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Want to see the country the easy way -- without spending an arm and a leg for it?

Touring the USA in an RV or campervan is one of the most fun, flexible ways to travel. You can create your own itinerary and set your own pace, whether you want to step on the gas or slow down and explore the back roads. Best of all, you can go anywhere you want without having to worry about where you’ll lay your head in the evening. You’ll have the comfort of your rolling home right there along with you the whole time!

But even though RVing can be much more affordable than, say, expensive air travel and hotel costs, it can still get pretty pricey, especially if you don’t already have your own vehicle. Renting an RV isn’t cheap, and you also have to factor in the cost of running it. RVs burn a lot of fuel! B

But that doesn’t mean you should give up on your travel dreams. Cheap campervans and caravans are available for hire in the USA, if only you know where to look and how to find them. Here’s some of our best advice to help you get your adventure on, even if you’re on a budget.

Cheap Caravan Rental USA

When you’re looking for a cheap caravan to hire, you might find yourself overwhelmed at first. Not only do you need to figure out which rental facility or agency is best, but you also need to determine what kind of caravan you want to rent in the first place.

RVs come in a host of shapes and sizes, and each has its own best use. For instance, a Class A motorhome can be up to 45 feet long, or even longer, and many models come with all sorts of bells and whistles from fully-equipped kitchens to slide outs for extra living space. They can also sleep up to 8 passengers comfortably.

However, it can be intimidating to drive such a large vehicle, especially if you’re used to a small sedan in your day-to-day travels. In fact, some of these motorhomes are actually too large to fit down narrow roads or pull into certain campsites, which can restrict your destination options a lot!

On the other end of the spectrum, small campervans or pop-up trailers can make traveling light much more comfortable… but they can also be pretty tight quarters, especially if you have a family. Although you’ll be able to navigate down intriguing side roads or fit into any tiny camping spot, you may have to do without indoor plumbing, kitchen facilities, or any semblance of privacy.

You can begin searching for your perfect rental vehicle by running a Google search for “campervan rental near me” or “campervan rental .” A variety of local dealerships and rental agency will likely pop up, as well as their contact information. You’ll notice that prices will depend on the size and type of RV you’re renting, as well as how long you plan to keep, and how far you plan to drive, the vehicle. (The cheapest option is to stay close to home and keep the vehicle for a longer period of time.) The final cost will also depend a lot on your origin point and its RV rental market. For instance, everything’s more expensive in big, attractive cities -- and your rental vehicle is no exception.

But if finding a cheap RV for hire is your top priority, you’ll quickly discover that a smaller vehicle will be more affordable, no matter where in the USA you look. However, many RV rental facilities only offer larger Class C and Class A motorhomes as part of their fleet of rental vehicles, so it can become challenging to find the small camper van rental you’re looking for. This is especially true if you’re trying to find a cheap caravan for hire on the east coast or in order to road trip through the north east, as many dealerships specializing in smaller campers are situated in the Pacific northwest or west coast.

One option for reliably finding cheap private caravan rentals is to check out the peer-to-peer rental market available through RVshare. This digital platform allows civilian RV owners to list their rigs for rent when they’d otherwise be sitting empty, therefore making some extra profit off their privately-owned RVs. Fortunately for you, it also means that you can find small trailer and campervan rentals almost anywhere in the USA, even if your local dealerships don’t stock them. Better yet, since these owners don’t have to worry about footing the overhead cost of running a business, their rental vehicles are usually very affordable, even if you’re on a limited budget!

Cheap Caravan Hire Last Minute

Finding a campervan for hire in the USA on a budget can become even more complicated if you need to secure the vehicle as soon as possible. It’s best to try to plan your trip as far ahead of time as you can to avoid the headache of finding not only the perfect vehicle, but one that’s available right now.

However, many listings on RVshare are ready to be camped in almost immediately. You simply need to reach out directly to the owners to figure out what steps you need to take to get into your rental camper as soon as possible!

Cheap RV Rentals Unlimited Miles

One important thing to keep in mind is that the price of your rental caravan or RV might not actually be limited to the daily rate advertised on the website. Rental agencies, and even some private owners, often charge extra fees for mileage over a certain limit, as well as extra insurance coverage or conveniences like having the RV stocked with linens and plates.

So if you’re hoping to go far and looking for a cheap RV rental with unlimited miles, it’s important to specify that up front when you’re negotiating with the RV owner or rental agency. That way, you can find out ahead of time exactly what you might expect to pay for, no matter how far you’re planning to travel.

Wherever the road is calling you, it’s totally possible to find a cheap caravan rental to get you there. Good luck!