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Luxury Van Rental

Sometimes, you just need a little bit more space.

Whether you’re getting ready to round up your big family for a road trip or you have lots of gear and goodies you need to haul along on your next business venture, a large van might be the perfect solution. But most of us don’t have such a capacious vehicle sitting in our driveway for day-to-day use, and purchasing one can be a pretty hefty investment!

Luxury conversion vans and passenger vans make great rental vehicles when you need extra room, whether it’s for equipment or people. You get exactly the space you need for exactly how long you need it, without incurring the high cost of purchasing a new vehicle -- not to mention all the extra fuel these large vans burn.

But how do you go about finding a luxury van for rent? And what qualities are important to look for in a premium van rental?

If you’re in the market to rent a travel van, read on.

Full Size Luxury Van Rental

First of all, it’s important to note that not every van is created equally. There are many different kinds of large luxury van rentals available, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. Every type of van is intended with a specific use in mind, so you need to make sure the rental vehicle you’re considering is the right one to suit your needs.

A travel van is actually a type of recreational vehicle, also sometimes known as a Class B motorhome, sleeper van or camper van. Travel vans might include all sorts of built-in amenities, from kitchen equipment like refrigerators and stove ranges to small, but serviceable, toilet facilities. They’re generally set up to sleep at least two passengers comfortably, and some even include slide-outs to increase living space when parked.

If you’re hoping to step up your next road trip (and you aren’t bringing too many people along for the ride), a luxury travel van rental might be just right for you. It’s also a great upgrade from regular car camping -- no more setting up and taking down tents, or losing sleep because of bugs or rain!

A conversion van is similar to a travel van in that it’s been outfitted with extra amenities to make road tripping and camping more comfortable. However, the base body structure of a conversion van is a traditional cargo van, which has been retrofitted with these extras rather than manufactured with them in the first place. Hence the name, “conversion” van. A luxury conversion van rental is another great option to look into if you’re hoping to find a suitable vehicle for your next camping vacation.

A passenger van, on the other hand, is generally not intended for overnight camping or sleeping. Passenger vans may feature comforts and amenities like TV screens and reclining seats, but their main use is to transport multiple people or lots of items. (If you’ve ever been in a hotel or airport shuttle, it was likely a type of passenger van.)

So if your main need is to get a large group of people -- and all their stuff -- to a sleepable destination, you should consider looking into a luxury passenger van rental.

Luxury Van Rentals Near Me

Now for the best part: actually finding the rental vehicle you need!

Whether you’re looking for a one-way rental or to drive your van round trip back to your original destination, when you start searching for your rental van, you’ll likely find RV dealerships in your area that offer luxury and economy van rental services. Depending on what type of van you need, you might even reach out to a traditional car rental service, like Enterprise.

Another option is to check out the peer-to-peer RV rental marketplace, RVshare, which offers multiple different types of recreational vehicles, including passenger, sleeper, and travel vans, for rent. These vehicles are privately owned, and you rent directly from the owner, which mean you bypass paying big dealership prices and dealing with potential customer service snafus. Everything’s done directly through the platform to ensure security and safety, and your main points of contact are the owners themselves. It’s both simple and frugal!

Luxury Van Rental Quotes

Many travelers have had wonderful experiences with their large van rental vehicles, and they’ve offered reviews, advice, and support for others looking to take the plunge.

Here’s what a few adventurers have to say about renting a passenger or travel van.

“The van ran well with no problems whatsoever. Great value, and we saved a ton of money by loading up on groceries and cooking our own food most of the time. Easy to get around in, you can park anywhere, and very comfortable! We had such a great time that we already have another trip booked out of Vegas to see the Utah National Parks.” -- Carly E., Yelp Reviewer

“My husband and I cruised the coast and had the best time. Can't wait to do it again with friends. Also, the vans are super to drive and very, very clean!!” -- Stephie D., Yelp Reviewer

“This is an awesome way to rent a vehicle and have a comfy bed and tiny kitchen. I'm in my mid 50s and was surprisingly comfortable!” -- Linda M., Yelp Reviewer

“It was the best way to get around! We threw the chains on the wheels and made it up the mountains of Yosemite, south Lake Tahoe, and it handled great in the snow. We will definitely use these campervans in the summer to explore other areas of California!” -- Jeremiah S., Yelp Reviewer

“The converted vans are perfectly designed for a camping road trip. The bed folds up and down easily and is well-sized for one person, a couple, or one adult and two small children. The included linens are clean and fresh-smelling, or you can bring your own if that makes you more comfortable. My wife was skeptical at first, but when she saw how clean everything was, she was fine with them for the duration of the trip. Being able to draw the drapes and run the cabin air conditioner makes desert camping a much more enjoyable experience.” -- Mark D., Yelp Reviewer

As you can see, most people have a wonderful time with their luxury van rentals, and are happy they chose to travel in this affordable and flexible way.

So what are you waiting for? Give this unique travel opportunity a whirl. You might just find your next great adventure.