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If you're looking to explore our great nation, consider the benefits of renting a campervan. With your own RV, you'll be able to control every aspect of your travel and enjoy an amazing adventure. It's no wonder that so many travelers take advantage of the wonders of renting an RV. 

RV campgrounds can provide excellent bases for just about any kind of vacation. Those interested in parking in a quiet, secluded place to enjoy hiking, fishing, reading and sleeping can find RV parks tucked away in remote locations. On the other hand, those interested in seeing the sights of the big cities can often find urban-based RV parks where exciting sights and sounds are close and accessible.

Minivan Camper for Rent

If you're looking for a unique idea for a vacation on a budget, consider renting a minivan camper. Several models of RVs are designed for individuals, couples or small families. Many of these are more compact, have better fuel efficiency and are less expensive to rent.

Many businesses and individuals are willing to provide a small camper van for rent. If you conduct an online search within your geographic location, you will likely find RV dealers, rental businesses and websites that match RV owners with individuals interested in renting a vehicle. Simply browse through what they have available or enter the dates, price, and amenities you are seeking.

One interesting option is looking for a VW camper van for rent. In many cases, these are vintage, throwback vehicles from several decades ago. Some companies specialize in these vehicles, giving renters a fun and unique vehicle option.

Small camper vans are a great choice for individuals who might have flexible jobs and be interested in working while on the road. Couples looking for a relaxing, private and inexpensive way to see part of the country might enjoy a small rental camper. Even a small family with younger children might find such a vehicle to be the cornerstone of a memorable vacation.

Camping Vans

If you're looking for an RV that can accommodate a large family or group, you may want to consider a Mercedes camper van for rent. These vehicles are in the large, luxury class, and they provide more space and high-end amenities for comfortable RV travel. Although they will cost more to rent than the van camper, they are often still a bargain compared to renting hotel rooms to accommodate large groups.

Do you have a family reunion on the horizon? By selecting a large RV or a Class B camper van for rent, several small families can share the space and cost for lodging. Taking a trip together in an RV can also make it possible to share child care and cooking responsibilities while camping, which can help increase the time available for relaxation.

Renting an RV might be a great way for a group of old friends to spend some time together. Whether it is a group of sorority sisters or an old football team, traveling together in an RV is sure to result in an adventure and tighter bonds. You will be able to reminisce about old times and share the joys of the present while on your trip.

Finding RV campervans for rent is simple. Searching online will help you locate dealers or individuals in your departure city. In many cases, RV pick-ups and drop-offs will need to be at the same location; however, some national chains may provide the option of one-way RV rentals as well.

Rent a Camper Van for a Week

If you're thinking about moving to an RV more permanently, a great way to try out the lifestyle is to arrange for a camper hire that lasts several weeks or a month. You'll have the advantage of settling into a home on wheels and experience firsthand the benefits and challenges of living in an RV before making the major investment in purchasing one.

In many cases, renting for a longer period of time will decrease the per-day cost. In fact, many dealers and private owners offer discounts for longer rentals. If you can time your RV trial trip for an off-season period, you'll be likely to snag some fabulous deals.

Living in an RV is an option that is popular with many retired couples as well as individuals who have flexible jobs and love a constant change of pace. Checking out small campervans for rent in the USA is a great way to experience what it is like to potentially sleep in a different city every week.

Renting a camper for a week is also an inexpensive way to vacation with friends or family. In most cases, the cost for a week-long RV rental will be significantly less than a one-week hotel bill. In addition, you have the advantage of having cooking facilities and transportation for the same price.

No matter where you live in the United States, you're sure to be able to find an RV dealer or a network of private owners who are willing to rent you a small, medium or large RV to meet your particular travel needs. Whether you are parking your RV in a remote campground, touring the state you grew up in or driving across the country, RV vacationing is sure to help create lasting memories.

Check out RVshare to learn more about owner-to-individual RV rentals. The site takes care of all the financial and legal arrangements to protect both the owner and the renter. This makes the entire transaction safe and simple.