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Love the idea of RV camping, but not sure cramped quarters are for you?

Maybe you’re a long-time camper who’s done it all, from actual tent camping to upgrading to a Class C motorhome -- and you’re ready for the next step. Maybe you’ve never even taken an RV trip before, but you know yourself well enough to know you need room to stretch your legs. Maybe you have a taste for luxury, or maybe you simply have a large family who won’t be crammed into a small recreational vehicle without at least a little bit of a fight.

No matter why you need a very large RV, you can find one for rent in your area. You just might have to do a little bit of digging to find the perfect large RV rental for you.

Here’s where to start.

How to Find a Large RV Rental Near Me

Large RV rentals are available no matter where you live in the USA. Your first course of action should be to check out local RV rental dealerships in your area, which probably offer rental vehicles in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles.

If you need an extra large RV rental, you’ll want to skip out on Class C motorhomes and campverans. Instead, when you start researching available rentals in your area, keep an eye out for Class A motorhomes with slide outs -- and if you really mean business, consider renting a fifth wheel trailer. Although they need to be towed (and thus don’t allow your passengers the luxury of using the toilet or raiding the fridge en route), fifth wheel RVs offer the most floor space of any model. This is because they don’t have to devote any space to a cockpit, steering wheel, driver’s seat or engine.

So, when you call your local dealership, be sure to ask them about their availability in the following RV styles:

  • Class A motorhome (45 feet)
  • Fifth wheel trailers
  • Motorhomes with slide outs

These types of RVs will offer you and your family the biggest possible living space, so you can stretch out, bring all your stuff and enjoy your vacation.

Another option is to check out the peer-to-peer RV rental marketplace online through platforms like RVShare. These allow RV owners to list their personal vehicles online for rent when they’d otherwise be sitting empty. Since these RVs are owned by regular people like you and me, they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes -- you might even be able to rent a bus! Plus, since private owners don’t have the overhead costs of keeping a dealership open, they’re able to rent them to you at a much fairer price.

How Much Will a Large RV Rental Cost?

No matter where you find large RV rentals, they tend to cost a bit more than smaller RV rentals would. Large rv rental prices are higher because the equipment is more expensive and, in short, there’s simply more of it. Large RVs also cost more to operate because they tend not to have the same kind of fuel economy as smaller RVs do.

But if you’re wondering, “How much is a large RV rental?” -- don’t worry. You can still find an affordable option.

RVs on RVShare are often available for only fraction of what a dealership would charge, even if they’re extra large. Plus, you’ll be able to find Class A motorhomes of up to 45 feet long, as well as fifth wheel trailers -- and many dealerships don’t even offer these kinds of vehicles for rent in the first place. Keep in mind, though, that you might have to separately rent a tow vehicle if you decide to go with a trailer vehicle.

Since RVShare’s RVs are privately owned, rental prices can vary significantly. It also depends on when you want to rent your extra large RV, and for how long. If you want to save money on your extra large, luxury RV rental, you might consider traveling during the shoulder season, or picking an affordable destination. One good thing: extra large RVs usually have really nice kitchens, so you’ll be able to save some money by taking advantage of the option to cook many of your meals at “home” during your vacation.

To say nothing of the fact that not having to cram yourself and your family into a tiny car makes for a much more enjoyable vacation. Relaxing is the point, after all, isn’t it? A miserable trip is a total waste of money, which means an extra large, luxury RV rental can make good financial sense as an investment.

Large RV Rental Reviews

Even the biggest RV on the market can be a claustrophobic nightmare if it undergoes mechanical failure or is backed by terrible customer service. That’s why, no matter where you find your large RV rental, it’s important to check the reviews of the company online before you sign your contract.

Although companies often list testimonials on their websites, be careful: It’s likely they’ll hand-pick the best customer reviews, which offer the most praise. However, it’s possible to find honest, unbiased reviews online, as long as you know where to look.

To figure out how a company really treats its customers, you can put its name into Google and see what comes up. Google itself hosts user reviews, and you can also find reviews on dedicated websites like Yelp. Many rental companies have Facebook sites, too, where users can also leave reviews.

If you search for an RV on the peer-to-peer marketplace through RVShare, you’ll have the added bonus of customer reviews for each individual RV and owner right there on the listing. Plus, since RVShare facilitates relationships between regular, private individuals, you won’t even have to worry about poor customer service. You’re in touch with the vehicle’s actual owners, one on one. Since you’ll be working out all the details in person on an individual basis, you’ll create an actual interpersonal bond. And since they own the vehicle, they’ll likely be emotionally invested -- and therefore attentive -- if anything does go wrong!