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RV Rental Eastern Oregon

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RV Rental in Eastern Oregon

Eastern Oregon's appeal is multi-faceted. There are outstanding RV facilities available in the area, making it a convenient region to travel via motorhome, camper, or other recreational vehicle. You could pick up an RV trailer rental in Eastern Oregon and drive it to Hu-Na-Ha RV park in Elgin, Oregon, or the Mountain View RV and Storage facility in Halfway, Oregon. 

Once you park your RV rental, Eastern Oregon offers many outdoor attractions, which include rugged desert canyons for hiking, rivers for rafting, lakes for boating, and snowy mountains for skiing and snowmobiling. You'll also find several well-maintained golf courses in the area. Local stables offer horseback riding facilities for those who want to experience stunning views of Eastern Oregon on horseback.

Outdoor sports aren't your only options for entertainment when you're RVing in this region of the country. For microbrew connoisseurs, a stretch that the locals refer to as "brews byway" offers visitors a variety of breweries to sample from. History buffs will enjoy exploring the fascinating historic sites along the world-famous Oregon Trail. 

Rent an RV in Eastern Oregon

Don't worry if you want to pick up an RV rental in one area of Eastern Oregon and return the RV in another area. This is entirely possible as many RV rental companies offer this convenience. 

If you want to experience one of the region's most popular road trips, try a one-way RV rental from/to La Grande to Baker City. You have the option to cruise along the Hells Canyon Scenic Byway as part of the adventure. Your group might also want to stop for some relaxation in the quaint little neighborhood of Hot Lake Springs where you can treat yourselves to a massage or enjoy a relaxing soak in the mineral springs.

Wallowa Lake State Park is another convenient stop that you might want to consider making along the way. The park offers visitors an exquisitely beautiful campground facility complete with full hook-ups in case you want to plug in and re-charge your batteries. For those in your group who enjoy outdoor sports, the fishing, boating, and hiking opportunities at this park are incredible. 

The 130-mile Blue Mountain Scenic Byway makes for another memorable RV trip in Eastern Oregon. As you travel between Arlington and Baker City, Oregon, you'll encounter delightful small towns, the awe-inspiring Umatilla National Forest, spectacular mountain peaks and the grandeur of the Columbia River. This trip is best enjoyed in the summertime as the road can become impassable during winter snowstorms.

Small RV Rental in Eastern Oregon

If you're traveling on a tight budget, perhaps you don't need ultra-luxurious accommodations. If so, you'll find a variety of suitably cheap RVs for rent in Eastern Oregon, and one of your most affordable options would be a small pop-up camper rental in Eastern Oregon. It usually costs between $50 and $150 per night to rent a pop-up camper in Eastern Oregon.

Motorhome Rental in Eastern Oregon

If you're traveling with a large group or you desire more spacious accommodations, a motorhome rental is a fantastic option. For a group of four or more campers, RV rental prices in Oregon start at about $50 per night. 

Some of the larger Class A motorhomes can accommodate up to 11 campers. Pricing for these is typically in the range of $200-$300 although the costs can go as high as $500 a night or more for newer, fancier or truly special vehicles.

Rent a Campervan in Eastern Oregon

If you're traveling alone, with a significant other, or in a very small group, a campervan is another affordable choice of recreational vehicles to consider renting. For a Class B camping van, the overnight RV rental cost in Eastern Oregon starts as low as $79. Typical Class B campervans accommodate two to four adults comfortably although there are also some models that can sleep up to six people.

Camper Rental in Eastern Oregon

If you have access to a vehicle with a tow hitch, perhaps you might be interested in finding a spacious camper trailer rental in Eastern Oregon. Prices for a travel trailer rental in Eastern Oregon start at $99 and can range on up through about $300 per night. Some of the larger travel trailers have accommodations for as many as 12 guests although it is more typical to find quarters for eight adults in a travel trailer.

Fifth-wheel trailers are also available for rental in Eastern Oregon. If you want to bring an ATV, jet ski, motorcycle, or scooter along for your road trip adventure, you might want to consider renting a fifth wheel toy hauler type of RV. A toy hauler includes enough space for parking the "toy" inside the RV, a feature which many road trippers greatly appreciate.

RV Rental Locations in Eastern Oregon

If you want to rent a camper in Eastern Oregon, you have options for RV pickups in various locations in the region. Pendleton, La Grande, and Bend are several options for fantastic spots to pick up an RV and begin your Eastern Oregon road trip.

Private RV Rentals in Eastern Oregon

Whether you're looking for a top-of-the-line luxury RV rental in Eastern Oregon or a less expensive option, such as a pop-up, you'll find suitable peer-to-peer rentals available at attractive prices. You can discover a variety of options for RV rental by owner in Eastern Oregon and take advantage of the many benefits private owners offer.

Eastern Oregon is one of the world's most fascinating road trip destinations. For the outdoor adventurer's vacation of a lifetime, you'll want to rent a camper in Eastern Oregon and cruise along the region's spectacular scenic byways to experience for yourself the rugged natural beauty that the state of Oregon has to offer.

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