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If you're ready to take a break from the humdrum of your daily duties, rent a campervan for a weekend. Simply conduct a search in your area and type in "rent a campervan near me" to see what is available in your geographic region. Select from a wide variety of campers in terms of size, price, amenities, and availability.

If you have more than a weekend to spare, rent a campervan to drive across America over several weeks. There's nothing quite like seeing the country at your own pace while taking your transportation, lodging, and family along with you. Stop for one night, a whole week, a month or several months and refresh your mind at your leisure.

Many find the cozy quarters of an RV the perfect way to bond with children, family or close friends. Living together for a short period of time, creating new memories and reliving old ones can go a long way in building relationships that last a lifetime.

Every state has a wide assortment of campgrounds, natural beauty and local sights to take in and enjoy during your cross-country adventure. You can find sites that are tucked away and secluded or actually located in a city. Traveling in an RV is an economical and exciting way to spend a vacation whether it be for a short weekend or an entire month.

Where to Rent a Campervan

If you are ready to start your adventure, beginning your search on RVshare is a smart way to see what is available. You can rent a campervan for cheap or find a luxury option that comes with all the latest amenities and updates. It all depends on what you consider a priority in your vacation planning.

You have the flexibility to rent a campervan in the USA one way by picking up your rental at one location, dropping it off at another and flying home. In other cases, you may pick up and drop off your rental at the same spot. Don't forget to negotiate mileage contracts, either to pay by the mile if you are not driving far or to arrange an unlimited mileage contract.

RV dealers and other private organizations may also offer RV rentals in your area.

How Much Is It to Rent a Campervan?

Many people wonder how much it costs to rent a campervan. The answer to that question may vary depending on many factors including time of year, amenities desired, the size of your party and the contracts negotiated.

The law of supply and demand is at work in the RV rental market. If you are looking to rent a camper during the peak travel season when children are out of school and the weather is perfect for a vacation, you may end up paying more.

However, if you have the flexibility to rent a VW campervan or another RV during the offseason, you may be able to negotiate a great deal. Private RV owners may be willing to give you a very low daily rate if you are willing to rent their RV for a longer period of time. Owners do not have to worry about managing multiple transactions and may even get out of paying an RV storage fee if they can rent out their vehicles.

Campers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Some small units with very basic amenities can be significantly cheaper than the cost of a hotel. You can put together a very inexpensive weekend away if you combine a modest camper with home-cooked meals and free or cheap entertainment.

On the other hand, luxury RVs are also available with all the comforts of the finest hotels. You may pay more for these models of RVs, but they can also hold many more people and offer you a full kitchen, home entertainment options and comfortable furniture. 

Depending on how you plan to travel, you can save money on negotiating a good contract as well. If you plan to simply park the camper at a campsite and enjoy the nearby property and lake, you may want to pay by the mile. If you plan on touring a state or region, you may want to arrange for an unlimited mileage package so that you don't have to worry about whether a change of plans will push you over your vacation budget.

Campervan Hire

Can you rent a campervan? The answer to that question is certainly a resounding yes. Many RV owners are ready and waiting to rent you their vehicles when they are not using them. 

Whether you are looking for a cheap campervan to rent or a high-class home on wheels, you're sure to find something to suit your desires. Once you've selected your perfect camper, it's time to begin planning your adventure.

Take a look at the wide variety of campgrounds and RV resorts that exist in your destination area. Just like campers, there will be a diverse selection to choose from. You can find anything from a basic and inexpensive campground to park cheaply at for the night all the way to an RV resort with full hookups, on-site pools and luxury restaurants and spas nearby.

Spend your days lounging on the beach, touring the nearby sights, learning about a region's history or fishing on a secluded lake. When you're done for the day, return to the comfort of your camper for a cozy night indoors and all your belongings. Renting a camper is a fabulous way to enjoy a vacation no matter long or short it is and no matter where you go.