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With its beautiful hilly landscape and its wonderful people, the city of San Francisco is a great West Coast location to visit if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle. When it’s time to travel to this city, you should consider an RV rental because RVs combine your accommodations with your means of transportation around the city. One thing that many potential RV enthusiasts wonder is how pet-friendly RVs are, and you may be happy to know that pet friendly RV rentals in San Francisco are very easy to come by.

RVing With Pets in San Francisco, CA

When you’re considering an RV adventure with your furry best friend, you should first get an idea about what kinds of RVs are available for rental. Fortunately, on a platform like RVshare, there are more than a few options for rental. Here are a few types to consider:

  • Teardrop Campers: A teardrop camper is effectively a tent on wheels, and within the body of the “tent,” is a bed that can easily sleep two people and their favorite furry companion. These vehicles are easy to tow by most cars and vans, and they are actually quite roomy on the inside. When it’s time to get up in the morning, you can even prepare food in an external food prep area that’s usually powered by propane. Your pet will love this because the environment is nice and snug and conducive to cuddling.
  • Travel Trailers: These are much larger RVs that can accommodate anywhere from four to eight people at a time. Travel trailers have ample room for a pet to explore and relax, and you’ll love these because they have kitchenettes, dining areas, and bathrooms. If you’re going to tow a travel trailer, you should have a truck, but fortunately, these are easily rentable as well.
  • Class B Motorhomes: Have you ever driven a van? If so, Class B motorhomes, which are also called campervans, are right up your alley because they are built on a van’s frame. As a result, these are perfect for exploring the urban sprawl of San Francisco because they can be parked in any van-friendly spot. Additionally, these are plenty spacious for housing a larger dog or cat, and they also can have a decent degree of luxury.
  • Class C Motorhomes: These are often considered the most pet-friendly RVs, and if you need a lot of room for your animals, this is the way to go. As motorhomes, you won’t need a tow vehicle, and there are usually fairly large bedrooms in a Class C that you’ll be comfortable sleeping in.

Do RV Rentals in San Francisco, CA Allow Dogs?

In most cases, RV rental agencies allow for pets, and if you opt to rent from RVshare, it’s fairly easy to find individuals to rent from who have a pet-friendly policy. If you rent from RV owners that have dogs and cats, the presence of these animal scents can make your pet more at ease during the trip.

As a general rule, when searching for RV rentals San Francisco pet friendly, try to err on the side of spaciousness; your dog may like to wander, so if you’re going to keep him or her inside, make sure that they have room to explore.

Make you take whatever safety measures you need for your specific dog into account and plan accordingly.

Can Cats Travel in an RV?

Cats can travel in RVs, but it’s important that you always ensure that the cat has all of the materials it needs to be happy. For this reason, it’s also a good idea to consider a larger style of RV so that you can fit in a litter box, a food dish, and a water bowl for his or her hydration. Additionally, since cats like toys, it’s a great idea to rent a vehicle with a good amount of floor space.

If you do opt to rent a smaller vehicle when you’re RVing with pets in San Francisco, make sure you bring a leash; a teardrop camper doesn’t leave a lot of room to move around, so having a cat on a leash is a great way to help them get some fresh air.

Never forget that a pet needs the same types of safety precautions as a person, so during the trip, make sure that they are secure. This can mean strapping in their pet carrier while you travel or just buckling them in as best you can.

Can You Leave Pets in an RV in San Francisco?

Just like other vehicles, an RV can certainly heat up if it’s sweltering outside, so you’ll need to practice some caution if you’re going to leave your pets indoors. Some people use remote temperature sensors to ensure that the RV doesn’t get too hot, which can be very useful. Additionally, keeping windows open and the RV well-ventilated is also a great idea if you have to leave your dog or cat temporarily in the RV.

Remember, having the AC on can work, but air conditioners can experience power failures from time to time. There are devices on the market that can activate a backup generator in these situations.

However, it's easy to plan your trip so that your stops are pet friendly, and you won't ever have to leave your pet in an RV.

How to Find a Pet-Friendly RV Rental in San Francisco, CA

If you’re looking to find pet friendly RV rentals in San Francisco, RVshare is an excellent place to start because it’s the go-to place for RVers to meet up with people who want to rent RVs. When you rent on the platform, it’s easy to find out if a rental vehicle is pet-friendly, and in many cases, having the scent of another pet can be reassuring for your animal.

Additionally, selecting an RV rental for your pet this way is also a great way to meet fellow RV enthusiasts that are also pet parents; you already have two things in common, and this can be the recipe for a lasting friendship.

Once you've found the right RV for your vacation, check out the pet-friendly campgrounds in San Francisco. Planning ahead will make all the difference for the comfort of your pet and ensure you can spend all your time enjoying your holiday.