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RV Rental Denali National Park & Preserve

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RV Rental in Denali National Park

Denali National Park and Preserve is located in Interior Alaska, covering an area as large as over 6 million acres (24,500 km2). The region is centered on Denali, which is the highest mountain in North America. Because of this, it has a diverse landscape, featuring everything from forest to glaciers and snow-covered mountains.

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Due to its sheer size and breath-taking beauty, Denali National Park received over 587,412 recreational visitors last year alone. It’s extremely popular during the winter months for snow-based activities, however, there are also plenty of stunning sights to see and outdoor activities to take part in during the warmer weather.

The region also has a rich cultural history, with over 84 archaeological sites being found within the park. It’s believed Denali was inhabited with native people as far back as 11,000 years ago, making it an intriguing destination to visit.

Things to Do in Denali National Park and Preserve

With the park being open all year round, there’s plenty of things to see and do within Denali, whether its common activities such as hiking and biking, or even unique experiences like dog-sledding and flightseeing trips.


Denali National Park and Preserve encourages exploration, so visitors can either do this via marked trails or off-trail in any direction they wish.

Horseshoe Lake Trail is the most common trail for visitors to follow, especially because it is a leisurely walk that follows the outskirts of a scenic lake. It’s a one hour trip each way.

Triple Lakes Trail might be the park’s longest trail, measuring 9.5 miles, but it’s a well-loved track due to the great views it provides of three lakes, as well as the two bridges visitors must pass to get over the creeks.

There’s a full list of all of the hiking trails on the national park’s website, or keen hikers can join a guided hiking tour with an experienced guide.


Those visiting the park are allowed to bike all 92 miles of the Park Road. Bike day trip recommendations are also available, as are multi-day bike camping trips due to the sheer size of Denali National Park and Preserve.

For those taking a trip to the park who haven’t brought a bicycle with them, there are plenty of companies within a close proximity to the park that offer bike and helmet rentals.


For those unafraid of heights, the national park can also be viewed from the air via a flightseeing tour in a small aircraft.

During the spring and summer months, there’s also the opportunity to travel aboard a ski-equipped airplane and land on one of the glaciers.

All of the companies offering air taxis and glacier landing experiences operate privately outside of the national park, however a full list of these services can be found via this website.

Northern Lights

For those traveling to the region in the fall, winter and early spring, they’ll have a chance to witness the Aurora Borealis (also known as the Northern Lights). By the second week of August in particular, the night sky is dark enough to potentially allow the best views of this phenomenon.

Tour with the Sled Dogs

One of the more unique things about Denali National Park and Preserve is that it’s the only national park with a kennel of working sled dogs.

For those wishing to explore the national park via a tour led by sled dogs, Denali Dog Sled Expeditions is the only local business permitted to run guided mushing trips into Denali National Park and Preserve.


There are six campgrounds within Denali National Park and Preserve, with three of these being tent-only campgrounds, and 3 being accessible for RVs.

Riley Creek Campground is the only campground open all year. The other 5 campgrounds are available during the summer months (May to September) only.

The campgrounds which provide facilities for RVers are Riley Creek Campground, Savage River Campground, and Teklanika River Campground. Only RVs and trailers up to 40 feet long may camp within these grounds and rates start at just $24 for a small RV, going up to $30 for larger RVs. Please note that no campground in Denali has electrical or water hookups for RVs, but they do have toilet facilities within the grounds.

RV Parks Near Denali National Park & Preserve

There are also very few privately-run RV parks located outside of the national park, but still within the general area of Denali. These are great options to stay at for those who require electrical and water hookups, or have RVs larger than the national park campgrounds can cater for.

McKinley RV Park has been praised as the best Denali campground in or near the park, but RVers will particularly love its wide range of facilities and amenities, such as full hookups and pull through sites, free wi-fi, a general store and gas station There’s also a shuttle service to the national park, as well as a restaurant and brewery located nearby.

RV sites start at $37.99 nightly with electric and water hookups, with full hookup sites starting at $42.99.

Denali National Park & Preserve RV Rental

If you’re thinking of taking a trip to Alaska, there are plenty of Denali National Park and Preserve motorhome rentals using RVshare that will get you there. These include Classes A, B, or C, as well as motorhome rentals of the travel trailer, sport utility, folding trailer, fifth wheel, or truck camper variety.

Rent an RV Near Denali National Park & Preserve

Want to rent an RV near Denali National Park and Preserve? You’ll find RV rentals available across all of Alaska through RVshare, including motorhomes for rent within Denali National Park and Preserve itself.

RV Rental Prices in Denali National Park & Preserve

RVshare offers a range of rental price options to suit every budget. Whether you’re looking for luxury RV rentals or cheap RV rentals near Denali National Park and Preserve, you’re sure to find the RV that’s perfect for you.

Denali National Park & Preserve RV Rental Rates

With RVshare, you can find RV rentals for your trip to Denali National Park and Preserve starting at as little as $50 per night. The total cost of a Denali National Park and Preserve RV rental holiday will depend on factors such as how many nights you rent it for, as well as distance traveled (when adding-on the price of gas).

Don’t forget to also factor-in the price you must pay to stay at campgrounds or RV parks. Despite this, Denali National Park and Preserve RV vacations can still prove to be an affordable and cost-effective holiday for the whole family!

One Way RV Rental to Denali National Park & Preserve

Did you know that some dealers on RVshare might be able to offer a one way RV rental to Denali National Park and Preserve? This means you won’t have to worry about making a roundtrip back to drop it off again. Depending on your situation, this option can save you both time and money.

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