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RVing in California

Hitting the open road in your RV is one of the most thrilling ways to travel the U.S. Trekking through miles of scenery, in a home away from home, is a luxury some can only dream of! The only thing that competes with that sort of expedition is arriving at destinations as awe-inspiring as the journey. The Golden State of California is one of those places. We’re going to share some tips on places to see, where to stay, and where you can find the right RV rentals in California.

California RV Trips

Traveling in an RV trailer in California is a great and efficient way to get the most out of your time and money in the state. Cruising down the west coast while the sun is out and a cool breeze runs through your hair, is only made better when you finally reach incredible destinations you’ve heard about your entire life. Starting from the top and working our way down to Southern California, you’ll quickly realize how amazing RVing through California can be.

  1. At the north end, on the coast, you’ve got destinations like the Redwood National and State Parks, where the tallest trees in the world grow. Some stand at over 370 feet tall! If you want to feel humbled by our earthly home, don’t miss the redwoods. When you’re ready to relax after a long day of exploring, The Redwoods RV Resort is cozy and close. If you don’t want to end the nature gazing there, take a hike at Yosemite National Park. The park attracts over four million visitors each year, and for good reason. A well-known expression when referring to the park is that “no temple made from human hands can compare with Yosemite.” We tend to agree.
  2. If you’re a younger family, or just interested in the world of software and computers, enjoy exploring Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay area. This area is home to some of the smartest engineers and business people in the world! Some of the largest and most successful tech companies like Google, Apple, and Facebook have set up their HQs there. You can literally bike through the area and take a peek at what they’re up to. Visit some of the museums, enjoy some world-class shopping, or stuff yourself at one of the multi-starred restaurants. Stay the night at Half Moon Bay RV Park, where they say they’ll make your stay “everything you dreamed of.” This RV park is located right off California Highway 1; so when you check out, you’ll be right on the right track to keep your vacation going.
  3. Heading down to the center, you can visit spots like Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, known for its redwood groves and hiking trail to Pfeiffer Falls. It’s another breathtaking attraction sometimes nicknamed “mini Yosemite.” Another beautiful park in the area is Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park. Its landmark feature is McWay Falls which drops over a cliff of 80 feet into the Pacific! It’s been named “one of the four best places to pitch a tent on the Pacific Coast” by Sunset magazine.
  4. Finally, moving south, we have the prominent and world famous Southern California, arguably one of the most well-known locales in the entire country. Here, there’s everything to see and do under the golden sun. Some of its notable cities include Carlsbad, San Diego, Malibu, Pasadena, Laguna Beach, and Los Angeles.
  5. Of course, if you find yourself in the LA area, the sights of Hollywood should definitely be on the list. Celebrities are never too far away! Tear up the town on the Hollywood Boulevard, and make sure to take some time to splash around at Venice Beach! If you really want to fill your itinerary, head over to Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood. Just make sure you get plenty of rest the night before and wear ultra comfy shoes. Your body will thank you for it.

RV Rentals in California

From north to south and all throughout, California is a happening place for families to RV. Travel through all the hot spots without having to stop at random and expensive hotels out of the way. Here at RVshare, we have literally hundreds of different options to suit your family’s needs. On top of that, you’ll be saving hundreds of dollars in the process! Search through our dozens of RV rentals in Los Angeles and the Socal area. Prices are the lowest in the industry, starting at just $50 a day! You can check out reviews from RVers just like you and learn about their experiences! The best part is, you can meet and greet with the owner you’re renting from and ask any and all questions you can think of. After all, the best source for information about the RVs, are the owners themselves.

Wrap up

Traveling is one of the greatest endeavors in life. There’s really nothing quite like getting the family together and cruising through the states while making some lifelong memories. California is the place where millions of people turn to do just that and it’s not hard to see why.

With its natural and man-made wonders, California is a place where just about anyone with a hint of adventure inside them can find something to take their breath away. As easy as RVshare makes it to find the perfect model and save a ton of money, I’m surprised you’re still here reading this, instead of preparing for your own journey to The Golden State!

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