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People who are looking to rent RVs often first look at RV rental businesses. RV rental businesses usually have a great selection, and some have deals that can save you a lot of money. However, they are far from the only option when it comes to renting an RV. 

You can also rent an RV from its owner. RVshare is set up specifically to allow people to rent out their RVs when they're not using them. You can sometimes rent someone's RV for much less money than it would cost to rent an equivalent RV from a business, but how much less depends on the RV and on the person renting it out. 

Prices can be up to 50% cheaper when you're renting a comparable model from the owner rather than from an RV rental place. Owners are often more flexible on the number of miles that you can drive the RV during your rental. They also do not charge some of the fees that RV rental places will charge.

Check Out Hill Air Force Base RV Rentals Reviews

One of the most helpful features of RVshare is the ability to check out reviews. Before you rent an RV from somebody, you can look at the reviews that others who have rented from them have left on their profile. This will allow you to make sure that the person renting the RV is reputable and that the RV they have for rent works properly and is in the condition that the listing claims.

RVshare is a community of people who are passionate about using RVs for vacations, and most people on there are reputable. However, the review system allows you to have the peace of mind necessary to relax and have the best time possible on your vacation. You know that a user with great reviews will not rent you an RV that'll break down the day after you rent it out. 

There are many users on RVshare from Hill Air Force Base and the surrounding area, like RV parks in Ogden, Utah. If you want to rent an RV from its owner in this area, you have plenty of options available.

Finding Great RV Parks in Salt Lake City

If you're in the Salt Lake City area and you are looking for a great RV park, you're in luck. The Salt Lake City area is known to be an RV hot spot, and there are many great parks in the vicinity. It is hard to choose only a few parks to highlight from this area, but the best parks are arguably the Cherry Creek Campground and the Antelope Island camping area. 

Both of these areas are relatively close to the city, so they are easy to get to. However, they are also in pristine wilderness areas that offer stunning scenery. Finally, both Antelope Island and Cherry Creek are reasonably priced, so it will not break the bank for you to go there with your family when you rent an RV. 

Hill AFB RV Park is another great place to park your RV that is primarily used by military families. Many spouses and children moving to Hill Air Force Base after their loved one is transferred there arrive in RVs. They are allowed to stay in the RV park at the Air Force Base for several days until they can secure permanent accommodations.

What Are MWR Rentals?

MWR stands for morale, welfare, and recreation, and it is a network of recreational services specifically for people in the military and their families. Department of Defense employees and veterans are also allowed to use MWR networks. Each branch of the armed forces has an MWR network. 

MWR services include gyms, pools, golf courses, restaurants, and more. Of course, MWR services can also include RV rentals. An MWR office may be able to put you in touch with a recommended RV rental place if they do not rent RVs themselves. 

A military discount, commonly ranging from 10% to 25%, depending on the RV rental business, may be available from an outside RV rental agency if you are referred by the MWR office on your base. The MWR service may even be able to get you a full or partial reimbursement for an RV rental if you need it in order to move your family. 

Military families often vacation in RVs, and the military discount offered by some RV rental places in the Salt Lake City area comes in handy for vacations as well as moves. Many military families like to take trips to destinations near a military base with an RV park so they don't have to pay to park the RV. RV parks in Salt Lake City and RV parks in Ogden, Utah, are other popular destinations for military families.

Military RV Parks

Most major military bases have an RV park for their service men and women and their families. Hill Air Force Base has such a park that allows up to a half dozen RVs to be parked there at any one time. 

If you are planning on taking an RV to your next military base, you should do your research and see if they have a place where you are allowed to park the RV and to check into what the rules are for use of the RV park. They can sometimes be free for military service members and their families, but in that case, there is usually a maximum length of time that you can park your RV there.