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Pop Up, Pop Out, and Pop Top Rentals – What’s the Difference?

Warm weather brings out the traveling spirit in all of us. Whether it means a day trip to the beach or a cross-country road trip, when the weather heats up, people want to be outside. RVs offer a unique way to travel. They’re fun, affordable, and most of all, they let you explore the great outdoors. Fortunately, you don’t have to own an RV to vacation in one. Pop up RV rentals are available just about anywhere in the United States. If you want the comfort and mobility of an RV without the expensive price tag and commitment of buying one, just look for camper pop up rentals in your area!

Pop Up Trailer Rentals – What is a Pop Up Camper?

Just like the name suggests, pop up campers are RVs that pop up or out when the camper is parked. The RV itself is compact and easy to tow or drive. When you’re setting up camp, you’ll use a crank to open the rest of the camper. It’s like a Jack in the Box without the creepy clown. There are a few different types of RV pop up rentals:

  • Soft-sided pop up campers are the namesake of the style. When closed, they resemble a large box that you tow behind your vehicle. When open, they have enough room for a kitchen, bathroom, and two bedrooms. They can comfortably sleep five or six people. They’re lightweight so that they can be towed with SUVs and light duty trucks. In many cases, even a regular old sedan will do the trick!
  • Hard-sided pop out campers are the tougher version of the pop up camper. Unlike soft-sided campers, which are fully collapsible, hard-sided campers have a solid frame with extendible sections. The kitchen, bathroom, and living area are all encased within the frame. Pop out sections offer extra space for a bedroom or two. Depending on their size, they can usually sleep up to six people and can be towed by most lightweight vehicles.
  • Pop top camper vans are motorized RVs with expandable roofs. The Volkswagen Westfalia camper bus may come to mind when you think of a pop top van, but there are many makes and models these days. These conversion vans have a bedroom on the roof that expands once you’ve parked the vehicle. Below, there’s room for a small kitchenette, and even a wet bath in some models. Pop up camper van rentals can fit up to four or five people, but they’re more comfortable for an individual or a couple.

Pop Up Camper Rental Rates – How Much is a Pop Up Camper Rental?

Pop up camper rentals are a popular choice for families looking to save money. They are the most affordable RV rental on the market! Of course, rates will vary depending on where you rent the RV and how big it is, but you can expect average prices to be as follows:

  • Soft-sided campers go for about $50 to $60 per night for older models. Newer models will be closer to $100 per night.
  • Hard-sided campers and A-frames generally fall in the $90 - $130 range.
  • Pop top camper van rentals are a bit different. Vintage camper vans range from $150 to $200 per night. You’ll need to look for a rental company that specializes in vintage campers or check our nationwide inventory of Class B rentals. New pop top camper vans rent for around $200 or more per night.

As you can see, pop up camper prices are pretty low across the board. Don’t forget to check for long-term rental deals. A lot of companies offer discounted rates on rentals that are longer than a week or two.

Is a Pop Up Tent Trailer Rental Right for Me?

By now, you’re probably thrilled about pop up campers and wondering if you should book one for your next vacation. As with all RVs, pop-ups have their share of pros and cons. Consider the following before committing to a rental:

  • Soft sided trailers, while affordable, can leave you somewhat exposed to the elements. Their canvas sides and plastic windows get you closer to nature, but they’ll also let in the sights, sounds, and smells of a campground.
  • If you’re concerned about inclement weather, a hard-sided A frame camper may be a good choice. Its durable frame will keep you warm and dry in a rain storm. If bad weather hits, all you have to do is close the expandable sections and spend a night on the convertible sofa.
  • Pop top camper vans are convenient and require no tow vehicle. If you don’t have towing experience, you might feel more comfortable in a van. But remember, they’re best suited to just one or two people.

General RV Pop Up Rentals – Where Can I Find a Pop Up Camper Rental Near Me?

Pop up campers are great for beginners (and beginner budgets!), so it’s no surprise there are hundreds of options across the country. There are three ways to rent an RV online:

  • Through a large commercial company with multiple locations throughout the United States. Large companies may offer occasional one-way specials. However, be aware that you’ll likely have trouble finding a trailer pop up rental, since larger companies tend to have limited inventories.
  • Privately owned rental companies have seasonal specials from time to time. You’re more likely to find a pop up rental from a local RV rental service. You can also look for companies that specialize in pop-top camper vans and pop out trailers.
  • You’ll have the most luck renting from a peer to peer network like RVshare. Our inventory includes RVs for rent by owner, so finding a pop up rental is quick and easy. Simply type in your location, then filter the results by RV class.

Experience the Outdoors in a Pop Up Camper

Pop up campers are as close to tent camping you can get without actually having to sleep on the ground. If you want the perks of camping outside, with the comfort and convenience of staying in an RV, a pop up camper is the perfect compromise. Start searching our inventory to find pop-up campers in your area. Happy trails!

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