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Renting a Campervan in America

At one time, it was not possible to consider a vacation without purchasing some type of camping vehicle. Today, there is a world of opportunity to rent a campervan that is well cared for and will take care of your needs. RVShare offers the opportunity to hire a campervan at a reasonable price. RVShare is a pool of private owners and dealerships who wish to rent out their vehicles. This eliminates the worry of a huge purchase price plus maintenance and storage.

With the large number of affordable campervans available, it is a wonderful way to plan a vacation. Once you have decided what time of the year you want to go on your trip, it is simply a matter of choosing one of the travel vans that will best suit your particular situation. For example, some allow pets. If you want to avoid the cost of kennel care, you can just take the dog or cat along with you. It always pays to think ahead. These vehicles are in great demand during the summer months. If that is when you are planning your vacation, it is important to make a reservation ahead of time. Winter is an excellent time to rent a campervan for a snow trip. There are many winter resorts that have areas for campervan parking. This provides the opportunity to ski or partake in one of the many fun activities at such a location.

Rental Vans for Camping

There are many advantages when you rent a camper van for a week or longer. These include having comfortable quarters and not having to worry about hotel reservations or getting to a certain location at a specific hour. This provides the opportunity to have a true vacation. You might want to travel to a state or national campground to spend a week relaxing and enjoying the outdoors. Rental vans make it easy to visit places you have only heard about, such as Niagara Falls, Gettysburg, San Francisco or Las Vegas.

This is the time memories are made that can last for many years. When you are planning your trip, always check out the various RV overnight campervan rental USA locations. Some require making reservations in advance, but that should be no problem with a portable phone. In addition to the various state and national parks, there are many commercial locations available. Planning a vacation is a lot of fun when the entire family is involved, and in a campervan, you have the flexibility to please everyone. When each is allowed some input, it will make a more meaningful trip for everyone.

Prices to Rent a Campervan

Campervans are listed as a Class B motor vehicle, and it is possible to rent a 1994 Pleasure Way van that sleeps four for as low as $95 per day. This particular van has four captain chairs that fold into twin beds and a full-sized bed with a memory foam mattress. It has a refrigerator, dash and roof air conditioning and full cooking facilities. In comparison, there is a 2003 R-Vision Trail Lite 211S that sleeps four and is available for $169 per night. This particular model has an input for computer or video games, a microwave, air conditioning, a refrigerator/freezer, a hot water heater, and a bathroom with a shower.

This would be ideal if you have teenagers or need to conduct some business during your vacation. These are just a couple of the vehicles available on this site. The wide choices make it possible to select a vehicle that will fit your particular situation perfectly. Although there are larger vehicles, campervans are built to accommodate two to four people. When renting a campervan, it is important to look at the owner’s terms. This may include extra charges for things such as additional miles (you are allowed a certain number of miles each day), water or battery usage. If you are planning on a long trip, try to get an unlimited miles package as this is often well worth the price.

Rent Campervan from Owner

Private owner rental campervans are highly maintained vehicles that have the full attention of the owners. After every trip, the vehicle is thoroughly cleaned and prepared for the next rental. It is the vehicle owner’s responsibility to keep up the tires, check out the motor and battery and make sure it is in prime condition prior to renting. When you go with campervans rental USA for a week or longer from the owner, it is possible to enjoy the amenities without having to make a huge initial investment.

In addition, it is often possible to rent one of these vehicles in an area near where you live. This is an ideal situation as it means you do not have a long trip between pickup and drop off. Working with a private owner for your small campervans rental USA trip gives you several advantages. In most cases, you can expect the following:

1. The cost will be less with a private owner compared to renting from a major RV rental firm. Size and quality will still affect the price, so for the cheapest option, you'd want a small campervan from a private owner. However, renting from an owner is also a great way to get a high-quality RV at more affordable prices.

2. Private RVs are often better maintained as owners love to travel themselves and go out of the way to update and keep their RV in good shape. This means you can enjoy an RV that has useful amenities and more luxuries for a lower price.

3. You can customize your contract to suit your exact needs. If you want to rent a camper van for a week or longer, you can discuss the considerations directly with them and gain a solution any special needs or requirements you might have. A private owner campervan hire is a win-win situation where an excellent vacation can be had with the excitement of exploration and fun while traveling in comfort.

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