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One Way RV Rental New Orleans, Louisiana

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If you’re going to be spending time in the Big Easy, it’s a great idea to rent a nice RV so that you can explore the majesty that is Louisiana with all the comforts of home. Renting an RV in New Orleans opens up a lot of possibilities, and if you choose a one way RV rental, you can rent the RV at one location and drop it off at another. Renting this way is convenient, and in many situations, you can also find discounted rates.


Can You Rent an RV One Way in New Orleans?


It’s common to wonder if you can find one way rentals New Orleans, and fortunately, this unique style of rental can easily be found in the New Orleans area. When you opt to rent this way, you can usually find multiple types of RVs to fit just about any type of camper. If you’re looking for a vehicle to rent for your one way trip, you can select:


  • Smaller RVs: If you’re thinking of traveling light with just one other person, such as your significant other, then RVs like teardrop trailers are ideal. These small RVs can be towed by vehicles as small as a standard car, and one of the best features of these types of RVs is that you can rent ones that have food-prep areas. An RV like this can accommodate two people or so and are very comfortable.


  • Midsized RVs: For a one way trip, a campervan is a great RV to select because of its built-in versatility. Not only are these Class B motorhomes spacious enough for more than four people, but they use a standard van-sized frame. That means that wherever you can park a regular van, you can park a campervan. This makes them very convenient when you’re out exploring; you can just park them and get to know the New Orleans area at your pace. These are also great for one way RV rentals specials because they are motorized, and you won’t have to find an additional tow vehicle.​
  • Larger RVs: Who doesn’t like a little extra utility? A large RV, like a Class A or toy hauler, has a lot of space, and you can even find vehicles that have two bathrooms and full-sized master bedrooms. They are perfect for family trips because they can easily house six or more people at a time. Large RVs are also great choices for one way rentals because many of the campgrounds and RV parks along the way in the New Orleans area have spaces that accommodate them.


Benefits to Renting an RV One Way in New Orleans


Are you wondering, "Why should I consider one way RV rentals near me?" Well, renting an RV is very cost-effective because RVs provide both living accommodations and your means of travel. When you rent one way, you can reap even cheaper rates than normal.


Many RV owners choose to move their RVs to other parts of the country for rental or storage, and they're willing to offer discounts to renters who will take the RV to its destination. When they rent their RV to you by offering one way RV rentals specials, you save the owner the cost of moving the RV themselves. In most cases, the owner will pass some of their savings on to you by providing excellent discounts.


Also, when you choose a one way rental, you can avoid expensive mileage costs in most situations. Many owners waive mileage fees when you’re driving their RV from site to site, which has the added benefit of opening up even more opportunities for you to explore the Louisiana area.


How Much Is a One Way Rental in New Orleans?


As mentioned, RVing is an inexpensive means of travel, and renting one way can cut the cost down even more. The overall price of a trip will vary by how many days you rent, but having more paying travel mates is a great way to reduce the cost on a one way trip in the New Orleans area. Here’s how much you can expect to spend:


  • Cheapest options: There is a wide range of small RVs to choose from when you rent one way. You can expect to pay anywhere from $60 to $125 per night for a one way rental of a small RV.


  • Midrange options: If you're traveling with your family, a midrange option is a way to go. Midrange RVs accommodate more than five people in most cases, and this type of rental will only cost about $100 to $200 per night if you’re making a one way trip.​
  • Most expensive: These types of rentals are still relatively cheap considering that they can accommodate more than six people. If you rent this way, you can expect to pay between $150 and $300 a day.

Does RVshare Have RV One Way Rentals in New Orleans?


RVshare has plenty of options for this kind of rental. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect from one way rentals New Orleans:


  • Basic RV models: If you’re trying to work under a specific budget, you can rent an RV via RVshare that has a smaller size. These can include the campervans mentioned above or teardrop trailers, and vehicles like pop-up campers and some travel trailers can be fairly cheap as well.
  • Midsized Options: If you’re looking for pet friendliness and room, then a midsized vehicle is the way to go. This category includes Class C motorhomes, some fifth wheel trailers and some travel trailers.


  • Most comprehensive: If you want extra utility or you like to glamp, then choosing a larger fifth wheel, Class A motorhome or toy hauler is a great option. These have tons of room; some even have full-sized living spaces, making them true "homes away from home."

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