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The Sunshine State of California has some wide open spaces that are a true pleasure to see up close. Not only is the state friendly for those who want to RV the California coast and enjoy some of the best surfing waters in the continental U.S., but it also has a picturesque countryside with vineyards, some amazing wildlife viewing opportunities, and a laid-back populace that is welcoming and open. All of these traits make California one of the best states for RVing in the nation, so keep reading to know some really good rental RVing opportunities in California. 

California in an RV

One of the best features of California RVing is how open the state is to the pastime. Many of the local RV parks and campgrounds are friendly to just about any type of RV, from a small teardrop trailer to one of the monumental big-rig RVs that can be even larger than Class A motorhomes. As a result, you’ll definitely have some rental options when you rent from a place like RVshare, which is why it’s a good reason to know what’s available in the state:

• Smaller Towable RVs or Motorhomes — These can include teardrop campers, pop-up campers, some smaller travel trailers, or motorhomes like campervans. For the most part, you can expect to sleep two to six people during your RV California road trip in one of these, which means that the accommodations can be very intimate. A small Class B campervan for two is an amazing choice if you plan on doing a little RV camping on the beach in California because they park so easily.

• Mid-Sized RVs — A nice mid-sized RV will typically be either a travel trailer, a mid-sized fifth wheel, or a Class C motorhome. These are ideal if you’ve got a party of over six people as each person will be able to sleep comfortably in their own bed with this type of motorhome. Also, it’s not uncommon for these types to include bathrooms with showers and also to have a cooking range for making breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

• Larger RV Options — These consist of big-rig RVs and Class A motorhomes. They don’t necessarily sleep much more than a mid-sized RV, but they are much more spacious. They’re optimal for RV glamping in California as these are designed for providing a sense of luxury when you’re out on the road RVing.

Each of these options can really make your trip interesting and fun. A luxury RV rental in California, like a Class A, is perfect for really getting to know the countryside of the state in the comfort of your home. 

Cost of Renting an RV in California

When you’re considering driving an RV in California, you’ll most likely want to save a few bucks. Fortunately, there are several options, and you can usually shop around in order to find the deal that best suits your needs and budget. Always remember that RV pricing varies with the season, so seize the opportunity to rent an RV early and also try to go in the offseason if you’re intending to save some cash.

In any situation, RV pricing is very affordable in California, especially when compared to renting hotel rooms and vehicles. It’s important to understand that most rental agencies will charge you a deposit on the RV, but this amount will be returned to you after rental. Here’s what you can expect:

• Smaller Towable RVs or Motorhomes — If you’re going for a smaller unit, hiring an RV in California can cost you as little as $75 per day, which is very economical considering that this can be split among the travelers.

• Mid-Sized RVs — This type of RV can set you back for as little as $125 per night at most rental agencies. 

• Larger RV Options — As the largest options, you can definitely expect an RV of this type to be somewhat expensive compared to the others, but since they accommodate more and have more luxurious amenities, they are still economical. Typically, these will cost at least $200 per night.

Fun Places to Go in an RV in California

Campgrounds for RVs in California are plentiful, and most will accommodate even big-rig RVs, which is very convenient. On top of that, if you have a smaller motorhome like a Class B, then it’s perfectly easy to find free places to park an RV in California. Here's a look at a few RV options that can accommodate any size RV:

• 49er RV Ranch — Located in Columbia, CA, this ranch-style RV park harkens back to the days of the gold rush.

• Anaheim RV Park — For those looking to explore the city settings of California, this is a great option.

• Auburn Gold Country RV Park — If you like rolling hills and wide open spaces, this RV park is a picture-perfect option.

• Bonita Ranch RV Campground — A stone’s throw from the San Bernardino Forest, this ranch-style RV park is near to a wide variety of state attractions. 

Where to Rent an RV in California

California has several excellent options for RV rentals. With such an RV-friendly state, you should also have no real issue finding rental agencies. You can start by looking for storage establishments, RV sales agencies and dealerships, or private RV owners looking to rent, which you can find on pages like RVshare. 

In fact, for the most part, you can usually find a rental agency in close vicinity to the state’s national parks. This is advantageous because you’ll also usually find RV-friendly campgrounds in these areas as well. You can even try peer-to-peer RV sharing options like RVshare, which has thousands of RVs available for rent.

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