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Most of us love to travel, and with the continuous evolution of technology, traveling has become more accessible than ever. In fact, many Americans are now taking on the nomadic lifestyle. Because of this change, RV travel has boomed in just a few years, especially among younger generations.

A survey by the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association showed that RV ownership grew the fastest among people aged 35 to 44 years old in 2013. Since that time, that number has increased even further as more people choose to accumulate experiences rather than material goods.

Many people want to enjoy the comfort, fun, and adventure of an RV vacation without becoming RV owners themselves. There are many great RV rental options that allow you to choose a camping van to rent and enjoy a vacation close to nature and the freedom of the open road.

Campervan Rental

A campervan rental can be a great way to experience the RV lifestyle for a holiday, vacation, or other trip. If you are new to RVing, rent a campervan from the owner. This way, you can benefit from the personal connection with the owner as well as the tips and tricks they have to share.

Renting a campervan can be a great way to enjoy a roadway vacation. When you choose to rent a campervan in the USA, you can eliminate the need to book at different hotels on the way, especially if it is a multi-city trip.

Prices to Rent a Campervan

One great way to try out the RV lifestyle is to rent a campervan for the weekend. Just choose the RV that meets your needs and get behind the wheel for an awesome weekend camping trip or great city excursion. When you rent a Sprinter van for camping, you can enjoy a comfortable, spacious environment that is more modern than a tent but still close to nature. 

Browse RVshare to find a campervan that fits your needs as well as your budget. You'll be able to browse easily to find prices that meet your budget. You can save when renting in advance, when choosing a less busy season of the year or when opting for an earlier model year. 

It is also smart to book your camper in advance. These days, renting an RV is far easier than before, thanks to peer to peer rentals. You can look for deals as you search for the perfect campervan to rent in the USA.

Typically, you will find a campervan for rent that costs $75 to $200. However, with determination and patience, you can land a great deal for as low as $10 per night.

Rent Small Camping Van

One very significant thing to remember when you rent a campervan in the USA is that you should choose which type of camper to rent beforehand. With so many makes and models around, it is not always easy to make a decision right away. If you want to rent a campervan for the weekend, know about your other choices first and whether or not the type is suitable for your trip.

Choose a small campervan rental USA that is small or medium-sized for a budget-oriented yet comfortable choice for your couple's trip or small family vacation. You'll find small campervans easy to maneuver on the road, much like driving a regular van. You can also find it easier to park a small camping van than a bigger model as you can fit comfortably into normal parking spots just as well as a campground or RV park. 

Campervan Hire

If you are ready for your road trip and the only thing missing is your camper, here are some tips you will find useful, especially if you aim for a camping van for rent:

Have a budget first.

If you have a predetermined budget, this will help you to avoid extra stress. You will know that you will have sufficient funds to handle your trip. When you know how much you are willing to spend, you can plan out how much to allocate for your RV rental as well as other aspects of the trip, including attraction fees, gas, supplies, and other expenses.

Plan your parking.

First-time renters often forget about this part of the process. Overnight parking should also be considered as you look for campers for hire: Before you rent a campervan, find the free or reasonably priced spots for parking or choose spaces that are near your destination. Plan your route and at the same time, choose your campsite as well for your VW campervan rental in the USA.

Know the rental rules in the USA.

Some rules apply when you rent a camper and have an RV trip across the US. For instance, if you will be traveling on an RV from Canada to the US, you should have your proof of residency as you enter the US borders.

Meanwhile, if you will travel from the US to Canada, you should have your proof of citizenship ready. There may also be some requirements when traveling with pets. If you are with children and you are not one of the parents, there should be a notarized letter that you are permitted to leave the country with them.

There may also be restrictions on the length of stay. For example, Canadians can only visit the US for about 182 days annually. If you intend to stay for a longer time, you could be compelled to pay resident taxes.

When renting a campervan, you should take your time to browse listings and find just the right choice for your trip with your desired amenities that fit your budget. You can also consult with your fellow travelers to find just the right camping van for rent for your vacation and travel adventure.