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RV Rental California Coast

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​Have you always dreamed of a motor home rental in California? You can rent an RV and drive the California coast with your family. Nothing is better than cruising down the highway with these great vehicles that allow you to enjoy a true feeling of being home while on the road. 

You don’t have to put off your dreams any longer. There are affordable RV rentals in California with a range of pricing options and luxurious choices. If you want a truly unique travel experience along the California coast, opt for an RV rental that will get you on the beaches and open roads of adventure.

RV Rental California Prices

When looking for an RV rental in San Francisco, you will want to consider many factors in the price. First, a motor home is meant to accommodate a specific number of people. You must make sure your chosen vehicle occupancy matches your family size; of course, the bigger a Bay Area RV rental you need, the more it will cost. 

If you don’t need a large RV rental in Oakland, then you should consider a Class B RV rental for a comfortable environment in a compact vehicle. Class A rentals are for larger families and those who want plenty of room to spread out. If you like space, the larger homes have enough room to bring the extended family along, too. 

Rent an RV in California

When you get an inexpensive RV rental in San Diego, you will have more money to see all the attractions. For many families, renting an RV to travel the California coast from south to north can provide real savings on hotel and restaurant costs as you can prepare your own food inside the RV. 

For a full journey up the coastline, it can be important for you to rent an RV with unlimited mileage. This way, you could start your RV rental in Los Angeles but travel freely to all your favorite Pacific Ocean sights. 

RV Rental California One Way

You may consider an Airstream rental in California, or you may want a simple travel trailer to attach to your car as you drive for some glamorous camping fun along the coast. You can also opt for a one-way RV rental on the West Coast. You can drive anywhere you want and then fly back. 

RVShare provides easy access and a quick search mechanism to discover some great RV rentals near you. You will see that finding an RV rental in Oakland is as easy as clicking a mouse. When you go online to rent an RV to drive the California coast, you can experience a truly memorable journey through some of the great natural beauty of America's shoreline.

By choosing a Class A or C motor home, you can find RV rentals on California’s coast road that are large and luxurious. Forget sleeping on the floor of a tent. You can live in the lap of luxury with these motor home rentals in California. 

RV Rental on the Central Coast of California

Many RV owners share their vehicles with those who want to rent a rig for a few days. RVShare provides a great rental program that allows both parties to benefit. Many owners buy these homes but don’t use them constantly, and renting them out helps them secure some extra income for their own future travels

When looking for an RV rental in the central coast of California, look to private owners first. You can find owners on RVShare who are truly dedicated to sharing their passion for the open road. 

RV Rental on the California Coast and Beach

There are so many fantastic places to visit in this state, and the RV rental prices on the California coast are reasonable for you to make it happen. Tourists love staying in an RV because they don’t have to move from hotel to hotel and can freely take the road as they choose. The entire state can be your playground when you are in an RV. 

Do you want to head to the beach in Coronado? What about fishing on the Santa Monica Pier? It can all be done with ease when you have an RV California one-way rental, so skip the grueling process of packing and unpacking as you journey through the state. 

There are some great options for exploring with an RV rental on the California coast, including: 

San Francisco RV Resort

This beautiful location in San Francisco has amazing amenities. Of course, who needs amenities when you have the beach at your door? They have 182 RV sites, and they offer extended-stay spots, too. 

Many of their spots are drive-thru, and the RV resort is home to a nice children’s playground and a dog park for the puppies. Take your RV rental to California’s coast or beach and enjoy all that Mother Nature has to offer. 

Soledad Canyon

If you like large parks with plenty of amenities, then you need to check out Soledad Canyon. It’s the perfect place for an RV rental in California’s coast or beach. They have 926 RV spots, and amenities include hiking trails, fishing, a dog park, a heated swimming pool and a location near the San Gabriel Mountains that is sure to please. 

Rent an RV to Drive the California Coast

An RV rental in California’s coast and northern areas is a great way to explore the upper regions of the state, but you will have plenty of time to explore the southern regions, too. Did you know that some people retire and live in an RV full time? 

You can travel the entire country stopping when and where you want. It’s an exciting adventure that many find perfect for their retirement. Your RV rental on the California coast can be the first step toward a true RV lifestyle.

From the numerous welcoming RV parks to the famous attractions, the California coast is full of great travel destinations. You can stop and see that famous mouse or spend the day strolling along one of the amazing beaches.

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