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Thinking about a luxury van rental for your next trip? It might just be the best vacation decision you’ve ever made. Sometimes, after all, you just need a little bit more space.

Whether you’re getting ready to round up your big family for a road trip or you have lots of gear and goodies you need to haul along on your next business venture, a large van might be the perfect solution. But most of us don’t have such a capacious vehicle sitting in our driveway for day-to-day use, and purchasing one can be a pretty hefty investment!

Luxury conversion vans and passenger vans make great rental vehicles when you need extra room, whether it’s for equipment or people. You get exactly the space you need for exactly how long you need it, without incurring the high cost of purchasing a new vehicle -- not to mention all the extra fuel these large vans burn.

But how do you go about finding a luxury van for rent? And what qualities are important to look for in a premium van rental?

If you’re in the market to rent a large, luxury van for vacation, read on.

Luxury Van Rental

When renting a big van, what should you look for? And when are large rental vans a better option than a traditional RV?

Full-size luxury van rentals can offer many of the same conveniences a motorhome or travel trailer does, with the added convenience of supreme drivability. Even a novice driver can navigate a luxury van down a narrow, dirt road without too much trouble.

What’s more, these vans offer a unique combination of convenience and flexibility; you can find converted sleeper vans that are perfect for a solo adventurer to camp out in or passenger vans that can help you get your whole group where you’re going without all that carpooling fuss. It’s all about what kind of van rental experience you’re after… and fortunately, you can find all that and more right here at RVshare, thanks to our vast network of by-owner rentals vehicles.

A rental van can be a great way to explore your favorite state park, take a tour of America’s national parks, or just to get a large group to a nearby attraction for a field trip. In the next section, we’ll go into a little bit more depth on what kinds of luxury van rentals are available on the market.

Full-Size Luxury Van Rental

It’s important to note that not every van is created equally. There are many different kinds of large luxury van rentals available, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. Every type of van is intended with a specific use in mind, so you need to make sure the rental vehicle you’re considering is the right one to suit your needs.

A travel van is actually a type of recreational vehicle, also sometimes known as a Class B motorhome, sleeper van or camper van. Travel vans might include all sorts of built-in amenities, from kitchen equipment like refrigerators and stove ranges to small, but serviceable, toilet facilities. They’re generally set up to sleep at least two passengers comfortably, and some even include slide-outs to increase living space when parked.

If you’re hoping to step up your next road trip (and you aren’t bringing too many people along for the ride), a luxury travel van rental might be just right for you. It’s also a great upgrade from regular car camping -- no more setting up and taking down tents, or losing sleep because of bugs or rain!

A conversion van is similar to a travel van in that it’s been outfitted with extra amenities to make road tripping and camping more comfortable. However, the base body structure of a conversion van is a traditional cargo van, which has been retrofitted with these extras rather than manufactured with them in the first place. Hence the name, “conversion” van. A luxury conversion van rental is another great option to look into if you’re hoping to find a suitable vehicle for your next camping vacation.

A passenger van, on the other hand, is generally not intended for overnight camping or sleeping. Passenger vans may feature comforts and amenities like TV screens and reclining seats, but their main use is to transport multiple people or lots of items. (If you’ve ever been in a hotel or airport shuttle, it was likely a type of passenger van.)

So if your main need is to get a large group of people -- and all their stuff -- to a sleepable destination, you should consider looking into a luxury passenger van rental.

Luxury Van Rentals Near Me

Conversion vans, big vans for rent, luxury minivan rentals…. No matter what kind of vehicle you’re after, you may be wondering: where do I find such a thing?

If you’re exclusively browsing the big box rental agencies, it can be difficult to find large van rentals. Most of the RV rental franchises exclusively deal with Class A and Class C motorhomes, and maybe the occasional trailer.

Fortunately, though, it is possible to find luxury vans for rent through the peer-to-peer rental market! Since our network of trusted owners isn’t limited by some corporate meeting that decides which types of vehicles are valuable to renters, they’ve got all sorts of options, including the full-size rental van you’re after.

Wondering, “How do I find these luxury van rentals near me?” Just put your information into the input fields on our homepage and watch the listings populate your screen. While many of our rental vehicles are also more classic RV styles, with a little bit of digging, you’ll be able to find a luxury van rental in no time.

Luxury Van Rental Prices

Pricing is important in any adventure scenario. After all, you probably don’t have unlimited resources to throw at your next trip.

So you’ll likely be happy to know that the vehicles available on the peer-to-peer market are generally much more affordable than the ones you get from a traditional rental agency. After all, private owners don’t have to worry about keeping the lights on at a big dealership facility… they’re just looking to make a little bit of extra pocket money. 

Although exact prices will vary depending on what specific vehicle you get, who you rent it from, how long you keep it and more, luxury van rentals do generally tend to be less expensive than full-size RVs to rent. They’re also less expensive to keep filled with gas. You may be able to find rental vans for less than $100 nightly on RVshare, depending on your market… and that price may get even better if you plan to keep the vehicle for a longer period of time!

Different Types of Luxury Van Rentals

As mentioned above, there are a wealth of different types of large vans for rent, so you can find a vehicle to suit your needs no matter what those needs may be. From upgrading your yearly tent camping trip to taking the school field trip in style, a luxury van might just be exactly what you need to make your next adventure go off without a hitch… so check out the listings available in your area today!