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The RV rental market has grown significantly over the last decade and will continue to do so over the next. Thanks to a flourishing RV market, RV rental companies are springing up all over the place. From custom conversions to vintage campers, there are options that fill every niche of the industry. Of course, choosing an RV rental company isn’t as easy as it seems. They all differ in inventory, pricing, and policies. It’s important to have a good understanding of the nuances between various companies before you commit to one. Let’s take a look at a popular Florida RV rental company, Camp USA RV Rentals.

About Camp USA RV Rental Homes

Camp USA has been around since 1999. They specialize in luxury RV rentals throughout and beyond the state of Florida. Their inventory includes nearly 20 high-end Class A gas and diesel models, in addition to a handful of Class C RVs. What sets them apart from other local companies is their luxury offerings. Their diesel RVs are top-of-the-line rigs with amenities like fireplaces, washer/dryers, outdoor kitchens, and more. They also offer a consignment program to local RV owners who wish to rent out their RVs, as long as they qualify, of course.

Camp USA RV Rental Prices

High-end RVs have everything you could ever want to feel comfortable on the road. With features like tile and hardwood flooring, leather seating, surround sound stereo and satellite TV, you’ll hardly feel like you’ve left home. But all these luxuries come at a price. Camp USA RV rental rates are as follows:

  • Class C models start at $245 per day. A few of their Class C’s are “Super C’s,” meaning they’re longer than the average model. Lengths range from 29 to 34 feet and can sleep up to nine people.

  • Class A gas models start at $250 per day. Some models feature king bedrooms and queen sleeper sofas. Most models have satellite TV and can sleep up to eight people.

  • Diesel Class A’s start at $450 per day. Luxury RVs are where Camp America RV Rentals takes the cake. Their rigs are big, beautiful, and well-equipped. Designer interiors and high-end amenities will have you feeling like a million bucks. Lengths vary from 38 to 42 feet and can sleep up to eight people.

Camp USA RV Rental Deals – How to Compare to Other Companies

Camp USA doesn’t advertise rental deals, nor do they list all of their fees and policies on their website. If you’re looking cheap RV rentals, it’s important to know that all companies have extra fees separate from the daily base rates. Look out for costs like:

  • Security deposits. Usually, the security deposit locks in your rental, and the cost comes out of the total rental charge at the end.

  • This protects the RV owner in case of an accident or other damage. This deposit is refunded to you once the company inspects the RV after your return. The damage deposit on a Class A gas model from Camp USA is $1,500.

  • Most companies offer liability coverage included with the rental costs. However, you’ll need to get additional auto insurance to protect you while you’re on the road. You’ll either need to purchase it from a third-party provider or pay a daily fee to use the rental company’s coverage - if they offer it.

  • Extras, like kitchen and linen sets. Many companies charge you for kitchen and bedding supplies unless you bring them yourself. Camp USA offers these kits for free.

  • Mileage and generator overages. Camp USA includes 150 free daily miles with each rental. You’ll likely be charged a per-mile fee if you go over, though the company doesn’t disclose the rate.

  • Policy violation fines. Some companies also charge fines for things like returning the RV with full holding tanks, empty gas tanks, or smoking in the rig. Camp USA has a strict no-smoking policy and will assess a $1,000 fine for violations.

Camp USA RV Rental Locations

You may be asking yourself “are there Camp USA RV Rentals near me?” The company serves the state of Florida with two major locations:

Kissimmee/Orlando Branch

4560 Old Tampa Highway

Kissimmee, FL 34746

(407) 944-0009

Ft. Lauderdale/Miami Branch

2851 Hammondville Rd.

Pompano Beach, FL 33069

(954) 971-8188

Is There Another Way to Find Cheap RV Rentals Near Me? – Campers for Rent by Owner

For many, Camp USA is not a feasible option. If you’re looking for lower RV rental prices or something entirely different, like camper trailer rentals, you’ll have to look elsewhere. Camp USA does a great job of filling the high-end RV niche, but they are lacking in other options and affordability. Check with RVshare if you’re in need of something different. We have several advantages over the competition:

  • RVshare is a nationwide online marketplace. Owners across the USA list their RVs themselves and set their rates and policies. Our inventory includes hundreds of different types of RVs, so if you’re looking for a towable, you’ll find plenty to choose from.

  • Individual RV owners tend to set lower prices than RV rental businesses. If you’re looking for a luxury Class A, compare our prices to Camp USA’s before you make your decision. Some of our owners also offer unlimited miles and more affordable damage deposits, so take this into consideration as well.

  • You’ll still have the same amount of coverage that you would with other companies. We offer up to $1 million in liability coverage, in addition to 24/7, free roadside assistance. Some owners will let you use their auto insurance for about $20 per day. Or, you could check out MBA rental insurance to see what their rates are.

  • If you need linen and kitchen supplies, many of our owners offer them at a low cost. Some owners even include them in the rental price. As an extra perk, we offer 5% cash back rewards on all your rentals. Have fun using it toward your next rental!

Affordability or Luxury - The Choice is Yours

Niche rental companies, like Camp USA, offer limited inventories at high prices. If you have the money to spend and are looking for a show-stopping luxury rental, they may be a great choice for you. On the other hand, if you want something a little simpler and more affordable, you may want to check our nationwide inventory. Happy searching!