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Can You Rent an RV One Way in Dallas?

One way RV rentals are becoming more popular as RV owners join national networks that make it possible to move RVs from one location to another. RVshare has listings for one way rentals Dallas available for pickup or drop-off for many major cities across the country.

Because RVshare is a peer-to-peer RV marketplace, they don't get directly involved with arranging RV rental deals. It does mean that you can quickly locate RV owners in your origin and destination cities and contact them about arranging a one way RV rental. It's possible that an owner in the city you want to visit can arrange for you to pick up a rental near your home and drop it off at their location when you're done with it.

The more likely case will be that a local RV owner near your home will have a vehicle available that can be dropped off when you reach your destination. Whether you're starting out in Dallas or visiting Texas from somewhere else in the country, RVshare makes one way RV trips possible.

Benefits to Renting an RV One Way in Dallas

You might be doubtful about the concept of one way RV rentals. After all, how would you get back home after you drop off the RV? The reality is that modern transportation options make it possible to mix and match modes of travel depending on your situation and needs.

A common reason for one way rentals is moving from one city to another. College students and contract workers don’t always need a moving truck for their belongings. Turning the move into a road trip in an RV can be more economical than driving a car and staying at hotels, or you could prefer to explore the parks and campgrounds that are along the route to your destination.

You might also have a situation in which you are going on a trip to a city and you'd like to visit one or more tourist sites that are between your home and the destination. Instead of flying there and back, you could rent an RV for the trip there and fly back after dropping it off.

There are many cases like these that people encounter that make a one way RV rental sensible. One advantage that RVs have is that they can double as hotel rooms when you aren't on the road. You can pack food for a road trip and cook it in an RV as well. This can make them a better option than a car or truck rental for long-distance road trips.

How Much Is a One Way Rental in Dallas?

The cost of a one way RV rental is typically about the same as a two way rental, except that the length of your rental is half what it would normally be. The cost of renting an RV depends a couple different factors. First, the size of an RV and its age generally determines the daily rental rate an owner will charge. Sometimes, RV owners will offer a discount for longer rentals, but they usually charge a per-day or a nightly rental rate. When you're looking at rental listings on RVshare, keep an eye out for one way RV rentals specials.

After you've calculated that cost, you'll also need to factor in the cost of operating an RV. Fuel, maintenance, and food are the main items to add to the total cost of an RV rental. Fuel will be the largest cost. You can calculate it by dividing the miles you plan to travel by the miles per gallon the RV gets and multiplying the result by the average cost of fuel in the area.

To give you a ballpark cost for a one way RV rental, take the example of a 2003 Allegro Class A motorhome. It costs $175 a night, but that rate drops to $142.86 for a trip over seven nights. After taxes and service fees, the rental costs $1,132.50 a week. It gets 10 miles per gallon, so a 1,000-mile road trip will consume about 100 gallons of fuel, which would come to a little over $200 in the Texas area. Add $200 for other incidentals like food, and the total for this rental would be about $1,600.

Does RVshare Have RV One Way Rentals in Dallas?

If you live in the Dallas area and want to find one way RV rentals near you, then RVshare can help. RVshare has one of the most comprehensive RV rental markets available today. You can enter your city of origin and the pickup and drop-off dates of the trip you're planning, and RVshare will bring up all the RVs that are available in that area.

You can sort the listings in a number of ways to make it easier to narrow down the search results. If you have a limited budget, you can sort the listings from low to high prices and then browse the cheapest listings first. If the distance from the vehicle owner to your location is more important, you can filter the results by that measure. If you know how many people will be going on your trip, you can also arrange the search results by how many beds the RVs have.

Once you've entered the various criteria that describe the type of RV you need, you'll be more likely to discover exactly what you're looking for in your area. Instead of searching online for "one way RV rentals near me," just rely on RVshare for your one way RV rental needs.