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Can You Rent an RV One Way in Denver?


For a comprehensive collection of RV rental listings, turn to RVshare. Many owners today are offering some flexible rental agreements, including one way options. With a one way rental, you can pick up an RV, travel to your destination, and leave it at a designated drop-off spot. This essentially works the same as one way car and truck rentals.


Denver is home to many RV owners who provide options for one way rentals. There are one way rentals Denver that you can take across the country to see natural wonders. To get back home, consider using another mode of transportation, such as a train or airplane service. If the Mile High City is your final destination, you could also find some one way rentals near your starting point.


One way RV rentals are still limited in availability, however. That's why you may need to make reservations well in advance of major holidays or the summer camping season to make sure you have an RV for the trip you're planning.


Benefits to Renting an RV One Way in Denver


One way RV rentals are surprisingly helpful in a number of different situations. It gives you an additional option that can save money or turn an otherwise unremarkable journey into a sight-seeing road trip. If you haven't considered some of the possibilities, that's okay. It's a new concept that many people are only just discovering.


One scenario in which a one way RV rental can make sense is if someone like a contractor or college student is moving to another city but doesn't have much to transport. An RV can double as a motel room when you stop for rest. In addition, you can arrange to spend time at parks and campgrounds on your route to the new home.


Another example is touring a region of the country that has a conveniently located airport. Denver, for example, is served by a large international airport just northeast of the city. In this case, you can save money by renting an RV for only the time it takes to drive to the locale and visit the tourist attractions you want to see. When you're done exploring the area, you can drop off the RV and fly back home with a one way airline ticket.


You could also use an RV to go to a family gathering and avoid renting a hotel room while you're staying there. When the visit or event is over, you can then drop off the RV and take another mode of transportation back home. All these examples can make a trip more enjoyable, especially if you like camping and seeing the outdoors.


How Much Is a One Way Rental in Denver?


One way RV rentals usually cost the same as regular rentals in terms of their daily rates. However, there are owners who offer one way RV rentals specials to promote this rental service. The main source of savings comes from reducing the number of days you’ll rent an RV. If you drop off a one way rental at the half-way point of a typical trip, then you've cut the rental cost almost in half. In addition, some owners actually need to have their RV transported to another location. Renting to a traveler who is already going to the desired destination is a good way of nabbing two birds with one stone.


To give you an example of the cost of a one way RV rental, here is a hypothetical scenario. You rent a 2008 Fleetwood RV Jamboree for $171.43 per night for a week. After all the additional costs like sales tax, insurance and service fees, the total comes to $1,679.60. If you need to drive it back home for a second week of driving, the total will be $3,243.75 for 14 nights. By only going one way, you're getting half off your transportation costs. This is in addition to saving money that would otherwise be need for hotel lodging.


Other expenses to factor into an RV rental's cost are fuel and food for a road trip. While gasoline is certainly a consideration, you'll be able to save on dining costs by preparing meals and eating in your camper. Many higher-end motorhomes come with fully stocked kitchens that are perfect for those who like to cook.


Does RVshare Have RV One Way Rentals in Denver?


If you live in Denver, you might not be aware of your RV rental options. You might ask yourself, "are there one way RV rentals near me?" Chances are, yes, there are options available in the Denver area. Given that Colorado is a frequent destination for outdoor vacations both in the summer and winter, there's plenty of demand for RV rentals.


You will notice that the availability of one way RV rentals tends to follow the vacation seasons. Rentals coming to Denver for drop-off may outnumber rentals leaving the state at times, giving you plenty of choices. At other times, the availability could drop if owners transfer excess RVs to other locations. If you find yourself without an easy option, try browsing RVshare for the listings in Denver. Sometimes, local owners offer great deals that don't last long.


As a peer-to-peer marketplace that brings RV owners and renters together, RVshare is one of the best places to go when you need to quickly research and compare the RVs that are available near you or at your destination. As one way RV rentals become a more common option offered by owners, RVshare will continue to facilitate amazing road trips.