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Rent a Retro Camper Van

No matter what time of year, a vacation is always a welcomed break from the daily grind of life. If you’re ready to plan one in the near future, you might want to rent a classic VW camper van. Traveling with family or friends in a VW camper is guaranteed to be an adventure.

Although some people may associate camper living with close quarters, it’s a great opportunity to bond and share wonderful memories while on the road and at campgrounds.

Renting a VW camper van allows a lot of flexibility since you’ll have all your things, including your transportation and lodging, with you all the time. If you’re done seeing a particular area, just pack up and move on. On the other hand, if you’re having the time of your life, arrange to stay for a few more days.

Who doesn’t love nostalgia? When it comes to renting a VW camper, it can be fun to find one that’s been modernized to provide comfort and safety. Experience a vacation that’s a throwback to decades past.

Vintage and classy do not have to be mutually exclusive terms. In fact, many retro RVs have luxury comforts installed as part of their renovations. So, rest assured that you can find a great retro RV that can be comfortable and high-class as well.

There is such a wide variety of campers on the market today, and interested renters can find just about any model, size, and type of RV. On the higher-end of the spectrum, many luxury RVs have quality beds and furniture as well as full-sized appliances installed. State-of-the-art home entertainment systems provide excellent sound and video systems.

The newest models will provide easy-to-use leveling and awning set-up, making it easier than ever to learn how to operate and run a camper. Just search our site to find out how much it is to rent a VW camper van.

Rent Mini Camper Van

Trying to vacation on a shoestring budget? If you rent a small camper van, that may allow you to accomplish that goal. In many cases, you can secure an RV rental for much less than a typical hotel.

RV makes and models come in a wide variety of sizes and with a broad choice of amenities. If you’re trying to save money, see if you can find local rentals of pop-up trailers or small campers. When you opt for fewer amenities and more basic designs, you can hold down your costs significantly.

Also, consider the time of year and mileage contracts when considering budget camping. If you can plan your trip during the off-season, you may be able to negotiate a great bargain, especially if you have the time for a longer trip. Likewise, if you will be driving further distances, you may want to negotiate an unlimited mileage contract to save money.

In addition, renting a camper as your lodging means you will have at least a small kitchen though most have a full-sized one. Preparing meals while on the road is another great way to reduce your costs. You can prepare some pre-made meals to warm up, organize easy-to-make meals for the trip, or find some fun things you can cook over a campfire.

Small Camper Vans

Vacationing by RV can be a great fit for many different groups of people. For instance, if you’re looking for a great family vacation, children tend to be fascinated by the modular nature of RVs. They love watching double-duty furniture transform from couches to beds, and they are eager to explore all the nooks and crannies of an RV.

Once you find a family-friendly campground, you can easily prepare meals in your RV, strike up a campfire nearby, and tuck tired children in bed while adults can reconnect under the stars just outside.

If you coordinate an RV vacation with another family, you can easily take turns watching children and taking individual or couple time as part of your adventure. A great vacation option is to rent a Class B camper van.

Traveling in used camper vans or RVs is a recipe for fun for a group of close friends as well. Whether it’s a reunion of college friends or a tight-knit sports team, there’s nothing like a road trip to raise old memories and make new ones.

Rent a Camper Van for a Week

Thousands of people own RVs across the country, and many even live full-time in their recreational vehicles. If you’re interested in joining their ranks, you can easily contact RV dealers or local owners in your city or state to see what is on the current market. 

However, owning an RV can be a major investment and one that many cannot enter lightly. If this describes you, you might want to rent a Sprinter camper van, which is the same as if you rent a Mercedes camper van, for a week or a month to experience the RV lifestyle before making your final decision.

Some local RV dealers offer rental options as well as new and used vehicles for sale. In addition, RV share provides match services to help those RV owners find interested RV renters. They take care of all the financial and legal aspects of the arrangement, protecting both parties and facilitating a much more simple transaction.

If, after renting an RV, you find that you are ready to make the big investment of ownership, you can attend local RV shows or visit many local dealerships that can provide more detailed information. Many top manufacturers offer a wide variety of models, sizes, and amenities to choose from. Experienced RV salespeople can help guide your search so that you can find the perfect vehicle to fit both your needs and your budget.