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How to Find the Best Campervan Hire for Your Next Vacation

Will you be one of the millions of Americans taking a road trip this year? The RV rental market is at an all-time high, with more options for renting becoming available every day it seems. If you’re just starting your rental research, you’ll have your work cut out for you. The wealth of rentals is a good thing, to be sure, but it also makes it difficult to find the best option for you and your family. We’ve put together this quick guide to help you find an affordable and easy campervan hire.

Looking for a Family Campervan Hire?

Campervans are some of the least expensive RV rentals out there. Their compact size makes them more affordable than larger RVs, while the bevy of features makes them just as comfortable. However, if you’re traveling with a family, you’ll need to ensure that you have enough space for everyone to feel comfortable. You don’t want to end up with a cheap campervan rental that’s too small! Keep the following in mind:

  • The drivability of campervans is one of their greatest advantages. Since campervans are built on van or truck chassis’, it’s much like driving an oversized SUV. Additionally, they’re a lot easier to park and navigate through crowded campgrounds. Remember, though, the larger the classic campervan hire, the more challenging it will be to drive.
  • Campervans range between 17 to 24 feet in length, sometimes more. Smaller campervans are around 140 square feet, which is about the size of a child’s bedroom. As you can imagine, traveling with a family in such a small space could get a little uncomfortable. Larger campervans offer closer to 200 square feet or more, giving everybody a little more room to stretch their legs. Look for Class B’s and Class B Plus’s that are 24 feet or longer if you need a lot of space.
  • The traditional campervan only has one bed with enough room to sleep two people. These days, advances in engineering and design allow manufacturers to fit more amenities in less space. Look for campervans with a hump over the driving cab – that means there’s a separate sleeping area for the kids. This is a pretty standard feature on Class B pluses and larger campervans.
  • If the campervan doesn’t have a bunk over the cab, look for models that have slide outs or convertible sofas. You can open a slide out once the vehicle is parked and leveled. They offer just enough extra square footage to sleep comfortably. You may be able to find Class B vans with both a bed and a slide out convertible sofa.
  • Not all campervans come with showers. In fact, most older, compact models don’t. When traveling with a family, it’s probably a good idea to have a full bathroom (kids get dirty!). Newer Class B’s that are more than 20 feet in length will likely have a shower, so start there.

Pet-Friendly Campervan Hire – Where Can I Hire a Campervan?

There’s nothing like taking a road trip with your fluffy companion(s)! However, if you’re renting, it can be tricky to find a dog-friendly campervan hire. There are a few ways to find one:

  • Search for chain rental companies that offer pet-friendly RVs. Unfortunately, most large companies don’t have the widest selection of RVs, so even though you may find a pet-friendly company, they may not have a Class B RV in their inventory.
  • Check with small, local businesses. They’re usually privately-owned and thus more open to negotiation. They may allow you to bring your pet if you’re honest and are willing to pay a small deposit.
  • Look through our listings on RVshare. RV owners create and manage the listings themselves, so rules and rates vary widely. You can sort the list by RV type, then check the individual ads to see if they’re pet-friendly. A lot of RV owners will add “pet-friendly” at the top of the listing, so it’s easier for potential renters to see.

USA Campervan Hire – How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Campervan in America?

The United States is one of the best countries for road tripping. There’s so much natural and cultural diversity – just a quick weekend trip from New England to the Deep South will feel like you’re in an entirely new world! Look for ways to save on campervan hire USA, so you’ll have money to spend trying different foods and activities as you travel. Typical campervan hire rates are as follows:

  • Older campervans, usually 10 years or more, will cost you around $100 to $200 per night, depending on size and amenities.
  • New campervans cost about $250 per night, give or take.
  • Luxury campervan hires, like Sprinter vans, tend to cost around $300 per night.

Unbeatable Campervan Hire – Campervan Hires Near Me

Finding campervans for rent is only the first step, the second is finding the best deal. Here are a few tips help you save money when renting:

  • Find a comfortable balance between campervan size and cost. The larger it is, the more expensive it will be to rent and drive. Figure out the smallest possible size that will accommodate you and your family.
  • Look for older campervans on RVshare or at local businesses. Most chain rental services only have the newest model years, which are not cheap to rent.
  • If you’re not planning a round-trip drive, look for discounts on one-way campervan hires. There are a lot of companies that offer one-way deals and factory delivery specials.
  • Try to plan your vacation outside of popular vacation times like holidays and weekends. You can save a lot of money going on vacation during the week instead of over the weekend.
  • Check if the company offers deals on longer rentals. A lot of rentals have a minimum obligation, and you can save money if you rent for a few days longer.
  • If you can, bring your own linens and kitchen supplies. That way, you don’t have to waste money renting linen and kitchen kits from the RV rental service.

Your Campervan Adventure Awaits

Whether you’re planning a trip with your family or your dog, you’re now ready to find the perfect rental for your needs. You have the resources to find the right campervan, the right rental options, and the best deals. Remember, with the RV lifestyle, less is more. Don’t splurge on a big RV; rent a smaller one, so you can save money for activities and exploration!