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RVing With Pets in Austin

RVing with pets in Austin is common, but it's important to plan carefully for the addition of pets because they do need their own space and supplies to travel in safety and comfort. Keep a few simple things in mind and get ready to have an enjoyable RV vacation with your pet.

An issue to think about when you plan a trip is whether you'll need to take pets outside of your RV or can arrange for them to stay indoors for the entire trip. Dogs will need regular walks, but cats might prefer to stay inside if they are indoor pets at home.

Many RV rental owners and campgrounds in the Austin area welcome pets, and you can find them on RVshare's Austin RV rental page.

Do RV Rentals in Austin Allow Dogs?

Dogs can be a bit more complex to take on an RV trip than smaller animals, but they are allowed by many RV owners and campgrounds. You'll need to consider the issues you may have with the breed of dog you own and the number of dogs you want to take with you. Medium and large dogs will need about as much space in the RV as a human passenger if they're going to be comfortable during a long trip.

The biggest issue you might encounter when arranging RV rentals Austin pet friendly is understanding the rules for taking dogs outside when you stop to rest. Most locations have regulations designed to minimize friction between campers and to protect local wildlife. You'll want to bring leashes and be prepared to dispose of animal waste.

You might also find that some RV owners require a special deposit for multiple animals to protect themselves from any damage or cleaning costs that happen during your rental period. Check the details of a rental agreement before closing a deal.

Can Cats Travel in an RV?

Most cats can acclimate to traveling in an RV and can enjoy living in an RV as much as they do in apartments. Some cats can be disturbed by the vibration and noise of driving in a vehicle if they aren't accustomed to it, and they sometimes suffer from motion sickness, so you might want to check with your cat's veterinarian before the trip.

Being smaller animals who like plenty of quiet time, cats can make great road trip partners when you rent an RV for a vacation. They can make themselves comfortable in any small space or bed and will enjoy exploring the new environment once they settle in.

They can also use a litter box, which makes it unnecessary for them to go outdoors. That makes staying at rest stops, parks and campgrounds less problematic. You won't need to worry about the rules of taking them for walks the way you would when you bring a dog on an RV trip.

Can You Leave Pets in an RV?

Animals that are accustomed to living indoors and riding in cars or trucks will typically adjust well to staying in an RV for long periods of time. There are a few things to keep in mind for the safety of your pet and your investment in the RV rental.

Just like at home, pets can cause damage to carpets and furnishings. This often happens when dogs lack attention or outlets for play, while cats need to have a way to scratch their claws that isn't going to do damage to the RV's interior. Every animal has specific needs and habits that you'll know about as their owner, but it's wise to plan for worst-case scenarios before you hit the road.

If your animal isn't accustomed to traveling on the road, then you'll need to consider the accidents and problems that can happen during the first few days as they adjust. Cats can become alarmed and interfere with your driving, so it's best to keep them in a carrier if they aren't initially comfortable with riding in a vehicle. Let them come out when you stop the RV for the night. Dogs can also have the same issues, so you could consider taking a portable kennel or dog crate along in case they need some quiet time.

How to Find a Pet Friendly RV Rental in Austin

Pet friendly RV rentals Austin are not hard to find, just check to make sure that they're allowed in the vehicle before you rent it. It's also a good idea to communicate with the renter to see if the kind and number of pets you want to take on your road trip will be allowed. An RV owner might be fine with renting their vehicle to you to travel with one cat or dog but not with several animals.

RVshare provides an excellent way to find pet friendly RV rentals Austin, TX. When you search for RV listings in the Austin area, you can filter the results according to whether they are pet friendly. RVshare provides a checkbox at the bottom of the filtering options along the left side of the webpage labeled "Allows Pets."

If you're taking pets along for your trip, you'll also want to consider whether the places you'll be staying allow pets. For example, if you are planning to stop at campgrounds and parks along your route, they sometimes will not allow pets or have house rules that you'll need to follow. It'll help your road trip go smoother if you do your homework ahead of time. You can find pet friendly campgrounds in Austin or nearby as well as across the country.