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Peer to Peer RV Rental – Turn Your RV Into a Small Business

The internet has made life easier in a lot of ways. Social media, e-commerce, and peer-to-peer networking are just a few of the conveniences we now enjoy thanks to technology. Online marketplaces have permeated into nearly every industry niche – even the RV industry benefits from it! Peer to peer RV rentals are a relatively new service that has greatly affected both RV owners and general consumers. In this article, we’ll take a look at what P2P rentals are and how they work.

What Are Peer to Peer RV Rentals?

Peer to peer marketplaces have only emerged within the last decade, but they’ve caught on like wildfire. From P2P home rentals to dog sitting services, people can sell just about anything on a P2P network. Here’s how it works for RV rentals:

  • Owners list their RVs on a P2P marketplace like RVshare. They set their own rates and rules, and upload photos and descriptions of their RV.
  • Renters can search for peer to peer RV rental locations by putting in their zip code and travel dates. This will generate a list of available rentals in the area.
  • Owners and renters can communicate directly using the messaging system. If renters have questions, all they need to do is send the owner a message. The integrated review system lets renters read peer to peer rental reviews right in each listing.
  • Owners can screen potential renters before approving them for a reservation. Once approved, the renter will send their deposit through the secure online system.
  • We’re not just a place to rent your RV or list RVs for rent; we’re an online rental program with services and tools to keep both parties safe. We offer a handful of screening tools so owners can run background checks before making approvals. We provide up to $1 million in liability coverage to owners and renters. We also offer free, 24/7 roadside assistance for the duration of the rental.

Why is P2P Better Than Other RV Owner Rental Programs?

RV owner rental programs are nothing new; they’ve been around since RV dealerships first noticed that a lot of RV owners weren’t using their RVs for most of the year. But renting out your travel trailer or motorhome through a dealership is much different than renting it out through a P2P network. Here’s why:

  • The main difference is control. Dealership rental programs make you hand over the RV keys to them. They’ll keep your RV on their lot or in their storage facility when it’s not rented. This may be beneficial to RV owners who don’t have the space or money to store their RVs, but it also means you don’t always have access to your RV when you want it. You’ll have to schedule vacations in advance with the dealership to make sure your rig isn’t already reserved. Peer to peer RV rental agreements let you maintain control of your RV – you can store it wherever you want and use it whenever you want.
  • Another big difference is cost. Most dealerships offer storage, maintenance, marketing, and cleaning. Don’t be fooled though; you pay for this. On average, a dealership rental program takes 50% of the income from each rental, and charges you storage fees for any months that your RV doesn’t rent! RVshare asks for about 25% commission, but only if your RV rents.
  • While we don’t do all the work for you (like many dealerships claim to do), we do offer you all the tools you need to be successful. We look at RV owners like small business owners, and we give you support and services to fuel that business. Our screening tools, insurance coverage, and roadside assistance are all included when you sign up. We also offer incentives to renters which help drive your marketing, like 5% cashback rewards on each rental.

Peer to Peer RV Rental Rates

Owners are free to list their peer to peer RV rental cost at whatever they choose; so amounts vary widely. If you take a moment to look through our listings, you’ll see that rates are based on the class and age of the RV, the time of year, even the location! To get an idea of how much you could rent your RV for, compare your rig to similar listings on our site or at local dealerships. Prices tend to fall into these ranges:

  • Class A: $150-$250/night (10+ years or older); $350-$450/night (newer)
  • Class B: $100-$200/night (10+ years or older); $200-$350/night (newer)
  • Class C: $100-$200/night (10+ years or older); $225-$400/night (newer)
  • Travel Trailer: $50-$125/night (10+ years or older); $125-$200/night (newer)
  • Fifth Wheel: $60-$150/night (10+ years or older); $150-$300/night (newer)

Make sure to offer occasional peer to peer RV rental deals to entice new customers! Many of our owners offer long-term rental discounts, off-season discounts, and all-inclusive packages. Remember that it’s your RV and your business; we just give you the jumping-off point to help you get started.

Peer to Peer RV Rental List

If you’re asking yourself “where can I find peer to peer RV rentals near me?” you won’t have to look far. Since P2P rental marketplaces are online, you can find and list rentals all over the country. RVshare started the P2P RV rental trend back in 2012 and has been going strong ever since!

Peer to Peer RV Rentals – Quality Rentals for Affordable Prices

P2P RV rentals take the guesswork out of renting out your RV and making some extra income. They let you retain full control of your RV while it’s listed and rented – no more middleman! For consumers, P2P rentals offer high-quality rentals at prices that are often much lower than commercial rental companies. So, what are you waiting for? List your RV on a P2P site like RVshare and start raking in the cash!

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