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RV Rental Eastern Pennsylvania

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Pennsylvania is a large state with quite a lot of things to see and do, especially on the eastern side of the state. You can explore the great city of Philadelphia, check out the Liberty Bell or visit Al Capone’s cell in the Eastern State Penitentiary. Perhaps you’d like to travel to the Poconos to explore Bushkill Falls or enjoy some horseback riding or skiing there. 

Since the eastern side of the state covers so many miles, traveling by RV is among the best ways to get to the locations that you want to visit without spending a lot on accommodations. In fact, a one-way RV rental from/to Eastern Pennsylvania is a great option to consider.

RV Rental in Eastern Pennsylvania

If you are considering an RV trailer rental in Eastern Pennsylvania, there are quite a few options to keep in mind. There are small campers available that can sleep anywhere from two to four individuals, or you can choose a larger model that allows you to sleep six to 10 with ease. 

A travel trailer rental in Eastern Pennsylvania is something that many families who are planning an RV vacation tend to prefer. This type of RV allows you to tow the camper with your own vehicle if you have the appropriate hitch, and it also gives you the option of disconnecting your vehicle while you are staying at a campsite or an RV park. RVing with a travel trailer makes it convenient to explore the area or take a day trip with the family.

Rent an RV in Eastern Pennsylvania

RV rental prices in Eastern Pennsylvania are very affordable for most people. In general, renting a motorhome in the state of Pennsylvania will run about $150 a night to about $400 a night, depending on the class of RV that you need for your vacation. A Class B vehicle, which is the smallest model of motorhome, will typically be the least expensive option, while a Class A rental is a more luxurious option with a higher price.

Small RV Rental in Eastern Pennsylvania

The RV rental cost in Eastern Pennsylvania for a towable camper is going to be less than the rental price for a motorhome. Most travel trailers range from $100 to $200 a night, but you can also look into renting smaller teardrop campers, especially if there are only two of you traveling together.

A pop-up camper rental in Eastern Pennsylvania is also an option that is more compact and can accommodate a family of four with ease. The advantages of a camper of this type are that you can travel without worrying about towing a large unit behind you, but when you arrive at the campsite, you can raise the roof for more standing space while you camp.

Motorhome Rental in Eastern Pennsylvania

When you rent a camper in Eastern Pennsylvania, you can enjoy a Class C model that is designed to give you all of the comforts of home while you are away. This type of vehicle usually has a kitchen that you can use to prepare your food, a bathroom, and even a place to relax and watch a movie at night. This class tends to be the most common type of RV rental, but you can also rent a large Class A motorhome or a smaller Class B if you’d like. 

Rent a Campervan in Eastern Pennsylvania

If you are looking for cheap RVs for rent in Eastern Pennsylvania, then great options include a campervan or Class B RV. Inside smaller campers, you will even often find a bathroom and a small kitchen that you can make use of during your trip. The biggest advantage of a campervan is its size; it can easily fit into a standard parking spot and is ideal for someone who is not accustomed to driving a large motorhome.

Camper Rental in Eastern Pennsylvania

If you’d prefer a luxury RV rental in Eastern Pennsylvania, there are Class A RVs available as well as Airstream travel trailers that will come with some of the amenities that you’d often pay more for in a hotel. Many of these more luxurious campers are designed with more than one bathroom so that you never have to walk to an outdoor restroom at night when you’re camping.

RV Rental Locations in Eastern Pennsylvania

A camper trailer rental in Eastern Pennsylvania might seem difficult to find if you are new to RVing. Fortunately, there are quite a few RV dealerships that keep Class A, B and C RVs as well as other rental options at their facilities year-round. Pennsylvania can get cold during the winter months, so if you rent a pop-up camper in Eastern Pennsylvania, make sure to consider the weather before you plan your vacation, especially since fewer campers may be available to rent during the off-season.

Private RV Rentals in Eastern Pennsylvania

RV rental by owner in Eastern Pennsylvania is an option that lets you avoid some of the red tape you might encounter with a traditional rental. If you rent from a fellow RVer, then you can save them a little money because they won’t need to pay to store their vehicle when they’re not using it. Since they are saving money, owners are often willing to rent their RVs at lower costs than dealerships charge. 

In addition, many rental agencies charge you a small fee for driving over a certain number of miles a day, but a private rental will often include unlimited miles. Unlimited miles give you more freedom to explore the eastern part of Pennsylvania without feeling that you are tethered to a specific location. You will even have the option to travel to central Pennsylvania to enjoy a day with the family at Hershey Park.

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