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A Guide to RV Sharing

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Everything You Need to Know About RV Sharing

As children, we were all taught to share. If you have something in excess that someone else needs or wants, why not help them out? These days, we share quite a bit. We sublet our apartments when we’re away for a few months, we donate or sell our old clothes, and now, we even share RVs! The RV sharing economy has grown rapidly over the past several years thanks to peer-to-peer technology. And as is with most P2P marketplaces; both parties benefit from the deal. Since its emergence, people have been raving about the concept of RV sharing. Whether you’re an RV owner or a renter, you’ll soon be singing its praises, too.

A Brief History of RV Rental Sharing

Before the wonders of the internet, people had to buy, sell, and rent their RVs the old-fashioned way – through commercial dealerships and local companies. Large dealerships would rent out their excess inventory as a way to make a profit on RVs that would otherwise take up space in the lot. Similarly, individual RV owners found that consigning their RVs was a better choice than paying for storage during the off season or when they were unable to use their rigs.

For a while this worked well; dealerships and RV owners made some extra money, while consumers who couldn’t afford to buy RVs were able to “test out” the lifestyle. But many people soon found that they wanted more control of their listings. Owners wanted to keep the profit of renting their RVs while still having access to them. On the other hand, consumers demanded better customer service, a better selection, and more reasonable prices. P2P RV sharing services provided the solution.

RV Sharing Questions – What Exactly is RV Sharing?

P2P marketplaces reimagined the buyer/seller model. They asked: instead of using a company or corporation as the middleman, why not sell the goods and services yourself? Sites like Airbnb, Lyft, and Uber began popping up everywhere. It’s no surprise that this new way of sharing goods soon made its way into the RV industry. If you’re new to RV sharing ownership, you probably have a few questions, which we’ll hopefully answer here.

How does RV sharing work?

Owners list their RVs on a P2P website, like ours. They decide the rental rates and rules for using their RV. You’ll work with them via the site to make a reservation and go over the ground rules. When you pick up the rig, the owner will give you a walkthrough and show you how to use everything.

What’s the point of the site, then?

RVshare connects owners and renters all over the country. We’re like a giant, centralized inventory of RVs. We give owners the tools to help them grow their businesses, like background screening services, free hosting for their ad, liability insurance, and a secure way to take payments. We also give renters peace of mind with collision coverage, free roadside assistance, and 5% cashback rewards on rentals.

How do you make money if all of this is included?

We ask owners for a small commission – usually around 25%. However, we only take a commission when the RV rents. This is in stark contrast to dealership consignment programs, which often take 50% or more and charge the owner for storage if the RV doesn’t rent that month.

Why wouldn’t I just rent from a commercial company?

Commercial companies are still a good option for many. For example, if you’re looking for a one-way deal or factory delivery special, check out large chain companies that have multiple branches. However, the reason RVshare is so popular is that our rentals tend to be less expensive than a dealership’s, especially if you rent an older RV. Plus, you’ll get to work with individual RV owners and families who want you to enjoy their RV just as much as they do! It’ll give you that warm, fuzzy feeling of doing something good.

What types of RVs do you have?

Since we’re an online marketplace, there’s virtually no limit to the types of RVs you’ll find. Vintage buses, Airstream trailers, brand new motorhomes – we have it all! You can search our inventory for all types of motorized and towable RVs, even pop-up campers and toy haulers.

Where can I find RV sharing near me?

RVshare is the largest P2P RV rental site. We have hundreds of thousands of listings across the United States. All you have to do is type in your location and travel dates to pull up a list of available RVs in your area.

RV Sharing Networks – Best Practices for Both Parties

There are always a few unspoken rules when it comes to selling things on the internet. Here are a few tips to help you get ahead:

  • If you’re listing your RV for rent, be sure to do your research first. Look at comparable RV rentals in your area. Gather a few similar listings from our inventory, local rental services, and RV dealerships. Then, price your rental!
  • Treat your RV like it’s your own small business (because it is). Keep it well-maintained and clean, and always treat your customers well. RVshare has an integrated review system so customers can share how awesome you and your RV were!
  • If you’re renting an RV and you’re on a budget, you can set a maximum price in our search filter, so you only see RVs that you can afford. Then, look for owners that offer seasonal specials and long-term rental discounts.
  • If you need to ask the owner a question or want to see if they’ll come down on price, you can send them a message right through the ad. The system will send an email directly to the owner - it makes the reservation process so much easier!

Start Searching for RV Rentals by Owner

Peer to peer networking is the best thing to happen to private RV rentals. Finally, individuals and families have the opportunity to rent an RV from real people, for reasonable prices. RV owners don’t have to pay dealerships to market their RVs, and they can use their RVs whenever they want. It’s like a game where everyone wins! Check out our “How it Works” pages for more info on renting or listing an RV. Cheers!

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