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One of the best ways to take a vacation is to spend time in the great outdoors with your family members and friends. With a camper, you can be on the go and have a home away from home on wheels. Using a camper is also a cost-effective way of traveling when you're on a budget.

Camper Rentals at Lake Rathbun

When you're ready to go camping in Iowa, RV and camper rentals will prove to be useful by providing you with everything that you need in one place. You can conveniently cook meals on the go and have a bed to sleep in each night in a climate-controlled setting. You won't have to worry about roughing it on the ground in a tent and can get a better night's rest.

RV rentals in Iowa are incredibly spacious and will allow you to travel with a large group of people without feeling cramped. You can enjoy playing games, eating meals together, and lounging around in the vehicle while spending time at the destination or when traveling on the road. 

You can also search online for ads for Rathbun Lake camper rentals by owner, which will allow you to have more options. RVs and campers that are available through private owners are often in good condition because they're maintained better as the owners want them to last longer. You can also negotiate the rate and find a rental that is available during the dates of your trip.

Check out Rathbun Lake camper rentals reviews to learn more about each option that is available and to determine which option will meet your needs.

Rathbun Lake Camping

It's easy to stay busy at Rathbun Lake, which is known as one of the largest lakes in Iowa. It is man-made and is used to control flooding and allow locals to enjoy water activities. Many people come to fish and go boating on the water, which is a popular place for many tourists to visit during the winter and summer.

Hunters also come to take advantage of the abundant wildlife that is available. Wild-tailed deer, wild turkey, Canada geese, walleye, and channel catfish are all available, making it easy to find a meal to cook while camping at the location. 

Boat ramp and courtesy docks are available for those who are bringing a boat to the site. Picnic benches and playgrounds are also popular to use for families with children, making it easy to stay active at the lake.

Both kids and adults can also enjoy swimming in the water and laying out on the shore. Many activities and sports are also played on the sand. Sunset cruises are also available for those who want to take a boat ride and photograph the spectacular colors in the sky. 

Iowa Campgrounds

When you need a place to stay overnight and park your camper while visiting the lake, there are many campgrounds available when you need to find a Rathbun Lake campsite. Each establishment offers different types of amenities, which often include laundry facilities and showers.

Dam Site Depot has everything that you need to camp, including items that you forgot at home. From bacon to toothpaste, you can find what you need on the grounds and even dine at their on-site eatery. The restaurant serves gravy breakfast pizza, which will allow you to indulge in a hearty meal before heading out to the lake for the day. 

Island View Campground offers spacious lots with plenty of shade, making it easy to have a high level of privacy and stay cool on warmer days. You can park on a lot that has incredible views of the lake and relax in a serene setting.

This campground is a state-owned campground that is clean and in excellent condition. You'll find geese strolling near the water and a lush environment where plenty of trees are available. It makes for a great place to fish and bring your dog along.

Prairie Ridge Park is considered to be a hidden treasure near Rathbun Lake and is tucked in the back of the woods. The peaceful setting is ideal for those who are traveling solo and want to have an escape. 

The place is rarely crowded, making it easy to have a bit of privacy and an authentic camping experience. Each lot is several feet away from neighboring lots, making it easy to relax without feeling cramped.

Honey Creek State Park Camping

Located in Appanoose County, this state park offers many different amenities, which includes a resort and a hunting unit. There are over 820 acres of land available to camp with modern sites that can be used, which all include electricity. A shower building can also be used on the north part of the campground, making it easy to freshen up after spending the day outside.

Cabins are also available for those who want to spend time in a furnished log cabin that is rustic and cozy. All of the cabins feature an open-floor plan with air conditioning and heat available in each season. A dorm-size refrigerator and a microwave are available, making it easy to bring groceries and food to store inside each day.

Lake activities to enjoy include fishing for catfish and going water skiing. You can also visit Honey Creek Resort State Park where cabins, a restaurant, and an 18-hole golf course are available. The restaurant serves American cuisine each day and will allow you to take in beautiful views of the outside from the establishment while visiting Lake Rathbun in Iowa.