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If you enjoy the fall foliage, there’s no better place to see it than in the Eastern part of Maine. With so many colors to see, it’s wonderful to be in the great outdoors during the autumn. As a result, camping is really a great pastime for this area of the state, and there’s no better way to camp than to rent a camper in Eastern Maine and watch the leaves change.

In addition to the foliage, there are a wide variety of things to do in this area of the state. You can visit Schoodic Point and the Peninsula, scale Otter Cliff, or even visit one of the iconic lighthouses of Maine, such as the West Quoddy Head Light. 

RV Rental in Eastern Maine

When you’re ready to rent in Eastern Maine, you’ll have a wide variety of choices. When you’re RVing, you can either rent a trailer that has its own motor, i.e. a motorhome, or you can consider something towable like a travel trailer rental in Eastern Maine. The choice is up to you, and for most people, the choice really comes down to personal preference and budget.

Rent an RV in Eastern Maine

Renting in this area is fairly reasonable compared to other regions of the country; in fact, the RV rental cost in Eastern Maine can actually be low compared to other areas of New England. Of course, it’s always wise to ask around before you make a reservation as each rental company can have completely different prices based on a myriad of factors.

Rental pricing will vary based on the size of your rental. Also, if you rent a towable RV, you may save a bit in comparison to a motorhome. In any situation, since your transportation, your lodging, and your food prep areas are all included in most RV rentals, finding cheap RVs for rent in Eastern Maine is a good way to save cash no matter what size of vehicle you select.

Small RV Rental in Eastern Maine

Starting with the smallest one, you can expect that when you rent a pop-up camper in Eastern Maine, you'll spend as low as $65 per day. This is very inexpensive considering that these can sleep more than four people. The top end of this price range for a pop-up is around $150, which means that the camper will accommodate more people.

Motorhome Rental in Eastern Maine

If you’re planning on a long trip, a full-blown motorhome provides a lot of versatility, and RV rental prices in Eastern Maine are reasonable for this type of vehicle. There are three types: the Class A, the Class B, and the Class C, and they're somewhat contradictory to what you might expect as the Class B is the smallest of the three. In any situation, a good motorhome will provide you a wealth of space during your Maine trip; you’ll even be able to have a bit of luxury if you select a kitted-out Class A.

Pricing for motorhomes can vary; a Class B, which is often called a campervan, will usually sleep two to four people and will cost in the range of $100 to $200 per day. Class C’s, on the other hand, are larger and will usually cost around $200 or so per day. A Class A will set you back the most and can cost anywhere from $200 to $500 a day for the two to six renters who sleep in one.

Rent a Campervan in Eastern Maine

While many select a camper trailer rental in Eastern Maine, consider a good campervan if you have a smaller party. These Class B motorhomes are convenient, easy to park, and usually are furnished pretty comfortably. There are even some models that have a full bathroom.

Camper Rental in Eastern Maine

If you’re going for something smaller like a teardrop or pop-up camper rental in Eastern Maine, then you’ll need a tow vehicle like an SUV or a truck. For the most part, these are relatively easy to drive, although you may have to learn to navigate them into an RV parking spaces, especially if they need to be backed in. 

For a more midsized experience, you can grab something like an Airstream RV trailer rental in Eastern Maine or grab a Class C motorhome. With these, you’ll be able to comfortably sleep at least four people, and you should have a relatively spacious experience.

The largest options in RVs usually come in the form of the Class A motorhomes. These huge motorhomes are perfect if you want a luxury RV rental in Eastern Maine because they are spacious and have a few great amenities. These things are huge, so it will definitely take some work in order to become comfortable driving them on the highway and in the campground.

RV Rental Locations in Eastern Maine

Need to save a bit of money on your RV vacation? If this is the case, consider talking to your RV rental company beforehand. 

Sometimes, an RV dealer needs their stock delivered to a new location. If this is Eastern Maine, you can make this work for you. In this situation, take advantage of a one-way RV rental from/to Eastern Maine by bringing the RV to its new home; most dealers will shave off some of the rental cost for you.

Private RV Rentals in Eastern Maine

You don’t have to rent from an agency; in fact, an RV rental by owner in Eastern Maine is a great way to save a few dollars on your RV rental. People are always looking to rent out their recreational vehicles, and when they are rented out, the owner doesn’t have to pay for storage and upkeep. Before you settle on finding a commercial RV rental location, check the area out to see if anyone is looking to rent out their RV.

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