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RV Hire USA - Finding the Right Rental Company

The options for RV hires in the USA are virtually endless. From large chain companies to individual RV owners, people are renting out RVs left and right. And while this means you have plenty of inventory to choose from, it also means you’ll have to do quite a bit of preliminary research if you want to find the best deal. With all the RV rental companies out there, all claiming they’re the best, how can you truly find the one that works for you? Keep reading for some tips on finding the perfect RV rental.

Best RV Hire – Knowing Your Options

Years ago, the only way to rent an RV was to go through a chain dealership. They would often rent out excess inventory or older models, so they could still make a profit on RVs that were slow to sell. RV rentals caught on like wildfire, and now there are countless places to find cheap RV hires in the USA. There are three avenues through which you can rent an RV:

  • From a large chain rental service, like Cruise America.
  • From a privately-owned small business.
  • Via a peer-to-peer marketplace, like RVshare.

Each service has its advantages and disadvantages. Your choice will come down to what type of RV you want to rent and what your travel plans are. We’ll come back to this later on.

Cheap RV Hire – The Best RVs for Saving Money

Not all RVs are created equal; small vs. large, towable vs. motorhome, basic amenities vs. luxury features – all of these will affect the overall rental cost. If you’re looking for a budget RV hire USA, these types of RVs are the cheapest:

  • Compact travel trailers, like teardrop trailers and pop-up campers, are the least expensive of the bunch. If you already have a tow vehicle, you can find trailers for as little as $30 per day! If you’re looking for protection from the elements, you’ll want a hard-sided trailer. Otherwise, a pop-up camper offers screened-in bedrooms that let you enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of nature.
  • Class B vans are the most affordable motorized RVs. They’re RVs that are built on van and truck chassis’, so they look and drive just like a large van. They can sleep anywhere from two to four people, and many newer models even have full bathrooms. You can find affordable campervan hires in the USA for around $100 to $200 per day.
  • Mid-sized trailers are another affordable option. They give you plenty of space to travel with a large group or family. Since there’s no cockpit, it allows extra space for more beds or a larger living area. However, you’ll need an adequate tow vehicle to pull a trailer, especially if it’s over 30 feet long. A decent mid-sized trailer will cost between $75 to $150 per day, depending on its age.

Luxury RV Hire - Comfort, Convenience, and Class

On the other side of the coin are luxury RV rentals. High-end RVs are large, show-stopping, and packed with amenities. You can find amenities like a washer/dryer, dishwasher, fireplace, and more. If you have the money to spend on a luxury RV rental USA, look for the following:

  • New Class C’s and Super C’s offer the best of both worlds: they’re easier to drive than other large RVs but just as comfortable. You can find Class C’s with all the features of a custom Class A, like upscale woodworking, designer fabrics, and beautiful appliances. Large Class C’s can fit up to eight people comfortably, and range from $250 to $300 per night.
  • Class A’s are the pinnacle of luxury RVs, with custom builds costing well into the millions! They come with all the appliances and amenities you need to feel truly at home on the road. Depending on the layout, a motorhome hire in the USA can fit anywhere from four to eight people. If you want the true luxury experience, go for a diesel Class A, but be prepared to pay upwards of $400 per night. Gas Class A’s cost between $250 to $350 per night, depending on age.
  • Fifth wheels are the upper-class version of the travel trailer. Instead of attaching to a hitch behind your truck, they attach to the bed, right over the axle. This makes them sturdier and less susceptible to sway. It also means manufacturers can make them much bigger. Fifth wheels can be anywhere from 25 to 45 feet long and can sleep up to eight people. Fifth wheels and trailers with garages in the back (AKA toy haulers) offer space to store your outdoor gear and vehicles, separate from the living area. Luxury fifth wheels and toy haulers cost between $200 to $400 per night.

Compare RV Hires – How to Determine the Best RV Hire Company

Finding available RVs for hire in the USA is one thing, but narrowing down your rental options is a whole other ballgame. After all, not all companies display their rules and rates the same way. Make a spreadsheet and compare the following information for several companies:

  • Daily base rates and minimum rental period.
  • Discounts for longer rentals or specials for one-way RV hires in the USA.
  • Available RV classes and sizes.
  • Security and damage deposit amounts.
  • Whether the company provides auto insurance in addition to their liability insurance. Some companies make you purchase auto insurance from a third-party provider.
  • Mileage and generator limits and overage fees (usually billed per mile and per hour, respectively).
  • Fines for returning the RV late, unclean, or with full holding tanks, if applicable.
  • The cost of optional extras, like kitchen and linen kits.
  • Customer service and RV reviews. Hint: RVshare has a built-in review system so that you can find customer reviews right in the listing.

Narrow Down Your List to Find the Perfect Match

Compare your findings and consider what is more important to you before deciding. Maybe you care more about customer service than you do about the price of the RV. Or perhaps you’d prefer a rental that includes auto insurance and unlimited mileage. It all comes down to your priorities. Whether you’re looking for a budget RV hire in the USA or want something with all the bells and whistles, you should have no trouble finding your perfect RV now. Cheers!