not an option. Luckily, nearby Whispering Elms Campground in the nearby town of Baker is an excellent option. Although not large, it does offer full hook-ups, WiFi and bathroom facilities.

One-Way RV Rentals to Great Basin National Park

For both the seasoned and new RV rental traveler, one-way RV rentals are one of the most popular options. Many of our most beautiful national parks are immense in acreage and appropriately remote areas of untouched wilderness. Picking up your RV rental in a more populated area not only gives you more rental options but also adds excitement to your holiday.

Many national parks are located in a relatively small region of the American Southwest. RV renters can fly into a city such as Salt Lake City, for example, explore a multitude of national parks during their vacation time period, including the serene and stunning Great Basin National Park, and drop their RV in a city such as Las Vegas for their flight home. Convenience at its best.

Cheap RV Rentals Near Great Basin National Park

RV renters looking to get away from the crowds have come to the right spot when they choose to travel to Great Basin National Park. There are a number of rustic campgrounds within the park with no hookups and vault toilets, however, what you gain by camping within the park is absolute peace and quiet with some of the best night skies in the country.

These sites are mostly first come, first served, but if you are lucky enough to snag a spot prepare to be amazed. The park offers excellent wildlife viewing and first-class fishing along with hikes to suit the whole family.

Campers for Rent Near Great Basin National Park

Once you have picked up your RV rental and headed to Great Basin National Park what should you see first? We recommend a guided tour of Lehman Caves. This single cavern extends into the limestone and marble a quarter-mile and while not enormous offers up some of the best cave sculptures around.

Hundreds of thousands of years ago service water mixed with water deep below the surface and the slightly acidic enzymes created some of the most highly decorated cave formations you will find. Guided tours are mandatory and filled with fascinating history.

RV for Rent Near Great Basin National Park

Once you've picked up your RV rental and headed into the park there is a great deal to occupy your time. The Alpine Lakes Loop, a pleasant 2.7-mile loop is great for all ages or, if you are searching for a bit more of a challenge, the Wheeler Peak Trail gains 3000 feet in 4.1 miles one way. It's important to get started on this hike first thing in the morning to be off the mountain by the time the afternoon thunderstorms roll in.

Evenings spent star gazing are truly one of the things that make camping so magical. Due to its remote location, high elevation and desert air Great Basin offers some of the darkest skies in the entire country making the stars pop into sight.

RV renters should not be put off by the seeming remoteness of this national park, the spectacular skies, ancient forests, and imposing mountain make any visit worthwhile. When you also consider the lack of crowds a visit to Great Basin National Park seems a sure winner.

There has never been a better time to get away from it all in an RV rental and explore this beautiful piece of the country.

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